10 Qualities a Good Friend must have

“I’ll  be there for you, cause you’re there for me too!” Wanting a friendship like that portrayed in the legendary sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is pretty normal because the love and affection displayed in the show makes us believe that true friendship does exist.

We all need someone in our life, besides our family, who will be there with us in every walk of life. Someone who will be there with us when we need to rant about something, want to laugh out and burst out with tears of joy, someone who’s there with us when we want to cry our hearts out. We do need and make different friends in each phase of life, during our school, our college and even when we work. A friend is someone who makes our life worth it, adding the spark to our life, bringing us all the adventures and raising the adrenaline rush within us to do something out-of-the-box.

Not everyone is blessed with friends like that, but what we do have is our silly but loving friend who gives a crazy definition to friendship and love.  If your friend possesses any of these qualities, hold onto them for life, friends like these are hard to find and should be treasured till the very end of life. Hold onto them, tight and never let the bond break for any reason.



10. He/she is not judgmental

Having a friend who you can tell all your stupid stories, your crazy decisions, to without the fear of being judged or being scolded at is the best feeling ever. Even if you make some wrong decision, a real friend would scold you but also hug you tight and make you believe that things will be okay and would never use the phrase, “how could you be so reckless”.


9. He/she is trustworthy

Do you have a friend whom you trust more than anyone in the world? A real friend would be loyal to you and would prove to you that they are worthy of your trust. A real friend is someone who you confide in and know that they will never break your trust. They are someone who would never ditch you, and leak away all your secrets.


8. He/she is dependable

You could call your friend at 3 a.m. in the morning asking them for some petty advice like what to wear for class tomorrow and they would happy to help and would suggest you to wear that black dress with some detailed work etc. He/she would be your cover-up at places and would happily help you out.


7. He/she is a listener

Your friend will forever be your agony aunt and would love to listen to your problems and give you advice accordingly. Listening is a gift and only few get the privilege of having someone who listens to everything we say. So next time you’re feeling low or having a gloomy day or you want to rant about some colleague at your workplace, you know whom to head to and vent and feel better because your friend will never let you feel alone and will make you believe that they’re standing right next to you come what may.



6. He/she is thoughtful

Surprising you with your favourite ice cream or chocolate or letting you take the last slice of pizza because you love it so much, or watching your favourite romantic movie for the hundredth time only because you want to. Your friend always has your likes, dislikes and you in her mind, because they’d do anything for that smile of yours.



5. He/ she is supporting

You really want to join some crazy dance classes or want to try on some whacky hair style; your friend will be there for you helping you choose something out of the different levels of crazy.

They’ll be there for you not because you asked them too, but because they want to be there for you. Even if it’s as petty as going to party with a couple entries when you don’t have dates, they’ll happily decide to be your plus one. Your friend will support you in all your endeavours and will be your support system and encouraging you to fulfil your life goals.



4. He/she is forgiving

When you have fights and smash the door open, leave and decide to never talk to your friend, but there they are, being the sweetheart they are, they’d understand the reason why you were acting so whimsical and would apologize you in the blink of an eye, even without you saying ‘sorry’. They know you have the potential to be a better person and how you reacted back then, was just a phase and that you still love your friend dearly.


3. He/she is respectful

You both have difference of opinion because you’re not from the same background but that doesn’t make you any less of friends. You both welcome and respect each other’s ideals and opinions, and never try to bring down each other because of different ideas. You both work as a team of two, mixing up the different  ideas and getting down to a single one that helps nurture both of you in terms of life. You both are each other’s counterpart and make each other sparkle even more when you come together as one.


2. He/she is humorous

Your friend and you share the same level of crazy, right from checking out people, to playing hilarious pranks on others, you know you’ve found yourself a keeper. You both never mind sending each other ugly Snapchats or Facetiming with some face pack on your face. You read jokes on the web and both of you relate with each other saying, “THAT IS SO US!” You make silly jokes about each other, with each other without feeling offended about it. Laughing together at the end of the day with each other is all you both wish for, ending the day on a happy peppy note.


1. He/she loves you

You know that you can be a total wreck at times, but what the best thing about that phase is that you have your friend along with you in your journey of being a mess. Having a real friend who loves you even in your bad times is worth more than a thousand gifts, that is because, they know what a mess you can be and still choose to love you with all your flaws and imperfections. They’re by your side because of the invisible bond you share with each other, and friends like that, end up being your family, not by blood relation but by a love relation that is pure and selfless.


It’s very rare that God blesses us with people like that, and if he does, we must cherish that relation and be the best version of ourselves for the people who love and care for us immensely.

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