How to Control and Overcome Anger: 15 Ways

Anger can be a real put-off in the otherwise fun and folly of life, you might be wonderful and a real happy person otherwise, but a ticking moment might set the alarm off and you may go all crazy which often leads to others keeping their distance from you and try not to tell you things that might upset you. Isn’t that weird? Your own family and friends not being up close and personal with you for they fear you might lose your temper? Don’t you think it’s time that you let go of the bursting fit in life and learn to put a control over your anger? Managing your anger is very important to live an easy, peaceful and positive life. Success comes to those who manage to handle troubles calmly. Have you ever accomplished anything by being blatantly hasty and rushing through life? I guess not. Hustling is necessary to handle obstacles but even more essential is the art to balance out, so let’s learn the trick to suppress, overcome or control your anger by following these very simple steps.

15. The Art of Discipline

YEAH, this is the most common advice anybody can give to resolve your anger issues. It’s time to become disciplined in life, keep track of the work you do, always put in efforts and try to be patient with results. You should know that not everything might be the way you want and that you have to deal with it, head on. Learn to be self disciplined and have a control over your mind.

14. Count to 10 (The Clichéd )

This helps. The fact that you have heard everyone say this, is for, it works. All you are basically doing is calming yourself down, anger comes up when you get out of control, your senses stop to work and minor faults are blown out of proportion. So, Counting to 10 makes you stay calm and not burst out on people. Would you ever calm down if someone says, just chill? NO, right? It’s a trigger for all I know. So, COUNT ! Take a deep breath and count to 10 and see the wonders it does for you.

13. Elvis has left the building








Yes, Elvis is gone. The show is over guys. Okay, I’ll stop confusing you and get to the details, all you gotta do is leave the situation alone, leave the person alone, leave yourself alone! Okay, the last one might be difficult to achieve but what I mean is, let go of the thing that irritates you or makes you angry. If somebody says something offensive and you know, you will act out, and the only way to make your case is to be angry or hyper over the situation, the best way to deal with it is to kindly empty the premises and later, when your senses are calm, you can talk things through and probably find a solution to your worries.

12. Laughter is the best medicine








Ain’t that right? You must be thinking, why would I start laughing in a situation that is making me furious? Well, to avoid pressing circumstances and to fool your brain, it is a very very sound idea. Think of it as this, you are really angry, but you choose to be happy and laugh at the situation. Will it not be a great strategy to confuse your mind? Cool, no?  Let it all go with the laughs you take, every passing minute. Now, Genius or What?

11. Snap your anger away








KEEP A RUBBER BAND WITH YOU. Why, you ask? To snap it, of course. Anger is weird in its entity. You gotta confuse your mind to keep it away from raging fits. So, snap a rubber band to avoid thoughts that make you angry and to maintain your calm.

10. Negate the Negative

It’s time to push the negativity out the window, for all it really does is worsen your anger issues. When all there is, are negative thoughts that drown you, make you think too much about issues, simply irritate you or gets the best of you is something to be away of, to ensure a balanced, and calm mind.

9. Look for cheerful and positive people

Do that. I mean, right now. You need to get your mind out of the anger zone and focus on the real deal, try and communicate with positive people, people that cheer you up and give you a ray of hope. This will really help you out to be more calm and ditch that itch to shout and get your angry self at people. AVOID IT, by keeping a real cool positive outlook company. Friends that see the light and help you out to see it as well.

8. Balance your emotional self

Really? How do I do that? Did you ask those question,  right now? I have the answer. You are an emotionally unbalanced person if you cannot control your anger and have a real fit at situations that ticks you off. You do not have a control over your senses and It’s real important to keep yourself emotionally sane to easily manage your anger. Devote yourself to activities that helps you to maintain peace emotionally, and to relax yourself.

7. H two O











There was a famous kids show, Oswald, and in an episode, he mentions how cool water really is. It helps you to get out of troubled situations, Can it not now? If there is a fire, water is to your rescue, got something glued to your hand? Water comes handy again. Well, We cannot survive without water. We are 70% water for the love of god, okay, much with the knowledge, now! All I mean is drink water when angry, It helps to keep your temper down and helps you to not burst out. I love water! Don’t you?

6. Introspection

It’s important that you know what’s going on with you. Why you behave the way you do. Figure out why do you have anger issues? Jot down the reasons that make you angry and always keep introspecting what triggers your anger. Try to be away from such triggers. Notice the change you have in your behavior and undertake the responsibility to change the way you act when a particular problem occurs.

5. The Yoga way to do it








Meditation is a very helpful form of exercise that keeps you healthy and your mind fit. It is useful for anyone that wants to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit and hence It’s beneficial to meditate to form a connection with your mind and soul to be calmer, and peaceful.

4. Road to Contention

It is necessary that you realize how blessed you are to have the things you have, make a list of things that you are grateful for and think of those things to basically keep your mind on the positive track, it is important that you are content with the things that you have and in moments of rage, remember these to keep you on the right path.

3. Be bigger than your problems

Mostly, anger is caused when you are frustrated by someone or something. Well, If it is because of something that someone did, you can always be the bigger person and choose to forgive, hence giving way to a peaceful life. It’s the real deal when trying to overcome and manage your anger. Try this and see how good it feels.

2. Hate your temper

Haha, Okay I did not mean this literally, do not hate anything about yourself, just remind yourself why do you hate anger so much and use it to your advantage. Use this advice to keep yourself away from being short temper and trying to keep pace with the situation.

1. Get to the root of your problems

No. 1 advice anybody can give you. When you cannot do something about things, it’s annoying. I get it. We all get it but there are times we can find a solution to our troubles. You should always try and get to the root of your problems instead of getting angry ! Always, Always choose that. Try the options you have and find a working solution and see all your worries vanishing away.

Apart from this, just remember, we are who we make ourselves to be. You need to be aware of your surroundings, remind yourself to get away with words that spread negativity in your life and know that sometimes things can be rough and you can’t do much about it but you have to deal with certain things how they are and sometimes you can not do anything about it but what you can actually do is get going and never stop. You become what you aspire to be and it’s in your hands to have a peaceful mind. Be free from anger, always.

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