How to Lose Arm Fat, 12 Top Effective Exercises that Works

Most of us out there, hope to get rid of arm fat in a jiffy. But the basic point to remember is that no matter, how much you want to get rid of your arm fat easily, you should never opt for the easy way out. The reason? Well, to answer that question would be easy. The short-cuts and the fast working methods are dangerous for your body! A shortcut may seem easy for a short while, but long-term effects of such shortcuts are not viable.

What do you Need?

When it comes to taking care of your body before you get down to the exercises, it is advised you find the following things and get them in order:

a) Find a place where you can work-out. However, there are some exercises you can do without a place for work-out.

b) Find your motivation. Motivation is important for long-term effects. Without it, you will not be able to attain your goals.

c) Learn to be patient. Results take time to show up. If you become impatient, you will not be able to attain what you intend.

d) Create your goals. Goals are essential for you. Plus, you will need realistic goals, which allow you to feel motivated when you reach your threshold. Slowly increase the intensity of your goals.

e) Know your body. Before you begin, know what do you want to lose or change, with your workout plan. And secondly, remember to study your body.

Reason for Your Arms Becoming Fat

Your arms will automatically become fatter when you hit 30. After the age of thirty, the percentage of lean muscle automatically decrease with time. Furthermore, another reason for an increased fat accumulating around your arms is due to some hormonal changes in your body.

Arm fat is a sign that your body has excessive fat. Losing arm fat may seem like a tedious task, but it is nothing to be scared of. Arm fat can be removed with some diligent exercising every day, or on alternate days, as per your discretion.


Here is a list of six exercises which will help you get rid of fat without any weights

1. Tricep Dips

All you will need to find is a mat before you begin your exercises. Tricep dips are the easiest way to get rid of your arm fat and to get your arms in shape.


Place your arms behind you, with your fingers away from you and raise your upper body. With shoulder length apart, place your feet in front of you, so that your body is the air. Then, dip your upper body downwards, and remember not to touch or rest your hips on the floor.

A Variation of the exercise: You can use a chair, and place your arms on the chair with your finger away from you. Bend your knees to support your body, in a way that your body is in the air. Then dip down and return to your original position, and that is one rep. Three sets of twenty reps are advised. However, for beginners, three sets of ten, fifteen and ten are advised.

2. Push-ups

The easiest way to get rid of your arm fat is PUSH-UPS! There are various variants you could try, depending on your level of arm’s strength. Push-ups strengthen your arms and allow your arms to lose the fat around your muscles. Furthermore, you should remember to keep your body in a plank-ish pose for the best results.

Additional Advise: Don’t dip your waist when you go down, use your arms strength. Dipping your waist in rather than the shoulders and the upper body is a common mistake, and will not yield any results.

3. Scissors

The best and one of the most effective exercises for your arm fat and its removal. You could walk while crisscrossing your arms for a better effect, or stand still while crisscrossing your arms. The exercise requires you to set a pace for yourself, and take your arms straight to your sides so that your arms are horizontally aligned with your body. Next, you need to bring your arms back, and take your right arm hand to the left side and the left arm to the right side creating a cross with your arms.

This exercise also targets the sides of your back and your back’s fat. Furthermore, remember to keep your elbow unbent and straight.

4.Field Goal Post

Another easy exercise for you to do at home.

You will need a pair of dumbells.

Choose a weight you are comfortable with before you begin your exercise. If you are a beginner remember to pick out lighter weights.

Bring your elbows slightly below your shoulders and open them on each side with a weight in each hand. And then turn your arms downwards. Bring them up, and go back to the original position, that’s one rep. Start with sets of easy reps for the first week, and then gradually increase your reps.

5. Overhead Tricep Extension

Most exercises focus on your biceps and back, but this one will help you tone your triceps with a weight. Pick a dumbbell which is slightly heavier than the ones you do your biceps, and stand with your feet shoulder length apart. Next, take your dumbbell above your head, towards the back. All you’ll need to do is dip it backwards. Do it as many times as you feel is right.

Caution: Do not pick a weight too heavy for you to deal with, it may cause accidents.

6. Overhead Tricep Extension

Another exercise to get toned triceps, stand straight with knees slightly bent. Then bend forward, in a way your body is almost parallel to the ground. Remember to take weights in both hands. Next, you bring the arms with weights in a holding position as seen in the picture and take it backwards. The entire concentration is to be fixed on the contraction and expansion of your tricep muscles.

7. The Windmill

This is an exercise you can do at home, without any equipment. You will need to stand straight with feet shoulder-width apart. All you will need to do is rotate your arms in 360-degree circles. Raise your arms at shoulder levels and make full circles. This exercise targets your shoulders, arm muscles and back. Make twenty circles from the front and twenty backwards for effective exercise


8. Uneven Push Ups

All you will need is a medicine ball and a mat. Place the ball under one of your palms, and hold it secure, so as to avoid accidents. Next, lower your body with the help of your upper body. A challenging and effective exercise for your body and arms, this will show instant results!

9. Tricep Swing

For this, you should lay down on the ground, and keep your shoulders straight. Pick the weights and raise them above your chest, keep your arms to the sides. Next, swing them backwards, meaning extend them as if raising them above your head. This is an effective exercise for beginners.

10. Split Squat Rotation

An easy exercise for those who are beginning with exercises for arms. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and go hold a medicine ball or any other kind of ball in front of your chest. Take any one of your legs backwards and go into a squat position in the bent position. Next, rotate your torso as you raise the weight in your arms from your chest to your shoulders and then take above your head. Do ten to twenty reps on one side and switch to the other side.

11. Bicep Curl with Alternating Lunge

This exercise is a little advanced. Stand straight with your knees slightly bent. Take a step forward and go into a lunge position, and curl your alternate arm’s bicep. Continue this with the other side as well. This exercise gives you strong and lean arms as well as strong and shaped glutes.

Furthermore, you could change the exercise and curl both of your arms to get an effective exercise.

12. Planks

Saving the most challenging exercise for the last, do planks! Everyone hates planks, (especially the ones who are only starting out). Here is what you do, you need to keep your back straight and create an inclined position from your feet to your shoulders, face down with arms right under your shoulders. And you need to maintain that position for about a minute. You can increase the time as you become accustomed to it.

Remeber, do not bend your arms or allow the middle part of your body to come down, it will defeat the purpose of the exercise. Planks will give you strong ab muscles and will increase your arms’ strength.

There are many variations for the exercises mentioned here, and you can try any of them. However, the ones mentioned here are the easiest and will work best for those who are only beginning to start with arm exercise.

Make sure you use proper posture for each exercise and couple your exercise with good meals and rest.

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