Facebook Just went Down: Here are 10 Better Ways to Utilize that Time

You probably have no idea that Sensex is peaking (Oh my poor Blue Chip stocks which just don’t seem to take the jump.. Luck), neither that a luxury hotel in Libya has had to face major attacks and hostages are held, but each one of us know that Facebook went down and to make it worse, Instagram did too. Facebook went down and created a rage and maybe that’s all that went trending on twitter all that time, but the experience was not that bad after all. You could use all that time much better, and here’s how you must use time off facebook (or at other instances when Facebook is out of service) in better ways so many. Time spent on Facebook is much the time wasted, but here’s what you should have done to keep calm and wait for Facebook to be up and back.

 Here are 10 Productive things to do when Facebook is down.

10. News Check: Newspapers need Readers

People are cribbing everywhere of how the newspapers are no longer the readers delight they once were. From the global big wig New York Times to a sub-continental daily- The Times of India- most newspapers around the world are forced to bear the grunt of readers but are they at fault? Newspapers today have not half as many loyal readers as they once did. So maybe, for once you could get your hands on the newspaper and try and browse through the headlines if not more. That’s like killing two birds at once, you are more aware of what is happening where, and you’ll put time to productive use too. So yeah, maybe that is why Facebook went down!

9. Clean that mess, your room is no dumping yard

So maybe the stories on your timeline were so much more interesting than how your surroundings looked (Of course you had that pretty little corner to click for all the Instagram hashtags). Utilize the time well and get the room in order. Do the laundry you have been delaying for the longest time ever, get the mess cleared, get the clothes folded and intro the wardrobe. Maybe then you can locate the Aeropostale uggs you never knew you had, alright you did but you have long believed that you’ll never lay your ends (or legs) on them ever again. So you get the point, there’s no facebook, nothing to distract you so maybe there’s time to make the room look like an inhabited place again.. and domesticated too.

8. Record the expenditure: Budget planning

You might not have all that time enough to calculate in nickels and dimes the expenditure of the week, and that you should believe me is perfectly okay. But more so, there have been so many times when social media got the better of us and maybe we preferred stalking that cute guy over accounting for the expenditure we have done the entire week. So now is the time, remember what was the amount you had the last time you counted the money in your wallet, calculate the cash spent. Also account for the credit on your card. It is important and slightly more so for you to keep your future expenditures in check. You’ll manage your budget if and only if you know how much exactly have you been spending.

7. Plan the vacation: Save on the costs

So you’ve promised family for the vacation to that island next summer but you’ve just not figured out time enough to plan your visit well in advance. Who does that still? You probably just thought of booking through a travel agent, it gets so much easier (and so much more expensive.. but who cares). Nevertheless, since you now have the time off Facebook, plan your vacations. Book the cheapest flights, browse through hotels on Trivago and try to browse through where to visit by searching places to visit in _______ on Google or maybe just shortlist on Pinterest. Watch for coupon codes and book at less than half the prices. So you know how to put the internet to better use?

6. Manage your finances: Invest the funds

So maybe now is the time when you’d want to manage your stocks portfolio, and the mutual funds.. and the investment plans and all of that. You’ve been long delaying the investing. Do you realize you could have multiplied your money through all these times of delay. Nevertheless, now is the time. Manage the fund portfolio and let the money go sky rocketing while you sit and watch. How do you ever earn money with that little effort?

5. Bake the Cake: Cook through it

So they say cooking is the best stress buster and if you’re reading this article, you are evidently stressed with Facebook going down. A good idea is to cook. Not if you are going to bring the kitchen down or a member or two in the family will have to get hospitalized with digestive issues. But if you ever cook decent enough, now is the time to get at it and get the best of it. Maybe you could brew new recipes with coffee or maybe just some mocktails. Whatever? Maybe just practise your skills in the kitchen, you never know when are you in a dire need of it!

4. Gift free rice: While you play it online

So its a noble cause you are spending your time at. While you spend time playing basic knowledge games on freerice.com (It’s hardly basic knowledge, just a very easy way to help) the United Nations Organization has a wing dedicated to donating rice on your behalf if only you keep on their website. So while you click a few keys here, there’d be a few stomachs in sub Saharan Africa which will be fed with food. So maybe since today Facebook has decided to play hide and seek, you can help donate some rice and make a child live better and live longer.

3. Take a trip to the departmental store: Go Grocery shopping

So this is as important as most domestic chores. If you have not stocked up on your grocery supplies and grains, do it now. Take a trip to the departmental store down the street and you’ll have a array of aisles to walk around and realize and wonder how exactly were you managing without such essential supplies. So do that now, buy the supplies and the next time who need some cereal for Breakfast, don’t just plan on skipping breakfast. Have it ready at hand.

2. Clear the backlogs: No work pending

Now here is why exactly Social networking sites have to be pulled down every once in a while. For you to clear all those backlogs at home and in office. Let no work remain pending, get it settled. Even if it’s simple school homework or something as complex as rocket sciences, do that now. If not more, it is definitely doing a lot for you by easing the constant stress you had of getting the task done. You have to do it someday anyhow, so why not right now? You don’t even have a timeline to lament of how stressed you are and no more hashtagging #tooMuchWork

1. Spend time with family

You sure have had an argument to make when disadvantages of social networking websites are up for discussion, and each one in their own way has an argument to say how the family time is now facebook time and how you converse with even your mother on Facebook messenger. So maybe be the change you want to see. Alter the regrets and get them handled now. Spend the time with friends and family and in the middle of it all you might as well click selfies, and a friend-fie and a family-fie too (if that ever means something). Or maybe you could let instagram boast of new hashtags. So put the time to good use.

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