150 Best, Unique Baby Girl Names

Your name is not only an identity that you know yourself by, sometimes it becomes the thing that defines your personality. Somebody with a unique or quirky name also goes on to become a character that aptly suits the name. So one of the biggest problems for new parents is, what to name their child, especially if it’s a girl. Do they name her something that means all things beautiful, because that is what she is for them? Or something that is so different that the little girl feels special just because she was named something so cool. Everyone is searching for a unique baby girl name because with our rising numbers, most unique names have now become common.

So here are a number of unique baby girl names that will make your child definitely stand out in the crowd:

150. Zinnia: A beautiful sounding name that means a plant with brightly colored flowers.

149. Zakiya: This name with a Muslim origin is almost as sweet as your girl child because it means pure, innocent and untainted.

148. Yvette: Pronounced I-vet, this name comes from French and means Yew or archer in some cases.

147. Yolanda: This name is of Greek origin but exists in many languages, and means Violet. In Czech and Slovak, this name is spelled as Jolantha.

146. Yasmin: This is another exotic name that comes from Persian. It is named after a beautiful flower.

145. Yasha: This name means success or fame in Sanskrit. But it has a different meaning in Iranian and Turkish, because in that language it means to live.

144. Willow: This cute name is of English origin, is named after the willow tree, and means slender and graceful.

143. Walia: This beautiful name of Arabic origin means a beautiful angel of god, which has never suited anybody more than your blessing of a daughter.

142. Vrinda: This beautiful name also comes from Sanskrit, and means a cluster of flowers.

141. Vilina: You might be wondering about this name that sounds so exotic, but is originally from Sanskrit, and means one who is dedicated.

140. Vibhuti: Derived from Sanskrit, this name has various ways of being written and also various meanings. It usually means of the sacred ash, or of great personality.

139. Varnali: This is a name has a Bengali origin and has a different meaning, which is, the dispersion of seven colors. You would essentially be calling your child a beautiful rainbow.

138. Vanika: This brilliant sounding name has Sanskrit roots, and means a small forest.

137. Vanessa: This beautiful feminine name is a Greek work which means butterfly.

136. Uzma: This name is originally from Arabic, and means supreme or the greatest.

135. Unnati: This Hindi name literally means progress or advancement. It is a very rare name and would suit beautifully on any girl.

134. Twisha: This cute and short name means bright.

133. Trisha: This is both an American name and a Sanskrit name which means desire or thirst. Either way, it is a pretty cool name.

132. Tiyasha: It is a very unusual and rare name, and means silver.

131. Tazmeen: This beautiful Urdu name means one who has good qualities, nature and habits.

130. Tavishi: This beautiful name is another name for goddess Durga, and signifies like her, courage.

129. Taufique: A variant of this name is Taufiq, and it is a Muslim name which means prosperity and help.

128. Tanya : This short and cute name that rolls right off the tongue is of Russian origin, a variant of the royal sounding name, Tatiana.

127. Tanusha : This beautiful name means blessing, fit for a little girl whose parents adore her.

126. Sylvia: This rare and exotic name is from Latin and its meaning is from the fores

125. Sybil: This is a very rare name, but just as beautiful. It is a Greek word for prophetess.

124.  Swarnima: This beautiful name is of Indian origin and means golden.

123. Swara : This name is a Sanskrit word for tune, but it also means self-shining. This unique name is sure is to lend your child a unique personality.

122. Soumi: This very cute and rare name means friend.

121. Soudamini: This is a Sanskrit name for girls, which means lightning.

120. Sofia: It is a derivative of the name Sophia, which is the Greek word for wisdom. It was used to represent the personification of wisdom.

119. Simran: Though it is popular because of a certain Bollywood movie, it is still a pretty unique name. It is of Punjabi origin, which means to remember or recollect.

118. Sia: This name is an adaptation of the Hindi name Sita. It also has a Biblical meaning which is someone who is very emotionally moving.

