How to Find and Achieve Inner Peace: 10 Simple Tips

You’ve roamed the whole wide world (Oh Yes! Rome included) but the quest for inner peace isn’t quite at rest? You’ve seen before your eyes Da Vinci’s Monalisa and Michelangelo’s best works but there’s still within you an unrest for what you have and what you haven’t. The Hermes Birkin will do nothing for you, neither will the Cartier watch, this has to be something you do for yourself, and you know what is the best you can do for you? It is to approach a sense of inner peace and no material world will ever compete with what this world has to offer. Oh No! Don’t give me that look, I ain’t quite calling out for you to drop the idea of those Celine ‘Audrey Hepburn’ sunglasses, those too but is not settling in for the best of both Worlds a great idea? First thing first, you need to give up on the entire mindset of inner peace being a saint’s thing and you’d have to renounce those brands for it, not really, if you just realize that the brands don’t make your existence. They are what the money you have buys for you. What makes your existence is what you think and what you feel. And here’s how you think better, feel better and sleep better (Yeah, that’s the first thing you’ll love about inner peace, it has you sleeping like there’s no tomorrow).

Here’s how you can achieve Inner Peace:

10. Let Reality sink

let reality sink


Never ever be in denial mode. Why? Because denial is the first step to depression. If it’s happened, you need to start believing it has, there’s nothing you can do about changing history. If it were in human’s will, I’m sure most battles would have been undone, but they weren’t. You need to stop keeping yourself aloof of the truth. If a person is gone, by choice or by death, he has gone for good. He’d be in a better place than he was and you need to accept that. Believing they’d return is walking on stormy waters. Once you let every reality, no matter how harsh sink in, you will sure figure out a way to overcome it too. And one at a time, you’ll be relieved of your beliefs and you’d move closer to inner peace.

9. Meditate like it’s your habit

meditate habit

Actually, correct me there, not like it’s your habit but you’ve to make it a habit. Meditation is not for the elderly, meditation does not need you to renounce the world, and no, what it does to your skin is not hundredth as good as what it does to your sensibilities. You don’t have to believe anything, let the focus wander while you meditate, even if it is 10 minutes a day. Stay relaxed and breathe deep, your mind will wander to every accessible corner of your thoughts and process them in the simplest manner possible. There’d be no worries left, you’d be a better person and a more patient listener too. More so, meditating near nature is going to bear triple the fruit. The choice is yours.

8. Be a third person to your problems

third person to problems

Oh but they’d never understand. You know why you ought to be a third person? Because they’ll never understand and they’d never look at your problems like it is their own. Often many times we stay in denial when we actually know of how to make those problems go but we need to be stuck onto them for emotional dependence or whatever you choose to name it. A third person at those times offers the sanest advise. And once you realize that everyone understands, the problems would halve and then disappear on their own.

7. Let Negativity drain off

negativity drain off

‘Oh Her! Don’t talk of her, she’s like the darkness to my day!’ And if that kind of people exist in your mindset, mind you only you can bless yourself. Every human is good in their own sense. Their vibrations may or may not catch up well with yours but that is not the end of the world. You need to drain off all possible negativity, see the good, ignore the not so good. And you know why? Because no one cares what you think of other people, only you do, and in the process you hurt yourself. Once you’re at peace with the world, you’d be at peace with yourself and what more is inner peace about?

6. Never be the know all: Be open to learning


Once you start believing you know everything, which is not the real case, you also start looking down at people. The negativity reflows through you, you’d always think low of those who’ve got some words to offer and you’ll dwell in eternal pride. You know who dwells in eternal pride according to the bible? It’s Satan, and you know what Satan is infamous for? He dwells in eternal pride but he has lose all inner peace. He lives in a frequency of fear because somewhere he know that God is the supreme source of life but he’s in denial, and he thus lives in fear of his own destruction. You want that to happen to you? Be open to learning, believe me, there is something you can learn from every human ever.

5. Believe what you think: your beliefs, ambitions and superstitions


No, I am not contradicting my earlier point. I just said do not believe that you are most learned but I certainly assert that you’d never achieve inner peace and a sense of contentment from within till you believe in your own thoughts, ambitions and superstitions. If you’re doing something just because you’re expected to do it, you’ll be under the burden of it, and what burdens is never joyous. Never overestimate your existence but never underestimate it too. Love what you do, believe in it, believe in yourself. Self belief is sure the most important milestone to achieving inner peace.

4. Keep caring, savour the hope


You do not have to let go of emotional overflows, let them carry you wherever they do. Emotions are the truest form of you, inhibiting them is like tampering with laws of nature. You’ll find inner peace if only you care, you hope not just for yourself but for others too. You’d be at inner peace only when you have eternal love within you, and eternal love is full of care. Once you love others, you’d love yourself and there is where your journey to a more peaceful inner self begins.

3. Never keep regrets, say it here and now


True that, most people today have regrets of not doing that one thing, saying that one word or loving that one person. If you have regrets, you’ll never move on. You’ll be trapped in the fetters of those and if that happens, you’d constantly burden yourself in the effort of lettig it go. Take the risks so that you do not look at yesterday and say if only. And if it is too late, do not keep it within you, let it flow in poetry or art. Once you have no regrets, your heart will have space for love. No regrets means no burdening of the heart, and there lies your inner peace.

2. Smile, an everlasting smile


You know which is that one curve that sets everything straight (more like right)? It’s a smile. Even if your heart is feeling overburdened, smile through it, not because you want to vent up those emotions to cause havoc later but because you know that somewhere there’s always a way to set it right. A smile gives you peace from within, and no I am not assuming, smiling releases within you a sense of joy and maybe some hormones that keep you happy. And a smile is infectious, you’ll make others happy too. Troubles would manage their own path, you smile and be content within.

1. Live in today

Oh yes it is most definitely the most important part to do when looking for inner peace. And to say the truth it is like saying everything else in a nutshell. When you live in today there would be no regrets of yesterday and no worries for tomorrow, and when the heart is free, it wanders to inaccessible joys of spirituality which humans fettered in constant bothering would never know. When you live in today there is nothing to hamper your growth to a content and peaceful self. I’d say live in the moment, and if you manage to do that, believe me, the next time around you’d be professing to me on how to achieve inner peace. You’d glow and let everyone know how content you are within.

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