How to Prepare for an Earthquake? 9 Important Safety Tips

So did you feel the tremor? No? I did, and believe me it was more horrid than you think. In that moment you feel just a hair strand away from death. My heart goes out to those in Nepal, the misery, the loss of dear ones and loss of property. SO have you heard that it always better safe than sorry? Be safe than be sorry later. Here is how you must remain prepared for any natural calamity and earthquake in particular. 9 tips that you must follow and remain prepared for the earthquake.

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9. Secure Electronics and other appliances with nylon straps

Electronic items like refrigerator, television sets etc are often expensive to replace. They are heavy and may thus cause great damage too. It is always advisable to keep them strapped with nylon straps. Also all heavy items should not be placed too high or the injury and damage caused can be manifold in event of an earthquake. photo frames, show pieces etc too should be hooked or stuck as these cause most injuries as flying objects in most earthquakes. So strap it down and minimize damage to property and life.

8. Draft an evacuation plan

However sure you are of the construction of your house, it is but necessary to draft an evacuation plan well in advance than be sorry later. Remember that there should never be just one way to exit your house and you should always have an alternative plan in hand. Earthquakes tend to cause great damages to staircases, so if you live on a higher floor, make sure there is more than one case of stairs which you can take in case you have to flee in emergency.

7. Identify A Safe Open Area

Most urban areas today run so short of land that they have little or no open spaces. Do you know that earthquakes are less impactful in open spaces than homes. Also the damage to life will be minimized since a roof falling may cause casualties. So make sure you look around and recognize an open park around your area if you do not have open space near your home. Make sure you figure out the shortest way to the area and drive down atleast once or twice to figure out what time do you require to reach safely. Also, check for alternative routes which do not have too many highrise building which might be a huge risk you might take on the way.

6. Learn of the Earthquake Drill

Heard of the earthquake drill? You must now if you have not already. Drop- Cover – Hold on! Yes, that is how the earthquake drill goes. Practise the drill with your family members. Drop to your knees hold your hands at the back of your head and bend down. In the process make sure you are under a secured shelter of a desk or other such areas. Keep there till the tremor cannot be felt anymore. You will be doing a great favour to yourself and in saving your family too. Do not keep trying to run from here to there, that will make it riskier.

5. Make it easier to turn off water and gas mains

Yes, water and gas left unattended may cause the disaster to optimize and cause even more damage. Maybe the earthquake does nothing to your home but the gas you left leaking blows it away. That is the last thing you’d want, atleast that is what I believe. Make sure there is either a one main to avoid all gas and water leakages or a method that makes it easier for you to flee without risking your house. Also make sure that all flammable products like chemicals and pesticide cans are closed tightly and kept in a low shelf and are locked. This will prevent further damage to your house if an earthquake occurs.

4. Recognize the safest shelter

In case there are no open grounds in close vicinity, one should make sure that they recognize a safe shelter where they remain uninjured in the occasion of an earthquake. Though not advisable if the earthquake is of high intensity, you must recognize a table or a top that keeps you safe from injuries caused by flying objects if an earthquake happens. Make sure however that the desk is strong and the top won’t crash on your head in low intensity earthquakes.

3. Remain Informed: React Safely to the situation

Be informed of all that you require to do in case an earthquake is felt. It is better to be informed about the situation and deal with it wisely than to be taken by shock and thereby face panic attacks which may reflect on how you handle the moment. You must be well aware of the earthquake drill and also make sure that you do a head count of the family before rushing outside in the occasion of an earthquake.

2. Prepare an Emergency Bag

So you want to remain prepared for the earthquake, prepare your emergency bag. carry in it all you think you must carry with you in case you need to flee on the occasion of an earthquake. What you must pack in your emergency bag is a first aid kit , enough water to survive your family and you for a couple of day, a thin fleece blanket or shawls, some snacks and protein bar to last you a day, a few daily essentials you might need, an emergency phone with a spare battery and a pair of clothes and diapers in case you have a small baby. This bag should be kept such that it can be grabbed in a jiffy. In case you do not have any open area in close vicinity and would drive to the nearest park, keep the bag in the trunk of your car to avoid all circumstances of forgetting to carry it along. In no instance should you forget to carry a torch or a flashlight too.

1. Combat the Panic Attacks

You know what is it that effects human health more than the actual calamity? It is the panic the disaster causes. Often many times people lose life and property out of panic attacks and hyper tension. The mind tends to lose its ability to react. Maintain a cool to help yourself and others around you to survive the earthquake.

So remain safe and not sorry. You can find out more tips to survive an earthquake here.

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