117. Shrijita: This very sophisticated name means the one who wins over beauty.

116. Shimona: It is a very rare name and is a variation of the English, French and German name Simone.

115. Sherry: This really cute and perky name is a variation of the French word Chérie which means darling.

114. Shaylee: This exotic name is Celtic, and the meaning of this name is fairy princess of the field. Exactly like your child.

113. Shannon: It is an Irish name, which has been Anglicized from Sionainn. It means a wise river.

112. Shafia: This very beautiful name has an equally beautiful meaning which is mercy.

111. Serena: This exotic name is from Latin and means clear, tranquil and serene.

110. Seejal: It is a derivative of the Hindi name Sejal, which means river water or pure flowing water.

109. Scarlett: This name is derived from an English surname with an occupational meaning, for someone who sold cloth of scarlet. It could also be another form of the beautiful color scarlet.

108. Sarvika: This name is of Indian origin and means universal.

107. Sana: It is a unique Muslim name which means resplendence and brilliance.

106. Sadaf: This simple name is unique and rare, meaning seashell or mother of pearl.

105. Rutika: If you name your child this gorgeous name, she becomes someone who ascends a wish, because that is what the name means.

104. Rukmini: This very rare name means someone who is adorned with gold.

103. Ruhi: This name has its origin in Hindi and usually means soul. It also means a music tune, a flower or one who touches the heart.

102. Rudrika: This exotic sounding name is a Hindi name and it means the blessings of Lord Shiva.

101. Rosette: This pretty and sophisticated name is a variation of the popular English name Rose.

100. Riyanka: This beautiful name means beautiful itself, and also someone who is lovable. Just like you feel your little girl is.

99. Riona: A name of Greek origin, it is a derivate of Rionach, which means queenly or royal. Completely suits your little princess, doesn’t it?

98. Rica: This cute and funky name comes from Spanish and means someone who rules the home. Fitting for your daughter, because she actually rules your home.

97. Rasika: This name, derived from Sanskrit, means full of passion, elegant.

96. Rabia: This is a beautiful Arabic name which means companion in life.

95. Priyanjali: This name which is of Indian origin, means cute.

94. Preksha: Originally from Sanskrit, this name has various meanings. It means someone who is concerning, respectful, thoughtful for others and has a good worldview.

93. Pratyusha: A name of Hindi origin, it means bright or early morning. It is definitely a unique name for a girl, isn’t it?

92. Pramitha: This beautiful name is of Sanskrit origin and is used to denote wisdom, and also means best friend.

91. Plaksha: This very rare name has a rare meaning too, because it means Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge.

90. Piper: This very original name is derived from the Old English pipere and the Old Norse pipari which means the one who plays the pipe.

89. Persephone: This is an esoteric name from Greek mythology, who was the daughter of Zeus, and the queen of harvest.

88. Parnika: This beautiful name generally means a creeper or small leaf, but it is also used to denote the Goddess Parvati.

87. Ophelia: This is a beautiful Greek name which has two different meanings, help and serpentine.

86. Omaira: This name is of Arabic origin and used denotes red, but also means awesome and a star.

85. Noelle: It is a derivative of a French name which means Christmas in French. What a festive name for a happy child.

84. Niyamat: This gorgeous name is originally from Persian, and means a blessing, just like your child.

83. Niti: This pretty little name means well behaved, modest, and wisdom personified. Definitely name your child this if you want to see her turn out just like the meaning of her name.

82. Nina: This name may have originated from the Old Slavic name Ninati, which means dreamer. It could also be a Russian derivative of the Georgian name Nino.

81. Neelakshi: This is a very special name for a special child because it means someone who is blue eyed.

80. Nazia: This beautiful name comes from Persian and means optimistic and full of hope. Any little girl would be special to be named this.

79. Namrata: This meaning of this name is as sophisticated as it sounds, it means modesty or simplicity.

78. Nainika: This name sounds beautiful and has an equally beautiful meaning, derived from the Sanskrit word that means ‘one with beautiful eyes’.

77. Nadia: It is an exotic name of Slavic origin, which means hope.

76. Mythili: This is a name that comes from Indian mythology, and is a Tamil name for Princess of Mithila, Sita.

75. Myra: It is a name that is used in the English, Hindi and Arabic speaking parts of the world. The origin of the name is possibly attributed to Latin myrra which means myrrh, a fragrance obtained from trees.

