Top 12 Important Things Money can’t Buy

Jimmy Choo pumps mean happiness, Louis Vuitton Belt means love and a Chopard wristwatch just makes time better. But then, do they really? Retail therapy is bliss and for that you need lots of cash, but why need the therapy at all? It’s only when deeper bliss is missing and solitude takes its grip that crying in a BMW gets more comfortable than on a bicycle – there’s a need to cry nevertheless. Alright, I ain’t asking you to skip those lucrative job offers, they are sure important as hell but not for life, just survival. When you have the money, is it worth losing onto everything else for it? Everything that money can’t buy. (I’m still saving up for my Hermes Wallet …oh well, one last time? Please?

12. When People Care:


Alright, argue with me that you’d hire a caretaker that would attend you every second and you my dear will be caught in your own argument. Will the caretaker give up on their own life needs for yours? Would they care beyond the dollars they’ve been paid for. They’d heal your physical health maybe, but would they harvest the care and pampering your mom can without a penny. Infact, if you turn penniless all at once- would there still be the caretakers care? Save up on people who’d rather stick with you than money. You’ll need them more often. Don’t want to take the advice? Great. Pass them on – you didn’t deserve them anyway.

11. Doesn’t happen to everyone: Loyalty


So now get some time and look through those stashes of newspapers and discover how the richest had to deal with infidelity. The closest money can buy loyalty is to buy a pet, pets are more loyal than humans. Employees chose you for the salary not for you: Rings the bell? If the life partner chose you for the money, well then you know what. Tell me now if you’ve got arguments to make.

10. A 25 hour day


Well, aren’t you a genius? You guessed it was time. See you know it too. That Rolex watch won’t change how time’s working for you. It won’t buy you more time too. You’ll have to adjust in the cramped space of 24 hours a day. It’s neither a time machine that would take you in the past and undo the bad experiences, neither the future to prepare for the trauma. If we have the money, shouldn’t we rather spend it then on making time for other better, maybe you’d buy a smile that ways and make the best of your money.

9. Health- not on medicines


You might be wealthy and wise but in the process you drop the healthy out of your system. You’d pay bills of millions to get the best medical treatments around but face the truth: it’s making you live now by reducing years from your lives later. Ask an honest doctor and he’d let you know how many patients die every year due to side effects of medicines. Well, maybe then you want that destined for yourself too.

8. Experience – that which gives Knowledge


Have you ever chanced upon the line that some lessons are best learnt through experience? Well, then the best knowledge you get is also through experience. With the recent set up of things, you might believe that money might buy you good jobs but would it buy you the experience you need to prosper and flourish in there? I doubt. It’s only hard work that can buy you the experience and knowledge and can money buy hard work too? If yes, let me know too, who doesn’t like to slumber till late in the morning.

7. Big or Small, dreams and Dreams after all


Sure you might have dreamt of having a city to your name, but can you buy a dream for yourself. Like trade in it maybe? A dollar for every dream- and you’d have a lot of them, no more disdaining on forgetting your real dreams anymore now. So money won’t buy you the dreams either the will of making them true. And so you’d have to live without ever feeling the satisfaction of fulfilling your dreams. Sad thing.

6. Memories you didn’t keep


You might have spent a fortune on your Nikon DSLR but does it buy the memories? You can buy the photographs too maybe but would you ever be able to buy the moments you missed or memories you didn’t keep? Would you get to live again your dad’s 50th birthday or your child’s first annual school function? If you’ve missed it, no amount of money in the world can bring it back for you. So cherish memories, don’t just click them.

5. Of Family and Friends


You might attract greedy friends like you’re a magnet but how many true friends can you actually vouch for if you lose all your money. Would money give you a warm and happy family? You’re wrong if you believe it can, for else not so many rich people would have had broken homes. Money might help support a family, but the foundation for a happy family is love- its bold and clear, for the poor seem to have closer knit ties than the filthy rich who won’t even know how old their child is.

4. Inner Peace and Content


You’ll need money to pay for those Yoga and meditation classes to secure inner peace and contentment but why such emotional upheaval for the need of those? Oh no, I am not against a healthy lifestyle or meditating just that I am not supportive of the fact that people would rather take classes only for a peaceful inner self? Let me burst your bubble, money won’t buy you those. A sense of security and a heart full of love will.

3. Happiness- The real pot full of gold


Happiness might have been reduced to a series of ‘Happiness is’ posts on Facebook but most of what it says ‘happiness is’ isn’t happiness. Happiness is not monetary neither momentary, happiness is a state and not an expression. You smile doesn’t mean you’re happy or all those quotes will have to washed down with water. Happiness is being satisfied, content and in a state of joy and that no money can buy. Sadly, not even the Versace wedding gown you’ve finally convinced dad for.

2. World Peace and Freedom from oppression


What’s the entire world’s money actually worth when it can’t buy world peace? Can money evade the wars? Can money bring back those who died in Gaza? Can money free people of the world from oppression? Had money a role to play in freeing slaves from their masters? If the answer of even one of those questions is yes, I’d rather ignore all that money can’t buy if only money bought international peace and happiness. But sadly it doesn’t and there I rest my case.

1. Love worth giving your arms for


Money might buy you lovers but money can’t buy you love. Now don’t get confused with lovers and love, you might get people who’d claim to love you for your money but if the money goes, they go to. If someone with more money arrives, they’d still go. Did money buy you love? (Oh well, let’s just ignore those Prada handbags for a moment- they are unparalleled love) Money bought you people who deceived you, money bought you looks and money bought you those who’d never know the meaning of love. If you know the difference between making love and loving you’d know the difference. Avoid the romanticism and go on a quest for love in any form. Money would never buy that for you. So maybe now we should do away with the greed for millions of dollars and get the priceless things which money cannot buy at all.


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