How to Reinvent Yourself: 10 Best Tips

Reinventing yourself isn’t quite impossible. (It isn’t quite possible too you argue?) Well, it is most definitely more possible than it is to reinvent a light bulb which was invented centuries ago because there’s really not much you can do about reinventing that but reinventing yourself, there has to be truckloads in your bucket list. Or wait is truckloads even possible in a bucket? Ignore my banter about words and literalism because it’s taking you nowhere. Trust me on it, but reinventing yourself is sure to take you places, and a lot of them might include Paris, Milan, NYC and Monaco maybe! Or are you a French Riviera person? Yes there too, because reinventing yourself essentially means bringing across a better you, and a better you is most definitely in a better capacity of paying those bills than the old you. And you have to believe me on it, reinventing yourself has nothing to do with your pay check. That comes automatically! So here’s how you’d do best to reinvent yourself.

10. Now Or Never


The first point about reinventing yourself is to be comfortable in the idea of a reinvented skin. You need to drop the concept of slipping into another skin or another’s skin for a reinvented self. You have to remain in your own skin and alter it from within. You need to convince yourself that now is the best time to reinvent yourself into a better you. Also, post reinventing, now or never remains just as important and popular a concept. How? The first way about reinventing yourself is to let go of the laid back attitude of doing that tomorrow, day after or the next month. You’ve to be ready for the change now. It’s a now or never situation and you’ve to choose a now. It’s for both, planning to reinvent yourself and a mantra for your reinvented self to follow.

9. Be comfortable in your shoes: Convince yourself of it


You can never be comfortable in another pair of shoes till you are comfortable in your own. Alright, maybe you can if you take shoes too literally (Like Zara fits me fine, Aeropostale kills my sole). That said, you need to be comfortable in who you are and who your new reinvented self would be. You need to let go of certain habits that prevent you from reinventing and get yourself in the mindset on adapting a newer you. Your own subconscious self needs to be convinced that a reinvented you is a better you. Also, post the reinvention, you’ve to be convinced that you are not only a better person but the change in you is in no way hampering your originality as a person. Only when you’re convinced and comfortable with the idea would your new life dwell in joy.

8. Chalk out the plan- Who you want to be?


We can do without the chalk too, if you’re intolerant to the dust like I am, but my point is to plan how do you go about reinventing yourself and deciding who exactly are you going to be. And no, who you want to be is not to be answered in Keira Knightley and Matt Damon, we’ve got them already and there’s need for no more. You need to decide what about you would you retain and what is it that you’d let go. You’ve to be sure that who you are letting go is not the better part to you.

7. Never Say Die: The show must go on


You’ve been in that same skin for a decade or two or even more. Some for half a century, some for a dozen more and some maybe for a whole grand century. You’d have your share of obstacle in your quest for the reinvented self, each one of you will, trust me on it. You’ll have to hold on to a never say die attitude and it’s the best for each of us. We’ll have to fight the despair and keep the show going not only in the process of reinventing ourselves but through life as the reinvented self too. The biggest reinvention about you should be that you never fail, you only try till you succeed. Nothing ever pulls you down.

6. The Key to Bliss: Patience


If you’re patient, believe me, the tougher part of the task is done. Oh no, I didn’t at all mean if you are a patient. Keep yourselves healthy first to reinvent yourself later. That said, reinventing won’t happen overnight. It is not the English exam that you rote learned and wrote everything you know and aced with an A grade. It’s about you as an identity. You took nine months to develop to yourself in the womb and another (insert your age) years to develop into who you are today. That won’t go away in minutes. You need to be patient and tolerant of your negative attitudes and then inherit in you the new positive self you insist on being.

5. Be stiff, Be stern: Be Determined


No, I haven’t talked of it already. Maybe you’re mistaking it with never say die, but that’s on its own. Never say die is to not accept failure. Determination is to hold onto it even when you’ve succeeded. Do not be flexible with your goals. If your reinvented self has to be honest, there has to be absolutely no flexibility of even a single lie. You’ve to be determined to stick to your plan and beyond. Maybe you achieve that goal of being more patient and less temporal for a month, but so what. You’ve to be determined to stick to it through and through.

4. Be a Student, Get Mentored


No matter how old we grow, at some point in life we need advice. Maybe we are not the best people already, or maybe we are but there are better people we know and we please to be like. There have to be no qualms in accepting and confessing the admiration and seeking mentorship. A guided path is often an easier one. Do you remember how you learnt the alphabet? That’s exactly how you should learn to reinvent yourself. Give up on the idea of emulating the person, only just pick up on some qualities you believe you’d like your reinvented self to possess.

3. The time is now: It’s never too late

Never too late

You may be retired but it is not too late. It is infact never too late to learn and reinventing yourself is a process of learning to be a better you and if you’ve thought of it now, you are still not late. You are just in time for reinventing yourself to be the best the earth has. Imbibe in you the quality of believing that it’s never too late and reinventing yourself is almost partially done.

2. Learn to say that NO, Be bold


The most important step to reinventing yourself has to be to learn to speak your mind. Not anyone and everyone should have the power to manipulate how you think of the world and how you believe of yourself. Learn to say that NO, no matter how important the person asking for the favour is. You’ll reinvent yourself only when you take on to the journey as a bolder and more thoughtful you. The Braver you.

1. Be yourself, Be confident: Believe Yourself

believe yourself

Self confidence is not arrogance, and whoever tries convincing you against it, you must gift an English dictionary. Self belief has to be the most important attribute to doing absolutely anything in the big wide world. Be confident that you can cross the bridge, be confident that the new you is the better you, be confident of reinventing yourself. There’s nothing you cannot do and you must start believing in it. You’ve to know that the sky is the sky till you’re on the ground, else the sky can be your ground too. If you’re confident of it, your reinvented self will be the best thing to happen to earth.

And now that you know how to go about reinventing yourself you’ve been wondering what exact changes you need to be a reinvented self. Go over again and you’d know, if only you imbibe these characteristics in your everyday life like there’s no tomorrow, you’d be a reinvented self all by its own. Just be honest about your effort and love being the new you, the better you.

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