How to Stop Sneezing Quickly: 10 Simple Natural Tips

Don’t you just hate those long fits of Achoos? Aren’t you frustrated when trying to keep your eyes open while sneezing uncontrollably, an impossible task of defying the nature? And obviously the grave dilemma you face when sneezing fits are on their way but you find that you are out of tissues.

How to Stop Sneezing Quickly: 10 Simple Natural Tips

As irritating as sneezing is, it is an involuntary action, a defense mechanism of the body which you have no control over. There are various factors other than common cold which causes sneezing. There are numerous myths attached to various mythologies and cultures to sneezing but that’s they all are – myths.

Sneezing, even though a perfectly natural phenomenon, can be irritating as well as embarrassing while sitting in a silent class or talking in an official meeting. I like to have little tricks in my bag that can help me avoid these conflicting situations and here are the best 10 tricks out of that bag which can help you stop sneezing in a matter of few seconds.

  1. Use the Ginger Remedy

This is one of those natural remedies that is passed down from generations, the one taught to you by your mother, who learned it from her mother and so on. To make use of this trick, all you have to do is take some honey in a tablespoon and put some ginger and a pinch of Cinnamon in it.

After having a spoonful of this sweet ginger paste, your throat will feel instant relief and a daily dose of this will help you battle all the sneeze fits, cough, and itchy throat.

  1. Drink loads of liquid

Sneezing is caused due to irritants, different people have different triggers – pollens, dust, flowers, pepper, even chocolates can act as a trigger for some. To subside a sneezing spell, staying hydrated and drinking hot drinks can prove to be beneficial.

Fennel tea and Chamomile tea are especially effective in stopping the unwanted fits. The antibiotic properties of the tea seeds help you instantly, especially, if those spells are caused due to allergies or a bad throat. If you add honey to these drinks, the taste and effect, both, can be improved.

  1. Stretch your fingers

Distraction is one way to immediately cease a building sneeze attack. Distracting yourself with your fingers has proven to help avoid sneezes in a matter of 4 or 5 seconds. You can stretch your fingers.

Or, you can use your thumb, stretch it away from the rest of your fingers, and pinch the stretched area to create a distraction and avoid any building sneezes.

  1. Put pressure on your ears

A little tickle will help your mind to be distracted enough to subside a sneezing spell. Putting light pressure on your earlobes or wiggling them can help you avoid sneeze fits. In a public place, if you try to stifle a sneeze, you can easily pretend to play with your ears.

  1. Grab between your eyebrows

Grabbing the spot between our eyebrows is rather common when trying to relieve a headache. A pressure point, this can be an effective solution in case of sneezing too. Grabbing the spot with enough pressure is the key to stop a fit.

For some, making an angry face also works. You simply use your muscles to put on your best angry face, clenching your teeth together while trying to stick out your tongue. It will do the work but it might be a little tricky to pull off in a public place.

  1. Pinch your upper lip

Sneezing is an external reflex. A reflex caused by the brain to eliminate bacteria or any unwanted particles from our nose. It is not a serious problem and thus trying to stop doesn’t affect our body in any harmful way.

To stop a sneeze for the time being you can try pinching your upper lip. The distraction rule applies here too. By pinching the upper lip lightly with your fingers and pressing it towards your nostrils, you can create the perfect diversion and avoid the embarrassing situation in just 3-4 seconds.

  1. Blow your nose

The brain rejects any virus or irritants like dust particles, this resistance comes out in form of a sneeze. So, the best way to avoid it is to keep your nose clean. With no outside particles in your nose, there won’t be any urge to sneeze it away. In case, you feel a sneeze coming, try to avoid it by blowing your nose, blowing out any external germs or irritant in the process.

The cleaner the environment is the better you could avoid any allergies or pollutants that cause a sneezing fit.

  1. Pinch your nose

An effective trick that will help you avoid a sneezing fit is squeezing your nose. With the help of your fingers, try to squeeze right above the tip of your nose, simply stretching out the cartilage, such that you press your nose away from your face.

The movement should not be painful but a simple stretching sensation should do the needful. Pinching right under your bone of the bridge of your nose can also help you stop the building spell. It will put pressure on one of the nerves involved in forming a sneeze.

  1. Use your tongue

Using the tip of your tongue try to tickle the roof of your mouth. In few seconds, you will feel the sneezing sensation leaving until there are no sneezes left.

Another way to dissipate a sneeze is to press your tongue hard where your alveolar ridge meets the roof of your mouth. The tongue movement will help you ignore the urge to sneeze.

  1. Use Black Cumin

Black cumin or black seeds are available easily online or in an Herb/ Spice shop. It is used quite commonly in various Middle Eastern households. To avoid the sneezing, take a spoonful of these seeds, wrap them up in cloth, and grind them a little to make it powder-like. Hold the cloth next to your nose and inhale it. The sneezing fit would clear up instantly.

You can use the seeds as a spice in your food too. The seeds are beneficial for your health and will even help you with respiratory issues. There are citrus fruits and some herbs that will help you with any such issues, if you consume them regularly like – Tulsi, Amla, Fenugreek seeds, Garlic and so.

So, here is the complete list for you to distract your mind that will help you avoid those sneeze spells that keep going on for minutes and minutes. Try a few yourself the next time you feel those fits building up and avoid any awkward situation!


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