74. Mokshda: As moksh means freedom, this beautiful name becomes someone who is the contributor of liberty.

73. Mia: The origins of this name are arguable, it could be Hebrew, Latin or Scandinavian. It could also be derived from the Egyptian word myr, which means beloved.

72. Medhavi: This name of Sanskrit origin is used to mean wise, very intelligent.

71. Mahika: This is another sweet sounding name of Sanskrit origin. It means earth.

70. Lysha: It is a very unique and rare name. It is a form of the English, Hebrew and African name Lisha.

69. Luna: This exotic and beautiful name comes from Latin, and means the moon. In mythology, it was the name of Artemis, the moon goddess.

68. Lily : The name of a beautiful flower, just like your child, this name denotes a heraldic fleur-de-lis.

67. Leena: This rare name is of Irish origin and means a wet meadow. It is very different and as rare as they come.

65. Layba: It is a name of Arabic origin, for a woman who has descended from heaven. What better name for your girl who is no less than an angel?

64. Lavanya: This name is originally from Sanskrit and means beauty and grace.

63. Kshitija: A sophisticated name it also has a similar meaning, it means the horizon, the point where sky and sea meet.

62. Kinjal: This name has multiple meanings, including the meaning river bank. But it also means the saffron of lotus, which is beautiful.

61. Khushnuma : This name that means someone full of happiness, with abundant feelings of joy makes your child a joyous beacon.

60. Keya: You might think this name is very exotic but it is actually of Hindi origin, and means a flower.

59. Keshini: This very unusual and rare to hear name is from Sanskrit and means one with beautiful hair.

58. Kartika: This name has a Sanskrit origin and very strong and powerful meaning, which is, a god’s daughter.

57. Kashvi: This really pretty name means the goddess of luck, or a shining star, just like your little daughter.

56. Kasak: This is a Hindi name which means a recurring pang, or something that stings you repeatedly.

55. Kamya: Though it may sound exotic, it is a Hindu name, which is from the Sanskrit word meaning wish, or that which is desirable.

54. Jyotsana:  This unique name comes from Sanskrit and means radiant like flames. It is also used to denote the goddess Durga.

53. Jacquelyn: This is a variation of the names Jacqueline, Jacklyn and Jaclyn, which means may god protect.

52. Ivy: Though it is derived from the name of an exotic plant, the name also denotes faithfulness. A beautiful name for a beautiful child.

51. Ishna: A very uncommon name, it means Lord Krishna. It is just the right name to name you child after.

50. Iris: This really unique name means rainbow in Greek.

49. Inaayat: This Urdu name not only sounds beautiful, but also very exotic. It means a favor, or kindness.

48. Ifrah : This name is as bubbly as chirpy as your little girl and it means someone who makes people happy, and brings joy or delight.

47. Hermione: This is a Greek name that means well born, stone. In Greek mythology, Hermione was the daughter of Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman on earth.

46. Heena: This is a Muslim name which means henna, myrtle; the beautiful plant that is ground up and applied on the hands and legs for various occasions.

45. Hazel: This pretty name comes from Old English and is from the name of the tree, or the color Hazel.

44. Harsha: This Sanskrit word denotes exactly what your baby girl is because it means joy, delight and happiness.

43. Grisha: This name is a Russian name and it means someone who is watchful.

42. Gulshan: This is a pretty Muslim name and its meaning is garden.

41. Ghazal: This name is of Middle Eastern origin, which is usually used to signify a lyrical poem. But as a name for a girl, it becomes unusually striking and exotic.

40. Gaia: This is a name a Greek goddess who personifies earth itself. Gaia is often referred to as mother earth.

39. Felicia:  This beautiful name has been derived from the Latin adjective which means happy. Later on, it was used as a synonym to denote happy times, which your daughter will certainly bring around everywhere.

38. Faye: This unique name is possibly derived from the Middle English word that means fairy. Another possible origin for it Old French, where it means loyalty or belief.

