How To Get Over A Hangover – 10 Steps


Alcohol, an important member of almost every celebration in the 21st century, surely has some after-party effects too. For generations now, the consumption of alcohol on a wild night leaves an individual in a not-so-sensible stage in the morning. This stage is what the experts have termed as “Hangover”. While some people get over it with time, there are tons who need proper remedies to get back to the real world. So, in order to search for the perfect remedies or cures, we have stumbled upon dozens of cures and each of it has its own magic and takes its own time to get your mind back on track.


Thus, here is the list of 10 most popular cures of Hangover, straight from the experts, curated just for you-


Tomatoes are the least popular way to deal with a hangover amongst the popular drinkers. The consumption of Tomatoes is proved to have resulted in recovery from a hangover. Though the recovering process isn’t very quick but it surely is effective. The amount of water present in a raw tomato helps in stabilizing the amount of alcohol present in the body by reducing it to a greater extent, given the time. You can imbibe some tomato juice mixed with a little cayenne pepper, sugar, and lime and help your head from spinning around.


Experts say that hitting the gym on a hangover day can actually help in reducing the hangover itself. Though it is a tough task to get yourself to go to the gym in the morning but once the adrenaline rush kicks in then it makes sure that you ooze out all the traces of the alcohol from your body in the form of sweat and energy. But as a word of caution, to prevent more dehydration, it is always advisable to have ample amount of water before, during and after the workout. So the next time you have drinks off the limits and feel too spinny to do anything just hit the gym and work that alcohol out of your body.


Coffee has also become quiet common in dealing with hangovers. The punch of caffeine is on a rise amongst the new drinkers. A nice hot cup of black coffee will surely produce enough heat in the body to make you stand on your feet and do some work. In the fight of dominance between the coffee and the alcohol, you need to make sure that the coffee wins and in order to do that you should hit the gym immediately after that. But since caffeine is said to have inducing properties in itself, it is advisable for the newcomers to start on with the orthodox cures.


The amateurs might say that pairing sugar with alcohol will do no good to anyone, but the Pros have something else to say. According to studies consuming sugar before having alcohol might prove to be a bad idea as it might speed up the metabolism before time and will do no good in reducing the hangover. But the consumption of sugar during the drinks session is the most advisable as it speeds up the alcohol processing leaving little chance for a hangover.


The consumption of greasy/oily food like bacon or a McDonald’s or a fully loaded pizza would actually prove to be beneficial in reducing the possibilities of a hangover. But it should be kept in mind that having these meals after the consumption of alcohol will only result in a person to throw up. It is important to have these meals before having alcohol as it greases the layer of stomach and intestines and alcohol takes much longer to absorb. Having bananas is a healthier alternative to the greasy food, as its smoothness too creates a layer in the stomach.


The intake of liquids is the most important thing to cure a hangover. Every liquid has its own properties and can never substitute the other. Similarly, the intake of energy/sports drinks on a hangover morning makes sure that your body gets the adequate amount of salts and potassium it had surrendered to alcohol last night. Sports drinks like Gatorade are meant to re-hydrate and replenish lost nutrients. So next time you are planning to get drunk, make sure that you have a nice stock of energy drinks in your refrigerator.


For centuries now, people have nibbled on stems of ginger to counter the aftermath of drinking. Research proves that chewing on raw ginger helps in reducing the after drinking affects like nausea. It is also said that the combination of ginger with brown sugar, when consumed before drinking, is the best paired one when it comes to cure a hangover.


One of the most convenient and refreshing ways to get over an intense hangover is a nice hot shower. The flowing hot water on the body tends to loosen up the stiffness in the body caused by the alcohol. The contact of hot water with the body instantly restarts the senses and it is also advisable to take a decent nap following the shower to completely erase the hangover.


Lemon is a common cure for hangover, the sourness and slight bitterness of lemon helps in absorbing the alcohol and eventually eliminates it from the body. The intake of lemon can be done either by chewing it or mixing it with salt and water. Lemon proves to be the fastest way to cure a hangover, no matter how intense it is. Now it completely makes sense that why they give a slice of lemon and a pinch of salt with your tequila shot.


The most popular and the easiest way to get over any hangover is a simple component which is available anywhere, Water. The rigorous intake of water during and after drinking makes sure that you are never dehydrated and always have a balance of alcohol and water in your body. On a hangover morning it is strongly advisable to have at least 2-3 liters of water and within minutes your body will flush out all the alcohol residues from the body.

These are simple steps to deal with a hangover and to flush out alcohol from your system using the commonly available ingredients and easily done tasks. One should remember that the effectiveness of these steps may vary from individual to individual and are also subject to other factors like the amount of alcohol intake and metabolism. But, one out of these 10 shall certainly work for you.

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