How to Loose Big Tummy Fat: 12 Effective Tips that work
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How to Loose Big Tummy Fat: 12 Effective Tips that work

You envy almost everyone with a flat belly unless of course it is you with your own flat tummy! So it is time you get one. If you are always referring to time as an impediment in your weight loss or tummy loss process, it is time to stop doing that. No one has been showered with extra hours during the day. The difference lies in the allocation of these twenty four hours that does wonders.

Belly fat is a lot worse than obesity. You must note that a person with belly fat has a shorter lifespan than an obese person. According to Dr. Paul Poirier, “If your weight is normal, but you have weight around the middle, it’s bad.” So you might think that your weight is perfectly alright but that doesn’t mean you needn’t work to reduce your tummy fat.

Here are twelve ways in which you can lose that belly fat that you really need to :-

12. Increase the number of meals.
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Are you aware that your stomach distends according the amount of food you consume? So the more you eat in one meal the larger your stomach will become. Also eating a little bit through out the day will give you good metabolism. Doctors and dietitians most often recommend meals spaced after two to three hours.

11. Eat more fibrous foods.
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Fibres are fat-reducing, therefore, you should include more of these in your meals. Consume your fruits and vegetables whole rather than in a juice for they are devoid of fibres. Fibrous foods include oranges, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, beans, bran and broccoli.

10. Get rid of packaged foods.

Although completely doing away with it might not be possible but it can be implemented in many other foods. You can do away with packaged juice, chocolates, ready-to-make foods and the like. These are foods that are dense in carbohydrates. Also, they are abound in trans-fats which are enemies of a flat tummy.

9. Stop taking beverages with added sugar and salt.

Anything ranging from common beverages such as tea, coffee and cola to mocktails and cocktails often contain pre-added salt or sugar. If not previously added, we tend to add one or two teaspoons of sugar to each cup that we consume. “If sugar calories are not used as energy shortly after they are consumed, however, they are converted into stored body fat by a process known as lipogenesis,” says Clay McNight, a nutrition writer. Sugar also makes you more hungry. So not only are you eating but also preparing yourself to eat more; ergo, think twice before adding sugar to your cup of chai or coffee.

Eating salt on the other hand adds on to the “water weight”, due to the water-retention characteristic of salt. If you can’t take your cuppa without sugar, you might as well not take it. It is doing you more harm than good.

8. Shake it to lose it.

However, hackneyed it may sound, nothing is ever achieved without hard work. And in this case exercise is the key. You need to religiously work out everyday. A good work out could comprise of power walking, jogging, running, swimming, skipping or an aerobics routine. Only doing these on a regular basis can help you get rid of that tummy. Otherwise there are several exercises specific to your tummy such as sit-ups, crunches, and push-ups that you could do to remove that bulge.

7. Add weights to your regime.

Adding exercises with weights to your work-out further increases your ability to lose tummy fat. Also, you’d be surprised to see how quickly loose fat is toned. There’s still doubt about whether aerobic training that is cardio or resistance training enables you to lose more weight. However, in my opinion a mix of the two in a ratio of 3:2 respectively is good. This of course means that you will also have to watch your food intake.

6. Add a few movements here and there.

Some of us have jobs that require us to sit through out the day. In this situation we just have to add movements whenever we can. For instance, on our way to the workplace and on our way back home, we should use the stairs instead of the escalators and elevators. Take a short break in the middle for a walk or just get out of the office using the stairs and come back to your desk.

5. Sleep for longer.

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep plays a major role in your tummy-loss programme. Proper sleep does wonders to your body. Lack of sleep not only increases your cravings but also decreases your ability to exercise and perform efficiently in any sphere of life.

4. Reduce your alcohol intake.

Alcohol may give you happiness but only temporarily. Quitting it entirely is neither feasible nor helpful. However, you should never drink in excess. Alcohol somehow always finds its way to your belly and makes it protrude. Stick to a maximum of one or two glasses a day.

3. Drink more water.

Large quantities of water intake is extremely necessary to squeeze out fat. If you’re not a water drinker, try weird but useful tricks that will turn it into a habit. For instance, drink a glass of water each time you sit down on your office chair. Or for those who binge watch tv shows, drink a glass of water each time you finish an episode. This of course is just an example, you could customise these tricks according to your schedule and habits.

2. Be optimistic.

A positive attitude will allow you to sail through your regime. A stressed outlook will only make you more negative. If you find monotony in your schedule, then spice it up by trying different exercises like dance and Zumba. Stress is the last thing that should come in your way of losing belly fat. You should look forward to your flat belly and allow that feeling to keep you going!

1. Perseverance is the key.

And albeit true for almost everything, it especially holds true for losing belly fat. From the easiest of methods like eating more meals to the most difficult ones like exercising daily, perseverance is the only thing that will get you a flat tummy. Each time I think of giving up I repeat this sentence in my head, “hard work has no substitute.” I don’t know where my father picked it up from but it is because of this phrase that I never lose touch with reality and continue to work hard. After all we are only human and we have very different bodies, so it can take us different amounts of time to get there. But if we keep working there’s no doubt that we won’t!