Top 15 Fun Ways to Pass Time when Bored

Home alone and bored? Happens to me all the time, just that I am alone and bored and wish I was home. Boredom is like the end of life, really! Imagine a situation where you get bored of sleeping too and maybe eating?(Is that humanly possible?). Anyways, the next time boredom strikes and sucks the life out of you, maybe you can have some fun things to do? Like scare boredom away with fun ways to pass time you were previously spending doing nothing. Fun things? Yes. Here are 15 fun way to pass time when bored.


  1. Read till you’re sleepy

Readers can kill me for that, but it’s often a good idea to pick a book that lulls you to sleep. This one is strictly for the Non Readers though because readers never get bored (they have books to read- Always.). Pick that classic you never wanted to read and well, you’d be asleep in no time and who gets bored of sleeping? I don’t!

  1. Crush’in the Candies

Not too much an advocate personally, because all your candy crush games can bore others in the room to death. But well, crush the candies before boredom crushes you. The game is addictive (thank god it’s not an addiction for me yet) and well soon enough all you’d talk about is what level are you stuck on. Or maybe angry birds, or flappy bird. How I miss the good old Mario days.

  1. Reorganize the room!

Or the closet,  or the drawer, or maybe just yourself. Reorganizing is often the best rescue system from getting bored. You’re likely to spend hours in deciding what to keep where, and guess what? When you’re finally done, you’ll spend the entire of next month finding stuff and keeping it back where it used to be. It comes in handy though, you get to lay your hands on things you never thought you had.

  1. Fortune hunting : Linda Goodman and more

You might stare at me in the most awkward manner, but there is no one who’d rather not know of their fortune, or a little more about what their zodiac sign says of them. Not believing in it is another story, but to say you were never curious or inquisitive, you’re simply lying. And it is often good to know of what the stars say about you in a fun way. Just, that should not rule your plan of action!

  1. Bake the Cake

Or the cookies or bread? Baking is often a stress buster but more than that, experimenting with those sweet flavours and essences can be a great way to pass time when bored. And guess what, you can bake your cake and have it too. So just ensure that it is edible enough and you’d be in for a treat. Boredom can be pretty sweet – literally.

  1. Play. Pretend. Repeat.

Alright, so this requires you to be the super crazy, mad fun kind of person, but once you get bitten by the bug, it gets to be your favourite activity. Play your favourite song, or maybe just the one you hate the most and pretend to be an artist or a celebrity enacting it. (Don’t try Miley Cyrus). Or maybe you could just play that over dramatic daily soap and try scripting for it like it was a situational comedy. You may find it a drab at first, but if you’re doing it right, there’s never another game you’d play- with others or by yourself.

  1. Acquire new skills

You’ve got the time, why not make the best of it? Watch tutorials online and maybe add to your skills. You could learn anything from applying makeup, cooking, graphic design, repairing old electronics, how to Photoshop or maybe even how to fold your clothes. You may as well take up an unpaid MOOC or something which broadens your spectrum of knowledge and makes you more employable. Boredom isn’t taking you anywhere you see.

  1. Dance it to the moon

Talking of tutorials, why not just get stuck to YouTube dance tutorials till you perfect your moves. There’s a dance tutorial for every song ever, all you got to do is imitate, and in no time would you be dancing like the stars. Just for your information, the most imitates dance step ever has to be MJ’s moon walk. Check if you have two left feet or not so much?

  1. Get Drunk Crazy

Not that I’d advocate that drinking is the best way to pass your time, but if it gets you high, maybe boredom won’t last too long. Alright now, getting drunk crazy comes with terms and conditions. A. You do not get drunk to puke and spoil the place around. B. You get drunk only when you know that it gets the better side of you than crying over past relationships. C. You do not get drunk and email the boss with resignation. He may be a pain but he is the boss.  That said, maybe you could go clubbing, get high and make new friends. It would be crazy times to think of.

  1. For love of SITCOMS

Who can get bored when they have 500 Gigabytes of Friends and Two Broke Girls and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Or maybe if you’re more the drama queen and have One Tree Hill and Game of Thrones? Or maybe you’re more the The Mentalist kind of person, but even if it is Grey’s anatomy, who cares? You’ve got the perfect way to pass time in a fun way. Sitcoms may be situational comedies, but well, you can make a situation comedy of almost all the soaps ever!

  1. YouTube Comedy Hunt!

You may want to spend your time on YouTube browsing through some all time favourite Stand up Comedians and their channels, or well, maybe, you could make your own. You know, everybody has it in them to use the best of their humour and wit and tickle somebody’s funny bones atleast. So give it a try maybe? Or maybe, you could do well with the Russell Peters and other Comedians who have you in gags.

  1. The Love of Life- Romancing with the partner

If I am bored, the boyfriend shouldn’t get to breathe easy. (Or maybe that is a little too far fetched) The point is you could almost always call for the Romantic interest to entertain you with sweet nothing, to come over for a date and make out session maybe, or maybe just keep replying texts and get your favourite Pizza and Chocolate Fudge home delivered to keep you busy (with some SATC DVD’s is going to be awesome).

  1. City outskirts and road trips

There’s always that one eatery on the city outskirts which serves the best food. Even if it is just Burger King, they’d still have something so special about the taste in that particular outlet. How about a road trip to the city outskirts or countryside and a delicious meal there? I wish I lived in Amsterdam and could treat myself to Volendam Cheese Factory’s Crisps and waffles you get down the lane to Marken every time I was bored. Never mind, you make the best of your resources in the least.

  1. Spend Bae time

They are the before anyone else not without a reason. Maybe Mr. Boyfriend, the sister, the girlies, the best friend or just your smartphone maybe? (The smartphone doesn’t qualify) It is always the best time when you spend some time off with Bae and nobody else. Shopping, late lunch, donut and java chip Frappuccino  at Starbucks or maybe just a video game hour at home. It has to be time well spent.

  1. Tinder it- Date a Stranger!

Now this may roll eyeballs, but it is the funniest way of the lot. Adventurous too. Maybe that one swipe on Tinder lands you up with the life partner or maybe your luck just went sore and you meet the animal rights activist who’d not get you gorge on meat. But well, dating a stranger is a fun way to spend a boring day. So Tinder that, maybe?

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