How to Relax and feel Better after Long Tiring Day: 12 Simple Tips

With the 24 hours that everybody has in a day, some of us try to get more work done in it than most. This means that we physically and mentally tax our body to continue expending energy in order to cope with our chaotic work life. Like any machine, the body and the brain will continue to function smoothly until it is overheated or overworked. When that happens, we must give it a rest or otherwise it will breakdown and fail to work again. It is not enough to embark on a relaxing holiday twice a year to take a break from your hectic work schedule. You must also help your mind and body relax and rejuvenate every day after work, especially after the most long and tiresome ones.

Here are a few simple ways to let your mind and body enjoy some self-time and relax after chaotic hours of work.


12. Long bath


The best way to leave work behind you is to immediately get out of your work clothes and wash out every office meeting and tension from your hair and body. If you have had a long tiring day at work, chances are that you won’t have anything to do for the rest of the night. So lay out your most comfortable pair of clothes to wear at home, light some aromatic candles or incense sticks in the house and bathroom and get into the shower or a tub  for a long relaxing cleanse. It is scientifically proven that water has a calming effect on the mind and soul; add to that the aromatherapy and you will have created the perfect environment to unwind.


11. Involve yourself in nature


Another way to include yourself in a relaxing environment is to seek it out in nature. You don’t have to go farther than your garden. Just put on the kettle and make a cosy spot in your porch or garden. Just looking around all the greenery while sipping on your tea will help you relax. If you feel enthused, you could also indulge your green thumb for a bit or walk bare feet on the grass. If you don’t have access to a garden of your own, you can go for a walk to the nearby park or beach. A cool sea breeze and the rhythmic crashing and collecting of the waves will help you empty your mind of all the problems. On a well lit night, you can lay back in the sand and watch the stars and moon as you let your mind wander away from office.


10. Unwind at the gym


Many people get antsy when they are not doing anything. So even after a long day at work, the thought of going home and putting up their feet on the couch and having nothing to do does not appeal to them. For such active bundles of energy, the soundest option to unwind would be to hit the gym after work. It might seem like a bad idea to involve yourself in more physical activity when you are tired, but we are not asking you to go for a whole body workout regime. Maybe just spend half an hour on the treadmill or run a route around the neighbourhood. Any physical exercise will release endorphins and help you feel happier and energetic after a long day. This is especially needed if you have a social occasion to attend later in the evening or a family that wants to engage your attention afterwards.


9. Get off the grid


No matter how you choose to unwind, the first thing you do as you step out of office and drive home is turn off your work phone. Refuse to take any calls from your bosses or clients or bring your work home on your laptop and emails. This just means that you will keep thinking about work even out of office. After you have put in most of your energy into office that day, you deserve to save some for yourself and your family. So no matter what unpleasantness ensues, detach yourself from work and don’t feel guilty about it.


8. Feed yourself


If your work day has been full of meetings and running around, you will probably not have had time to eat, or eat till you are full. When you get back home, make sure you satiate your hunger. A hungry mind is an angry mind. So don’t try to appease it with cold leftovers or unappetizing cereal food. Indulge your taste buds in your favourite meals that are filling and energizing, such as chocolates or icecream. If you don’t feel like cooking, order your favourite take-away. A good meal will replenish your calorie supply and help you get ready for another day. You will also probably sleep better on a full stomach.


7. Seek company

Happy Family-2

Company is underrated. Most people assume that they would like to be alone at home, especially if they are very tired. But there is nothing more relaxing than walking in to the lovely smiles on your family’s faces because it tells you that there are people who are always happy to see you. Nurture their company. Spend some time asking about their day and talking about yours. Give them a hug that lasts for more than 20 seconds. It has been scientifically proven that longer hugs calm your mind and make it feel safe. If you don’t have a family staying with you, go out with your friends. Throw back a few pints and don’t talk about work. You will it easier to get your mind off how tired you are if you concentrate on other people and their lives.


6. Read a book

Sometimes the best way to escape the chaos in your world is to slip into another. So after you have had a shower and changed into your comfy pajamas, pick up a book that you really enjoy or are looking forward to reading and settle into a comfortable nook and begin. If you are not an avid reader, you might want to opt for the tv-series or movie option on your laptop or television. It is easy to be less involved mentally even though you register and enjoy everything that is happening on screen.


5. Relax with music


Hearing is one of the senses that have a direct effect on the way you are feeling. So if you want to relax, dissociate yourself from noise. If you live in a noisy household, move to another room or outside of your house to seek some peace and quiet. Alternatively, you can plug in some headphones or put on the speakers and play some soothing classical music or chants. It is advisable to stay away from rock and other such loud genres of music as the loud sounds might only aggravate you and give you a headache.


4. Meditate


Blank your mind. You don’t have to attend a yoga class or sit in any particular posture to meditate. You can meditate in the environment and position that you find most comfortable. You might like to dim the lights, lie down in a comfortable position and slowly relieve your mind of thoughts. You can not consciously control what thoughts come to you, so the best way is to let them flow till they natural take you to another level of peace. You can also have some chants or music in the background to assist you in the process.


3. Enjoy a glass of wine


As much is said about the ill-effects of drinking, there is nothing that relaxes you quicker than a good glass of wine, or any other drink of your choice. It will help you feel light and sleep better. Remember to keep your consumption to a minimum for the night, as it is easy to get carried away into finishing the whole bottle when you are feeling tired and this could be harmful to your health.


2. Sleep tight


After a long day, the best way to restore your energy is to go to sleep early and sleep long. When you come home, immediately prepare your bed before you step into the shower. If you like to sleep in a warm bed, put a hot water bottle in between your sheets and turn up the heat in your room. If you like to sleep in a cool environment, switch on the air conditioner to let your room cool down. Add some scented candles or incense to help you relax better.


1. Get a massage


There is nothing like a good massage to help ease the knots and tension in your muscles. If you are expecting to have a hectic day, make sure to book an appointment at the spa after or ask your partner if they would be willing to pamper you a bit when you got home. For this reason, keep a massage oils kit handy at home with some extra towels. If none of these two options work out, buy yourself a massaging chair or a heat pad to self-help your muscles and tissues to relax.


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  • This is a really good, well written article with some really useful tips. I love heading straight to the gym after work to put a full stop on the day and get some endorphins flowing. About a year ago I started meditating first thing every morning. It took a while to get into but now I agree that I feel all the better for it. Just a bit calmer overall about life. I’ve never done it in the evening I’ll have to give it a try. I’m not sure I agree about wine but some people might find it useful. I always find I sleep badly even after a one glass.

    I wrote an article on my site ( and linked through to this article from it as I’m sure my readers will find it useful.