How to Stop Hiccups: 10 Natural Quick Cures that Work

How many of you have been embarrassed in most serious occasions with the sudden visit that the hiccups decide to give? I bet it has to be the most memorable incident of your life that you’ve constantly been trying to forget. Okay, I have this little secret to share, I got this friend who suddenly gets hiccupping atleast once when she’s on a day out with her boyfriend, and boy does she feel embarrassed? She has cut down on meeting him entirely, like that would help the next time they met.

Hiccups are actually reflex, or maybe a little more that happens to your body when the vagus nerve or one of its branches gets disturbed. This nerve runs from your brain to your abdomen. No wonder hiccups happen mostly because of digestive disturbances, including eating too much or too fast. They can however be uncomfortable too, forget embarrassing. But you have some refuge here, hiccups are nothing you cannot treat. All you need are certain kitchen ingredients or maybe not even those. Now you know why home remedies have it best? You need no resources at hand and you still get it handled.

10. Drink water: Don’t just have it in huge sips


This one you’ve been told every time you’ve been suffering hiccups in front of all those elders who are the know all medical practitioners. Sipping water at a slow pace, but sipping continuously can often help ease hiccups. Swallowing water eases and relaxed the nerves thus interrupting the entire process of hiccups and the discomfort. Had too much water already? Or your stomach is too full, try gargling with moderately cold water. Most chances are that you would feel better.

9. Hold your breath: Get to breathe better


Have the hiccups been taking your breath away? Surprisingly enough, a great way to get your breath back is to hold it for a moment. Your body almost immediately faces a lack of oxygen which takes up more attention than the hiccups do. Also, when you hold the nostrils closed and exert all pressure as you would to exhale, the air is most likely to compress the nerves in your head helping you ease down loads on the hiccups. Hold the breathe till you can hold it no longer and repeat till you see the hiccups go away. I meant feel. Same thing.

8. Don’t overeat: Pretty please?


It might be triple hot chocolate fudge, or crazy double cream double cheese pasta, eat just as much as your stomach can accommodate without being inflated like a balloon. You might love the taste but you will hate the hiccups it’s going to give. Heartburn and stuff are all other stories altogether. Every time you plan on having that extra slice of cake, remember there’s someone who might need the food more than you and pass it on. Most people, even when they are getting hiccups already, tend to overeat. What then do you think will happen?

7. Honey, please pass the honey?


Oh yes honey, please do that. Mix and stir one teaspoon of honey into a small quantity of water. Make sure that the honey gets dissolved. Sip the mixture and hold it at the back of your tongue and then swallow. Honey is a wonder food, or a wonder thing to happen to mankind. Honey can potentially tickle your vagus nerve and help ease the hiccups. No honey? Try a spoon of peanut butter. You’ll get so involved with chewing and getting your teeth clean that you won’t know where the hiccups went.

6. Bag it please: And throw away the baggage


Now this one has been a major rage when it comes to natural cures or home remedies for hiccups. This one is almost similar to the holding your breathe process, just that it can ease more intense hiccup attacks. Yeah, that’s what I choose to call them, they trouble no less. All you got to do is to breathe in and out of a brown paper bag. What it does is to increase the levels of carbon dioxide in your bloodstream which automatically makes your body preoccupied in handling the issue at hand. Thus the body is almost so involved in supplying for essential oxygen to prevent choking that you won’t realize when the hiccups are gone, but they sure would be gone.

5. Swallow an antacid; Just not always

Antacid Tablets

If the hiccups have had the better of you and just won’t go away for the longest time now, you might want to go for over the counter drug like an antacid. Make sure however that your choice of antacid has major magnesium content, or you’d plain be popping tablets that will do more harm than good to your body. The antacids composed of magnesium are most effective in curbing hiccups. A possible reason can be that the mineral is responsible for decreasing the irritation felt and would thereby ease the nerves. Usually one tablet is enough, but on occasions you might just have to take two.

4. Sweet it up: Sugar coat

sugar for hiccups

Please don’t tell me you have not heard of this remedy already? No? You must then be living in an oblivious world then. Alright then, overloading your nerve ends with something sweet may help calm the hiccups. Doesn’t sugar coating help with everything ever? The messed up relationship or the more discomforting hiccups. All you need to do is to take a heaped teaspoon of sugar (crystal or powdered) and place it at the back of your tongue. Remember the tongue map you learnt in your biology class? Yes, the same area responsible for responding to the sour taste. This is sure to give the punch that you need to ease the hiccups.

3. Hear no evil and make the evil go away

close ears

A point I might have missed to tell is that the vagus nerve also has certain endings in your auditory system and thus if you just go by the philosophy of hearing no evil by blocking your ears with your fingertips, you might be doing yourself a favour. Fingertips is important since earplugs won’t create the same pressure on the nerves. Make sure though that you do not dig your fingers too deep into your ear and give injuries to yourself. The hiccups are not worth the price.

2. Tickle you crazy: Just in the ticklish spots


Tickling slightly on the nerve ending on the palate in your mouth with cotton swabs. Tickling on the nerve endings often creates irritating sensations which later help ease the pre existing irritation on your nerves. Also, if you are ticklish, maybe your friends can get delight in tickling you at your ticklish spots and by the time you’re done laughing or whatever, chances are that your hiccups will be gone for good. Disturbing other nerves or body organs, to remove your attention from the hiccups is almost always a good idea to get rid of them.

1. Get scared: Just do it naturally though

get scared

The best and most effective remedy to cure hiccups at home is the shock therapy. The shock however has to come as almost natural to give that adrenalin rush. Getting scared suddenly by a sudden voice or appearance of a terrifying make up, or maybe just a quick shock while driving, nothing that proves dangerous can be of great help. The scare or shock tend to set all the nerves right for you tend to be more nervous about what is to happen next.

So have you said your goodbye to the hiccups yet?

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