Top 10 Different Types of Marijuana (Weed) and its Effect

What is the exact taste of a Marijuana? Whether it tastes like old tiers, gasoline, skunk spray or any other taste which you have never experienced before! Well, for numerous people, believe it or not, the taste of the marijuana is diverse. If once experience such an extraordinary flavour, a special liking towards the particular taste is observed. Typically, it is for those who urge to look up for something very different for smoking, along with the attraction towards tasting strains of marijuana of exceptional flavors.

In the world of Doja, the legal marijuana is shaking up the entire land with its vibrant effect. You must be one of the willing to smoke category, thriving to get more pleasure, tasting some excellent specimens of weed in the country. The competitive market has made the time harder for choosing the finest strain of marijuana, among all the categories.

More than hundred types of strains of marijuana are available that boasts each variety with its divergence of taste and feel. Mr. Baskin Robbins has hit only the 31 varieties of the Marijuana at its best.  Flavors are paramount in the contemporary cannabis, which are mostly enjoyed by the high end consumers, who turn to vaporize using the lowest heat functionality, instead of the bowls or joints. The strains continue with its flavour, but lowers down after a couple of hits on it, for pleasure.

Here’s an elaborate list of the top 10 marijuana out here opposite the screen, a help list to guide to get the best weed of your choice with details of its pros and cons to keep in mind, while buying a basket of Kush.

10. Girl Scout Cookies

One of the most flavoured Marijuana popular by the name of GSC that is Girl Scout Cookies has become the prime and popular flavour of weed. Available in 3 most loving flavour like sweet, earthy and pungent makes it a must try weed of the recent time. The impressive beauty of Girl Scout Cookies with twisting green calyxes wrapped in the leaves of purple and hairs of fiery orange. Inhaling the vapor will takes you to the cloud nice offering full relaxation, meeting a time- winding cerebral cosmos. This has won numerous cannabis cup awards for offering a patient in need of relaxation, an utter relief, from any severe pain in the body, feeling of nausea and poor appetite.

Effects: You will become happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted and extremely creative; whereas negative affect the other parts of the body like dry mouth, dizziness, drier eyes, paranoid and anxiousness increases.

9. Super Lemon Haze

One of the old favorite choices of the weed lovers is Super Lemon Haze.  “The key to a good SLH is all in the nose. Sure, you’ll get the eponymous lemons up front, but what I’m always smelling for is a faint buttery aroma. It’s like a marijuana movie theater with clean floors. That touch of savory is always what separates average hazes from the stellar in my experience.” Written by a sole lover of the weed. What else can be perfect pairing other than the taste of Butter and lemon together? It holds a different taste that attracts one after each stroke. A sea food holding less flavour of landlocked states is the ideal phrase for describing the taste of the Super Lemon Haze.

Effects; Uplifts the feeling, makes you happy, energetic, Euphoric and every much more creative; whereas negative effect the other parts like dry mouth, dizziness, drier eyes, paranoid and make one anxious.

8. Sugar Black Rose

A black horse in the list! This interesting Sugar Black Rose one of the tastiest Indica dominated hybrid weed offer the most memorable feeling and taste that is utterly delicious leaving with you a long lasting impact. It is super bold, with sugary touch, tastes like tropical fruit that seems fresh and relieving. If you are sweet lover, you are simply going to love it!

Effects; Make you happy, relieves one from muscle pain along with dry mouth and sleepy feeling and Euphoric, dizziness, drier eyes, and headache.

7. Tahoe OG

A rainy day with a weed tasting moment, simply embraces a ‘wow’ feel among those who love it. Tahoe OG is considered as one of the strong, effective weed which spreads like fire in your entire body and mind. It is great for the people who are suffering from any long term disease like insomnia, pain and lack of appetite. It falls under the category of Indica weed. It is available in flavour like earthly, lemon taste and a pure phenotype of the OG Kush.

Effects; It creates excessive hunger, euphoric, feeling of happiness, sleepy and relaxed mode of life along with dizziness, paranoid and increase of anxiousness.

6. Durban Poison

Don’t know much about it! Well, it is a legendary bud serving the tastiest and amazing classic flavour of weed. Originated in the soil of native South Africa, it got the name of Durban Poison, which is a very classic salvia type of weed. It offers sweet taste with an energetic feel in every stroke, makes it a truly perfect smoke of the day.  It is ideal for the concentrate enthusiasts, who desperately desire for something to get over-sized feel, with super relaxing and flourishing creativity.

Effects; Uplifts, energies, makes one happy, euphoric and makes you focused affecting the body with dizzy feeling and dry eyes and mouth makes you feel restless at the same time.

Diversity of Marijuana all together

5. Kosher Kush

One of the odiferous, similar to OG Kush is the Kosher Kush weed. It is unique weed, familiar with the rich earthly and fruit flavour that makes it one of the most desired smoke till date. A perfect strains of the Indica weed offering utter, relaxation and relief from pain with an additional sleepy feel.

Effects; Relaxes the body, sleepy, happy, euphoric and makes one hungry, whereas effect the other parts like dry mouth, dizziness, drier eyes, paranoid and additional headaches.

4. Tangerine Power

The stains of fruity flavour are extremely popular these days, hence, unique flavored Tangerine Powers win over the all, fitting the bill.  It comes directly from Agent Orange with Blue Power, dominated by saliva weed category offering the finest quality weed to smoke. It bears the aromas of citrus flavoured fruit along with a resonant of Afghan Kush all together makes it taste amazing!

Effects; Makes one creative and relaxed along with a trickling kind of feeling in mind and body with dry mouth as a side effect.

3. Banana Kush

Most of those who hardly know about the varieties of weed is advised to first taste Kush for an extensive experience. It is a cross between the two notable weed, OG Kush and lesser famous Banana Strain, offering a super fruity flavoured fresh feeling. Banana in weed is basically a hard hitter, the scent of banana can even be detected if you keep it in a bag.

Effects; The creative juices out of the Banana Kush can make you talkative for a while along with a relaxed feeling. The side effects remain, dry mouth, dizziness, paranoid and even headaches.

2.  Blue Dream

Someday wake up in the morning and smoke Blue dream, this can make your day full of relaxation leaving you in a’ wow ‘feeling. The popularity of Indica as a weed has grabbed the center stage along with weed dominated by blueberry flavour. Smoking blue dream, you will observe, the traditional flavour of light blueberry along with a sweetness of the haze genetics of pine flavour that makes it utterly different. You may feel like entirely having it in your body as a whole.

Effects; It relieves from any sort of pain, nausea, depression, and insomnia, whereas negatively affecting the body making the mouth drier and rougher.

1.Game Changer

Finally, after trying out the all different marijuana, the Game changer Hybrid weed takes over the first position. It is one of the most in-demand marijuana of all the other types.  It holds quick, tasty flavors of grape lemonade drink flavour spicy and sourly, offering a hint of solid, striking on the body and mind.  You won’t be able to resist the taste of not trying Game changer Hybrid again and again, once you have experienced it.

Effects; Relaxes the body, sleepy, happy, euphoric, paranoid and heavenly whereas effect the other parts like dry mouth, dizziness, drier eyes, paranoid and additional headaches.

Weed or marijuana has not only spread negative effects it does have a positive side. While tasting these vibrant flavours, sometimes, it requires amusement for trying something new in life.

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