Top 25 Cutest Babies in the World

Aren’t babies the cutest bundle of joy to have happened to humans in forever? Well, not if there’s one on the seat beside you on a long flight, but definitely when you’re up and around shopping and then you enter the baby zone. Believe me on it, you’d find the most well behaved monsters with lovely smiles in there! They know who momma is shopping for! I don’t remember last when I didn’t spend half my time shopping looking at the tiniest yet cutest section of baby clothes at the mall, and well hands down Burberry, you tame the kids just a whole lot better! We’ve all had that one time when we really wanted to be friends with that baby (in the family, at the mall or as random as at the street) and well, we’ve been rejected and still laughed about it. Well, that’s what they do with all that cuteness, they know how to use it in best interest. How else does momma buy them candies every time they are out. Can we all just shrink back into being those bundles of cuteness nobody says no to?

Here’s to the cutest babies in the world, they ask your hands and eyes and nose and you’d surrender wilfully!

25. Stay off! That cake is mine!

Let’s guess what happened? This cutie saw that chocolate cake and just didn’t want to share? That tiniest face digging into chocolate has to be one of the cutest things I have seen today, and well, this young boy gets a chocolate facial too, all by himself!

24. Where’s the party tonight? On the dance floor!

Come on Come on turn the radio on, this cutie’s dancing and not for long! This daddy’s girl sure knows her moves and there’s no stopping her. I love dancing babies, and happy babies, and laughing babies, and crying ones too !But well, don’t we all think she’d grow into the celebrity we’d want an autograph from?

23. Red noses and X-mas dresses

We’ve all had that moment of wishing to see Rudolph the red nosed rein deer! Well, we just got that moment with cuteness multiplied. This red nosed baby girl sure knows how to dress to impress and look at those eyes, she knows she’d catch Santa tonight.

22. I cook? I eat!

Do you know who cooks at my house? No, I don’t. Do you know who eats what I am supposed to cook? I do. This baby there sure gives all those Michelin star chefs and restaurants a tough competition. He ain’t got no cooking skills but that rolling pin he eats comes right on your head if you say he ain’t the cutest chef you know, because well, he is!

21. Can I get a perfect pout, please?

Momma posed for a picture and got a million likes. All those aunties on mummy’s Facebook can’t pout like I can. This girl pouts like a pro and well, those pink lips and mischeivous eyes are talking volumes about this baby growing old into that popular teenager at high school. You don’t want to risk an argument, do you?

20. Give me my candy or I’d tell dad!

I know my tricks to get that candy. I am a baby and I can cry! This cutie there sure has the best expressions to convince dad for extra cola with ice cream! He’s got those expression that’d make me give my arms just so he doesn’t cry, god save those who steal candies from him!

19. DND – it’s nap time for me!

Because babies know better, how important their beauty sleep exactly is. She knows she ain’t ready to give up on all that cuteness, and for that her eyes need rest. And well, if she doesn’t sleep now, how’d she give mom sleepless times at night?

18. Look who’s cuter? Make it me!

I love babies who love pets and that’s stupid since I don’t love pets. But this girl in white has all the odds her side. She’s playful and she loves pets.  Do babies get any better?

17. Wasn’t I born to be a lady killer?

And well, this baby boy sure knows how to play his cards right. He’s so happy with the lipstick marks and being the lady killer. He has no idea of the trouble they’d bring later when they’re on his shirt! But well, ain’t this cutie winning hearts?

16. She’s going to put me to sleep. How do I escape?

Contrary to what you’d like to believe, babies know your plans best and they have counter plans too. Ain’t we loving the mischievous eyes and thinking pose this grey eyed wonder has for us?

15. It’s tangy but it’s about the pose!

This baby has the best taste buds ever. Want to know how it tastes? Her expressions will tell a tale. Jealous of all those expressions she got?

14. Christmas eves and playful thieves

This playful baby sure knows the presents go below the Christmas tree and so this time they are all coming to him. He’s a genius, isn’t he?

13. And you thought you’d winning the fancy dress?

I love babies dressed in their ethnic wear. It just makes them look notches cuter. This baby there sure has all the hearts going out to her cuteness in that dress.

12. Capture that smile !

Babies love to be around flowers and more of them. Look at that smile reach his eyes and well you’d have similar goals like mine. If I have a baby, I need a garden – end of story!

11. Wait for that photo, I am a busy girl!

This busy girl is the most tech savvy baby you’d see today, but ain’t she winning hearts with all that stuff she’s managing? We have corporate biggies in the making.

10. 3 days for mission Valentine!

And well, guess what? You’re cribbing being single and this baby is up to do something about it. His valentine’s is sure going to be happy, and flowery. What about yours?

9. No sharing, till mum’s not watching!

Okay, don’t tiny babies with large portions of food look adorable? To me they do. This asian girl looks like a barbie doll and look how she knows how cute is that all. I can’t resist playing with her hair if I spot her in a mall. I promise!

8. For love of kitty. Hello Kitty!

This baby girl dressed like kitty knows how to treat her kitty. I love those whiskers and those eyes. She’s the cutest kitties get, isn’t she?

7. Dad loves me more.

I LOVE that expressions. There is no way you can make this little monster be insecure about her dad, and that’s how it must be with all the baby girls. And well, is she a fashionista? I’d give my life if she doesn’t grow into one!

6. I’m sleeping if mom calls for lunch.

Don’t pink and chubby babies make you want to cuddle them and pull at them and just make sure they stay awake? But well, what when babies sleep to escape from food? This sad world’s all about size zero you know!

5. Can you escape my puppy face?

Honestly, this was the cutest the internet got for me today. That innocence, that pout and those deep lovely eyes in ocean blue are everything that baby needs to win people with all his cuteness. And those bunny ears? Well, is there anything getting cuter?

4. I’m a water baby, don’t you see?

It’s a swimming Saturday. Pack my robe and fill my pool and towels are just my favourite friends! Aren’t water babies the most playful babies ever? Lest I say more?

3.  So much love and kisses, but you don’t get my swing

This baby girls sets competition goals. I’d suddenly feel successful if I can score that swing from her after hours of waiting. That duck pout and naughty eyes speak volume of her intentions and well, does that make her cuter? It sure does!

2. You ate my candy? I’d eat you!

These twins just made me wonder why didn’t I eat my sister’s palm as a kid. It’d be lovely that she wouldn’t steal at my wardrobe in the fear that I’d do it again. Isn’t this the cutest of what babies do?

1. How dare you say momma loves you more?

Why to have twins? They have company!

Why to not have twins? They have company!

I love how that pink baby is so playful and indifferent and the denim clad love annoys him mad. Well, there’s a life lesson in there. Got that? But well, you’d never get all that cuteness.

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