How to Develop Photographic Memory: 10 Techniques and Tips

Do you hold a photographic memory? Find it out before it’s too late. A person is known to be having a photographic memory if he has the ability to remember all details and is able to recall the same when needed.

Generally, people are good at remembering the nitty-gritty of details rather than remembering each and every aspect. To test a person of having a pictorial memory or not, ask them to read a paragraph with utmost attention and later quiz them by asking about each and every detail. If he is able to recall all the details then that person is bound to do wonders to the world!

Well, it’s definitely not easy to remember everything but it is surely possible by learning and understanding some fun techniques and tips which may give you a chance to experience mental satisfaction. Let us now look at some techniques by which one can look a bit more confident and appealing:

  • Develop images in your mind technique:

To remember something, associate that particular object with any sort of image even if it’s hilarious. If we go by facts, hilarious images help us to remember something either permanently. If we see in daily life, striking images tend to catch our attention in a jiffy than pictures that are banal and simple. Try contrasting an image of a smiling man to a picture of a non-smiling man. Which one catches your attention first? Try it yourself to see the magic!

  • Place the images in the house technique:

Remembering the map of your own house seems much easier than recalling a list of items. So why not place the list of items to the areas in your house? In this process, Try placing the item on your list to a specific place in your house. You are bound to remember things much faster this way and for an infinite period.


  1. You enter your house through the main door and there you see a box of strawberries kept on the floor symbolizing that you need to buy this mouth-watering fruit.
  2. You climb a fleet of stairs to go to your room and you see huge butts of somebody symbolizing that you need to buy hamburgers too.

Doesn’t this sound crazy and wacky? But, it is one of the most sound methods to achieve the desired goal.

  • The memory number technique

Instead of linking your things with places, we link our items list with numbers. The numbers and their usage are not merely confined to mathematical equations but have much greater significance. This technique is quite similar to memory place method as both use the same formula but in a slightly different fashion.


1- Buy a basketball

2- Call your best friend

3-Make dinner for your mom

4- Complete your assignments

  • The famous military technique

Are you scared of the dark? Leave your fears behind and try a technique which may help you to imprint your list on your brain tank instantaneously. This method is all about placing your paper and switches of the lights near you. So you look at the paper you wish to memorize and then switch off the lights in a blink of an eye. See the difference! Do this every day for at least 20 minutes for a month. This is bound to give you beautiful results by the end of the therapy. What are you waiting for?

  • Pattern Technique

This is one of the most common techniques to boost your memory. In this method, you watch a pattern or a design carefully and try to make the same with the help of matchsticks to level up your memory power. You may have to make several attempts to gain the perfectionist ability. This may seem to be difficult in the initial stages but don’t forget that everything deserves one chance at least!

  • Rhyme, Rhyme…Rhyme

We all know that rhyming words are remembered easily and don’t require much effort. You can either use the existing rhyming tones for your self-created ones to cement them in your mind or create some modern new ones to add more credibility. This may prove to be an easier way to imbibe large chunks of information.

  • Add some music to your pieces of information

We all love music, don’t we? We may forget the lyrics of the song we love but it’s always hard to forget the tune of the song we are fond of. Do you still hum the tune of an old favourite song? Adding music to your pieces of information is also a sound technique to remember them for an infinite period and it does work. For instance, it is always hard for us to learn up dry dates and names of famous people who did good to our country. Try putting an old or new tune to such details to add life and make them enjoyable.

  • Practical experience makes a man perfect

Practical experience works as an impetus towards our growth in life. We just can’t merely learn everything from books. It can be hard to comprehend things if we were only to learn from books. To take an example, you can’t learn to cook a good dish simply by reading about it, one has to learn by doing it. In concise words, learning something in person has a far greater longevity in the mind than just scanning it.

  • Prepare yourself to get organized

Buck yourself up to experience a complete transformation from an unorganized identity to an organized person. A disarranged working area with unfiled notes, a notebook filled with scribbles on varied topics, a disastrous filing system on the computer can make you feel restless which could lower the performance of the brain. Cleaning your room, filing your notes on different subjects etc. have a different effect on the mind and makes it easier for us to remember things.

  • Write rather than Type

Don’t use your laptop, iPad etc to write down everything unless necessary. Writing down your notes by hand is much more effective than typing them down. Written notes are always remembered for longer periods. It has also been observed that when people write notes on paper, they write in their own words which are remembered faster compared to notes which are typed in a lecture format on an electronic medium.

Now let us look some tips which need to be followed in order to develop one good memory:

1. Exercise makes a man effective

Exercise is one the most important parts of our lifestyle. It keeps us healthy and sane and far away from diseases. Also, it keeps our mind healthy and let us remember information for long periods.

2.Do not study on an empty stomach

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Heard of it? It contains sense if some brainstorming is done over it. Glucose makes our brain tanks work faster even for people who suffer from mental problems.Hence, memory works better after food intake. Avoid eating too much during lunch as digestion steals the fuel from the brain.

3. Doing some memory workout

Try to solve as many puzzles you can or fill up crosswords. If you find a particular crossword hard, then pick up a simpler one to start with. Look at clues once then hide them and try filling them with your memory cues. This enhances the overall performance of the memory.

4. Trick yourself to recall what you had forgotten

Track down the movements in your mind which means picture what you were doing previously. Work inside your memory and suddenly you will hear a “pop” sound which will be the answer you wanted.

5. Take breaks while learning new information

It often happens that while learning new information, we forget the previously learned details. What to do? After learning one set of detail, take a short break to learn a new set. It is all due to interference. The new set interferes with the old information and you blank out. Maintain a good learning discipline.

6. Eat healthy foods

Eating junk food just makes our body weaker and immune to the benefits of healthy food. So, try avoiding oily and fatty food and change your lifestyle today by eating food which your body can digest easily and will benefit you.

7.  Curbing stress levels

Stress is the most prevailing killer in today’s times. It makes you feel lethargic and impacts your brain badly. With time, it destroys your brain cells and reduces the power of your memory which in turn comes out to be disastrous. Try to curb your stress by doing things that make you happy.

8. Clench both the fists

Sounds insane? But, it does work. A study showed that people who clenched their right fists while learning new information and left while recalling the same performed better at tests than people who didn’t. So, what are you waiting for? Get,set,go!

9. Iron level should be up to the mark

Deficiency of iron can have adverse affects on the brain. It creates a lot of confusion, attention span shortens and issues with remembering things. The dosage of iron supplements can help in maintaining the required level of iron in the body.

10. Get some good night sleep

It is said brain functioning gets even better with a sound sleep every day. Hence, sleep improves our memory. Our brain is busy during night recognizing memories while we’re asleep. Dreams make sense because of this function.


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