Mood Swings : 7 ways to control them

Talk to me of mood swings and maybe I’d break your head. Oh yes, I am completely capable of it even if you thought I was in a good mood like 30 seconds back. Yeah, those mood swings which you believe are a woman’s territory during “that time of her month.” Alright, I might be in my PMS phase, and that does give me the license to scream on Mr. Boyfriend if he dare miss the first ring of my call, but sorry, you’re being a sexist by judging that men don’t have mood swings. Hell yes they do, like almost the cravings of a pregnant woman, oh actually, even she’d be more considerate of the time and people. If only men understood. That said, mood swings are basically a signifier of messed up hormones or simply a license of behaving cranky and blaming it on your body function. Just tell these people that mood swings are more linked to your stress, anxiety, hunger and lack of sleep than anything else. Nevertheless, trust me girlies, you get the edge over mood swings, the simple girl license to it. But be on the side being exploited with those mood swings and you’d almost start pitying yourself and then every person who has borne the brunt of your mood swings. So here is how you control your mood swings.


7. Off unhealthy habits: No alcohol or drugs

Do you know that the overdose of wine last night may be taking its toll on your moods? Or maybe it is some drugs, perhaps even prescription medicine that is causing you to alternate moods faster than ever? Alcohol tends to numb your brain slightly thereby increasing the level of irritability in your personality. Infact, being on drugs too can impact how you deal with life. You might be relaxed initially but they might lead you to be restless and hence cause you to be a mood swinger as such. So go easy on the alcohol and drugs, and chances are you’d see your mood swings disappear.

6. Go low on coffee: Limit caffeine

Oh yes that. Caffeine causes you to lose out on sleep. One reason why your body just won’t permit you to function on routine and cause excessive mood swings. Caffeine also plays as such with your body function to make you anxious as such. Heard how coffee helps raise your blood pressure? Yes, so maybe that anxiousness is highly responsible for making you so irritable and well, just not satisfied with whatever.

5. Get rid of puffy eyes: Get enough sleep

And now you know already what sleeping less is doing to you. Don’t you? And that being even after you are sleepy and being sleep deprived… god help you, and more so others. sleeping less often makes your body function in a lethargic manner, and well, when you are not comfortable in your body, you’d possibly be trying everything that works to lend some comfort. So get enough sleep, by enough I mean a minimum of eight hours of undisturbed sleep. And maybe then it is a permanent goodbye to the mood swings. Yes, the hormonal mood swings too.

4. Entertaining much? Distract yourself

Been fiddling all day with trying to figure out what exactly are you waiting for at this point of time? Have you practically said this one moment and meant that the other? Probably you are bitten by the mood swing bug which troubles others as much as it has been troubling you. So what do you do about it? Distract yourself from how you feel. Catch a movie with a large bowl of cheese popcorn or just go watch some sport. Or maybe just go for a stroll in the park and there you can go on observing the scenic beauty but simply by pleasing your taste, you would pretty much be doing a favour on your moods.

3. Eat well, live well: Well balanced nutritional diet

A major cause for even the hormonal mood swings is to lack some mineral or vitamin in your diet. You may not exactly understand the cause of your mood swings, but it is essentially important to consume a well balanced and nutritional diet to remain satiated hunger wise and otherwise. Also, please drink enough water, just minus the added sugars and you’ll see how satiated you are. Starvation causes more mood swings than anything else.. just telling in case you were on a diet and didn’t know why have you been feeling so crappy all day long. Me too. My sympathies.

2. Sweat it out: Exercise to happiness

Yes please. Your body is probably dwelling in an anxious and depressed mood and in its quest to overcome that, it has been on a mood swing spree. You know how the kids like ice-creams to forget the pain of being vaccinated? Similarly, you may want to exercise atleast 30 minutes to get your body working to produce endorphins or the happy chemicals that bring joy and eliminate the stress hormone cortisol. So now you know why the ever angry men in the films are seen walking side to side in such anxiousness? Maybe to give some relief to their heads. Just guessing.

1. Get yourself busy: Find a hobby

There’s nothing better than doing this, since in your quest to get rid of your mood swings, you are being creative or productive or both. In the least, you are not wasting your time doing nothing atleast. An art class, craft class, yoga, sports or zumba, find anything that interests you and keeps you busy. You’d not know when and how you learn something so well. Be it to sew or to bead, to rise a horse or to simply collect stickers. And well, maybe it helps you discover your hobby too. Who knows.

So it’s basically that an empty mind is mostly the dwelling of mood swings, now you know what you need to do to control them. Dont you?

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