37. Falak: This very sophisticated name literally means heaven.

36. Enaya: This very beautiful name has an Arabic origin. It means the god’s help. It also means forgiveness, and beautiful.

35. Ellora: This beautiful name is of Indian origin and is believed to be after the name given to the cave temples in Inida. But it also means of the clouds.

34. Eleanor : From Old French, this pretty name means light or radiance. It also has a Greek origin where it means shining light.

33.  Einas: This beautiful Arabic name means to feel at peace, to stop being afraid.

32.  Donna: This sassy name is a variant of Dona in Spanish, and it means lady in both Spanish and Italian.

31.  Divya : This name means divine, heavenly or brilliant and you should name your child this if she is nothing short of a blessing for you.

30. Dhruvika: This name means firmly fixed and is a great name for a girl who will go on to carve out her own destiny.

29. Devangana: This is a beautiful Sanskrit name which means celestial maiden.

28. Delina: It is a variant of Adeline, meaning noble. Delina is a very rare name which means a gentle, kind and upright woman.

27. Dawn: This prospects of this name are as beautiful as your child, it’s meaning, as in English, is the first light of the day.

26. Dakota: This very unique name comes from Native American culture and means someone who is considered a friend or ally.

25. Clarisse: This is a French name which means bright, shining and gentle; famous.

24. Chanya: This is a very rare name that has a Hebrew, and means grace.

23. Chandrica: This beautiful name comes from Sanskrit and means moonlight.

22. Céline: This is a beautiful French girl name. It is derived from Latin and means sky, or heaven.

21. Brianna: This name comes from Irish, and was originally a variant of the masculine name Brian. It means someone who is strong and ascends.

20. Bipasha: This is a Hindi name, which is very rare are different. It means a river.

19. Bianca: This name comes from Italian, and is a derivative of the name Blanche. It means white and shining, shining just your little girl.

18. Bellissa: This beautiful name also comes from Italian and means fair, lovely one.

17. Bahati: This very intriguing name is from African Swahili, and is synonymous for good luck and fortune.

16. Ayana: It is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means a girl who has large eyes, and a girl who is perceptive. It is also a name of Ethiopian origin, meaning a pretty flower.

15. Avantika: A name from Sanskrit origin, it is used to denote the princess of Ujjain. A perfect name for your princess of a girl.

14. Atreyei: It is a name of Sanskrit origin which means container of glory and is also a name for a river. It is a very unique and rare name that fits perfectly for a precious girl.

13. Arshia: This exotic and beautiful name is of Persian origin and means heavenly or divine.

12. Aria: This exotic name has a fierce meaning, because it means lioness Aramaic and Hebrew. In Italian it means air

11. Anya: This name is a Russian diminutive of Anna, derived from Hannah which means gracious or bringing goodness in the original Hebrew language.

10. Anindita: This is name of Bengali origin, meaning beautiful, venerated and virtuous.

9. Anha: This name is a variation of the Arabic word ‘anhu’. It means the representation of love.

8. Anasuya: This beautiful name comes from Indian mythology, and means someone free from envy and jealousy.

7. Amaira: This beautiful name almost sounds like something too beautiful for this world, and it even means someone who will forever be beautiful

6. Akshara: This name stems from the Hindi word letter, but it also has a Sanskrit origin, which means something which is imperishable or everlasting.

5. Aisha/Ayesha: An exotic sounding name that is of Islamic origins, this name means she who lives, or someone womanly. Every Ayesha that I have come across is incredibly beautiful, wouldn’t you like your child to be so too?

4. Adira: The origins of this name are both Hebrew and Arabic, and it means strong, powerful and noble.

3. Aashrita: It is a very sophisticated name and means somebody who gives shelter.

2. Aashna: Meaning beloved, or someone full of love, this name fits your beautiful girl child who is loved dearly by you.

1. Aakansha: This name means a wish or desire, which is exactly what your child is for you. Her name would also mean that she goes on to achieve all her dreams.


Hopefully, at least one of these names is unique enough to go with your very special and beautiful daughter.

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