How to heal from bad Breakups and Heartbreak quickly: 10 Steps

Some day, you are in a relationship and the next moment you are out of it. Breakup means expelling a romantic relationship forever and ever. They are hard to handle as all mixed emotions come out at one time, make your brain tank vulnerable and diminishes one’s power to think in a practical and a rational manner. It is a process of losing one’s mind in an abrupt manner. Sometimes, all you wish is to get over these emotions as fast as possible to start your life all over again but you also come across people who are able to begin overnight which shows their strength and courageous attitude.

1.  “MOVE ON” than having lingering doubts in your brain

So, this is the time when you actually try working through your emotions by pursuing an activity of your interest, meeting new people or by start thinking about yourself in an affirmative manner. When you start doing this, it means you’re doing great and are on your way to healing yourself completely. Make sure that you delete your Ex from your social media accounts and not trying to stalk him in the hope of him coming back as these things are just mere obstacles to your way of recovery. These sudden hurdles are common as you are on your most vulnerable stage right after a break-up. It is possible that surroundings around you start bothering you because they remind you of him so it’s time to re-design them to start afresh. Box up all the stuff that he gave you or what reminds you of his presence.

2. Binge on your favorite foods

As it is said by all food enthusiasts, Food is love and life! Start eating food which engulfs you in itself completely and helps as a source of distraction enormously. Generally, People binge more on desserts when sad especially “CHOCOLATES” as they help in beating up the blues and the linkage between depression and chocolate has become a cliche, thanks to the romantic movies and shows. But make sure that you don’t end up consuming more than the desired amount else you end up giving a wave to your new best friends which are unbeatable calories and fats! This may seem to be a short- term solution but works wonders.

3. Try talking to ” yourself “ than relying on others

Talking to your peer group or a close friend may sound great but does not always help in recovering fast.  Talking to oneself and segregating the rights and wrongs in your brain works amazingly and helps you to come out of the breaking pain fast because you are able to understand how worthless your relationship had been. Always remember that something which does not give you happiness is never worth keeping and is never an impetus to a long and happy life. Nobody can heal you if you don’t hold the ability to recuperate yourself. Also, try crying alone several times to feel stronger.

4. Go on a vacation to give yourself a break!

Serene and scenic places are something everybody dreams of. Why not take your close friends to a place you always wanted to go or you may go alone if you have a daring personality. Change of surrounding always helps in lifting up one’s mood as you come across new people, new habits, interesting food and what not. So, pack your bag and make a move to witness something new and refreshing.

5. DO NOT play the blame contest with yourself

Don’t start cursing yourself for the pain you won.  A relationship is the responsibility of two people and both have to nurture it and put efforts to make it going. When the game becomes one-sided then it’s not even a game so better to stop playing it. Try acting maturely by understanding the reasons for the break-up and avoid blaming yourself or the other person. Do brood or introspect properly to avoid the blame game and accept the circumstances.

6. Don’t indulge in alcohol and drugs

The simplest way which is considered by people today is indulging in unacceptable methods to come out of intense pain which is absolutely wrong. Drugs and alcohol may help you in subduing your pain for a short period but will surely make a come back once their effect is faded away. Don’t mess with yourself to deal with pain. Indulge in good things that would instantly make you feel good like healthy foods but you can always indulge in junk food once in a while!

7. Go to a counselor if necessary

Not able to cope up with situations yourself in spite of trying hard? Then, it’s time that you may want to visit somebody who would guide you properly with his or her prior experience. There is a myth that people with mental issues ONLY visit counselors but unfortunately, that’s not true. Sometimes, you just want to seek some professional help to align your thoughts and emotions in the right direction. Don’t stop yourself by believing in such things rather go for it as your well-being comes first before anything!

8. work, WORK and work!

Wish to keep yourself distracted and purely busy? Take up some novel projects and start brain-storming on them to reach the set goals. Spending some extra time in developing new concepts for the assigned project may eat up your loneliness too. Investing too much time in something productive will definitely give you fruitful results and immense satisfaction.

9. Don’t conjoin yourself with a new person too soon

Break-ups are surely hard to manage but going into another relationship just after a break-up may not sound like a good option. It’s true that one loses their mind and tries finding instant ways to come out of the pain but getting along with another person without having proper feelings or prior knowledge about him or her may land you up in another mess and ruin the other person’s life. Think wisely to come out of the damage you experienced rather committing the same mistake again. If you really wish to be with another person then clear out your mind first and then try knowing him or her.

10. Develop a raging workout regimen

You may not be able to indulge into one of the famous stress- busting activities like YOGA due to too many distractions hovering over you but you can always go for alternatives like running, gyming, swimming etc. to get that negative stuff out of your system. Try it out before its too late! It is always good to try something new as it helps in taking you one level up than others who stick to their monotonous routines ONLY.

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