Coconut Milk and its 10 Amazing Health, Skin and Hair Benefits

Its summer and you can never have enough of coconut water this season, but is that all that you desire the wonder food for? If yes, then you sure are wasting the pulp which can be put to such wonderful use. Yes, for yourself and by yourself too. Have you heard of coconut milk yet? And it’s wonderful health, Skin and Hair benefits? You must make your cup of coconut milk now and use it in ways so many.


How to make coconut milk:

Grate and soak the coconut flesh in luke warm water. Let the coconut rise and float on the top and then skim it off. Next, strain the liquid through a cheese cloth to obtain your creamy coconut milk.

Now that you’ve made your coconut milk, here is how you must use it like a daily staple.

Beat effects of age and injury: Stronger Bones

Did not the word milk give the hint out already? Coconut milk is a boon for those who are dairy intolerant and have week bones. Why? It may not have as much calcium but it is a richer source of Phosphorus which is responsible for giving you stronger bones. It also helps alleviate arthritis symptoms as due to its antioxidant properties, it controls free radicals and decreases the risk of Joint inflammation.

Live Longer : Lowers Cholesterol

And this may come as a shocker but despite the high content of saturated fat in coconut milk, it still helps lower levels of cholesterol as compared to other dairy creams and butter. Coconut milk has lauric acid that boosts the good cholesterol or HDL in your body. Thus, coconut milk is one of the best forms of saturated fats as it is easy to break down for your body. It metabolizes to healthy forms like essential fatty acids including Omega 6.

Secret to the beach body: Aids Weight Loss

You might have steered clear of coconut milk fearing what the saturated fats will do to your body and the never satisfying business, but you’ll be presently surprised to know that the coconut milk does not add to your weight. On the contrary, you can rely on it for aiding weight loss since it is rich in fibre. It hence makes you feel fuller for longer and if taken in moderate quantities it can infact help you control weight or even lose it.

No more catching infection: Stronger Immune System

How long have you been wishing to not get so sick so soon? Take your daily dose of coconut milk and get a much stronger immune system. Coconut milk is rich in lauric acid, capric acid and antimicrobial lipids. These possess anti- bacterial, anti- fungal and anti viral properties. The lauric acid on being consumed by humans gets converted into monolaurin which is compound that helps fight the bacteria as well as viruses responsible for causing influenza, herpes and even HIV.

Stronger and Silkier : Complete Hair Nourishment

If you thought those were all the benefits coconut milk had to offer, think again. Applying coconut milk on your scalp can be much better than even coconut oil. It helps give a cooling sensation to your scalp. It nourishes your hair and imparts natural moisture to it from roots till the ends. You get much better, well manageable hair with lesser split ends. Massaging your hair with coconut milk and leaving for 20 minutes will also help stimulate hair growth. So get hair with replenished nourishment.

No more seeing the scalp: Prevent Baldness

Coconut milk can do wonders for your hair loss and regrowth too. You can see fast results with the baldness going away. Miss one part of coconut milk with two parts of water and one fourth part of camphor solution to see your hair reappear. Rub this mixture onto the scalp specially where there is baldness. Leave on for a couple of hours and rinse off with luke warm water. Next keep your hair covered with a moist towel. Let your hair dry naturally.

2 Minutes of Combing: Natural Hair Detangler

Coconut milk can also be used as a leave in conditioner for tangled hair. Rub a little coconut milk to your hair before combing and see the tangles getting more manageable. You would then comb right through with little or no hair left on your comb. Make sure however that you use the coconut milk in moderation as your hair might end up looking greasy otherwise.

Beat the Wrinkles : Anti Aging Properties

You see premature aging signs on your skin? Add coconut milk to your daily diet and also topical application and see the wrinkles disappear and never appear again. Coconut milk helps improve skin elasticity as it has high vitamin c and copper content. These help slow the aging process of your skin, you would thus not have any saggy skin and age spot woes.

Flaunt on the beach : No more sunburns

You’ve got skin that is super sensitive to sunburns and tan? Worry no more for the sun damaged skin. All you ought to do is apply plain coconut milk in a thin layer over the sunburnt area. It will help cool the skin and restore moisture as well as get rid of redness. The fats and oil help reduce the pain and redness too. Leave the coconut milk applied overnight to the affected areas and relieve the pain of the burns and rashes caused by damage from the sun.

Glow like a lady: Moisturizer and Cleanser

It might be a wonder agent for your health and hair but it is no less for your skin either. Coconut milk is one of the best natural moisturizers you will possibly get to lay your hands on. It will replenish the most damaged and dry skin with moisture. Add a cup of coconut milk and rose water to luke warm bath water. You may add some fresh rose petals as well. You may as well rub or massage coconut milk into your skin directly and leave it to get absorbed for half an hour. This will help combat your dryness and also give renewed and rejuvenated skin with no more moisture woes. You may as well use it to remove make up without harming your skin too.

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