Top 10 Best Gifts you can give your Brother on his Birthday

It’s the most strenuous time of the year when you just can’t keep calm because it’s your brother’s birthday next. Hell no, you’re not one bit excited as much as anxious of what to give him for a gift. No kidding there, but would not a better gift raise standards for next year? All emotional elements too, yeah those and practicality of being remembered always through the wonderful gifts. Alright, since gifts are largely dependent on the budget, it’s about time you realize that you need to start saving up to make one of the most important guys in your life happy. Here’s what you might gift him for his birthday

10. Memories recreated: A Photo Wall


So this one of the most touching and one that would keep memories alive. And a gift he’d probably cherish through years till his room is left unchanged. Gift your brother a photo wall i.e. an empty wall in his room well decorated with picture frames that take him down the memory lane. Leave a few frames empty so that you might add pictures to them with future memories sometime later. It’s low on budget, high on emotional element and would make for a perfect birthday gift. Also, if photo wall is too elaborate, try gifting a photo calendar, a digital photo film or anything that recreates memories. It requires time though. You have some in hand?

9. Fun Overloaded- Everything he hates


Alright, another way to make him never forget his birthday is gifting him just about everything he hates. The things might have to find solace lying unattended in some corner of the house but that birthday will sure have a plethora of memories for every time you reminisce the birthday you are sure to laugh at the lovely gifts he got. (Yeah, I went to the extent of gifting my brother all the feminine makeup and clothes he’d ever imagine, and got him dressed in that too and we had the most wonderful photo session ever.) Just saying.

8. Reduce Financial Troubles: Gift a Wallet


Another gift which is a go to option for guys in general is a good branded wallet. That is probably one thing they keep with themselves all the time. You can choose what suits your choice and budget from faux leather ones to crocodile or snake leather (Make sure your brother does not have in him the PETA activist). With so many brands to choose from, I’d suggest you rather keep his requirements in mind than choose one brand over another. We all know how much would he love a Mont Blanc or Louis Vuitton wallet but would he use it if the pocket compartments aren’t enough or the size is inapt for the currency bills you follow?

7. Doubly Gifted: Shoes he loves

Jimmy Choo Belgravia Crocodile-Embossed Leather High Top Sneakers_2

So yeah he is a guy and he will have a particular pair of shoes he’s wanted but never purchased. It might be the Clarks London formal shoes, the Burberry Loafers or the Puma Ferrari Edition football shoes or just another pair of vans or casual shoes he can wear about every day. Gift him a pair of those shoes and not only would he be doubly gifted but you too. How? You can calculate for all the interest and demand Jimmy Choo Stilettos the next birthday that comes, but you’ve got another weapon to throw mercilessly the next time you fight. Intelligent choice… if you only make it.

6. Fragrant Livelihoods: Branded perfumes


Perfumes are undoubtedly the best gifts for every occasion for any individual. They are the closest you can go to Tom Ford and Mark Jacobs on a budget. Not to forget Issey Miyake too. So gifting your brother his favourite brand of perfume is a gift you don’t go wrong with. And at times when you’re upset you have a room freshener too. (Shhh…my brother shouldn’t get to know my aqua themed room freshener is actually his $1 a spray Bvlgari Aqva). That said, if you have no idea of what you’d gift, go for a Davidoff Cool Waters EDP if on a budget and Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Essenza EDP otherwise for day use. If however he’s fond of warm, woody and spicy fragrances you can place your bet on Calvin Klein, Christian Dior or Tom Ford’s Noir. Any one, Any day. 212 is another favourite among men. Just saying- Gift him that and Keep Calm and expect a Dior Poison for your birthday.

5. A Revamp for his Wardrobe


As much as he might deny it, he is as fond of good clothes as you are and giving his old wardrobe a revamp is a good idea. Make sure though that you get the company of a specimen of the male fraternity for if you’re thinking that loading up on bright denims and brighter casual shirts is a good idea, let me tell you it isn’t. Think of what he’d like to wear best and make your choices then. His old wardrobe might give you a lot of baggy t-shirts though. Also, you might just accessorize his wardrobe a bit. Belts, ties and those. As long as it’s a statement he’s making, who minds. Who doesn’t like a well dressed brother?

4. Gift good time: A Wrist Watch


A watch is one of the most used and abused of both gift ideas and gifts themselves. Watches tend to fit all budgets, they’re used by all and certain myths believe that watches gift your good times to other people. So with that thought in mind, it is definitely a beautiful gift to give. Be it a regular fastrack or Kenneth Cole, or if you’d so afford- maybe an Omega or a Rolex- most watches are fashion statements and one time investment pieces. How does it feel to be a part of his investment pieces- priceless- so is the thought behind gifting that watch.

3. Be his fitness solution: A gym membership


So has your brother been insisting on a muscular self for the longest time now. Or maybe he is just generally fitness conscious. If he has the slightest interest in fitness, it is always a wonderful idea to gift him a gym membership (and you can take the enrolment benefits for yourself too). If he is more into sports but everyday life just took away his passion, you’ve got an option to get him enrolled in a sports club that gets him going again. After all, a fitter brother would also give the signal of higher standards to your prospective boyfriends. Come to think of it.

2. Gadgets, accessories and the techie spunk


Alright, I bet that this is one gift you just can’t go wrong with, that is if you know your brother. Believe me when I say almost all guys have that one gadget, accessory or gaming device which they’ve been eyeing in the longest time. Just getting to know of that will make your job of buying him a gift eon easier and the gift will almost be a dream come true for him. So run your thinking cells and try to zero in on which mobile device, accessory or other gadgets would your brother love? Like seriously LOVE.

1. A Vacation Well Deserved


He’s been working all year round (or not so much) and he definitely deserves a break (Be kind, it’s his birthday and he does even if he doesn’t). Gift him a short trip, luxury, adventure or simple getaway depending on his choices and your budget. It might be a weekend getaway to somewhere nearby or a well planned trip to Thailand (If it suits your budget, I am sure he won’t mind Miami too). Also, keep the provision of trip extensions that is you pay for him and he pays for his girlfriend, or maybe all his friends pay for themselves and get themselves a holiday. So, that’s a holiday from where he might return with lots of gifts for you… Selfish reasons sorted too. Yeah?


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