Negative Thinking and Negative Thoughts: 10 Tips to Overcome

Be like a sunflower and Bloom in the sunshine. One should not delve in their negative thoughts. It would take only one thought, only one positive thought to outshine all the negative thoughts one have running in the mind. As Helen Keller said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” Consider negative thoughts as a black hole, an endless mass of vacuum, consuming everything and leaving behind destruction. They have power to drain your energy and leave you in pain. Negative thoughts have the tendency to play on and on like a broken record in your mind that keep you away from present. But as we all know that negative thinking will not get us anywhere, so here are 10 ways to overcome negative thoughts and stop negative thinking.

10. Positive vibes all around.

When one is going down a negative spiral of thoughts, what help the most are positive people.  They have a way to make everyone else around them feel good about themselves. You should surround yourself with people who are capable to criticize you but not demoralize you. Positive vibes can also be absorbed by reading positive quotes. After all what you read is how you reflect and how your mind process things.

9. Don’t victimize yourself.

They say we are the victims of our choices. One should learn to take power rather than give it. We often think that a situation has left us powerless but more than often it is not true. If we could just stop victimizing ourselves and look at the situation in hand with a neutral outlook, we are bound to find answers.  They key is to let go of the negative and to remember that even the bad experiences have something to teach us. They are experiences after all- learn from them rather than drown in them. Learn to take responsibility of your actions.

8. No-one’s a Perfectionist.

Stop trying to make everything perfect. Not everything needs to go as planned. try and live some surprises. Stop expecting and planning every little detail of your life. Keep your focus on your goal and not every little detail of your path. In the end everything will pan out if you stop stressing about everything and keep your negative thoughts at bay. What helps is less expectations which mean less disappointment when the result comes out, so no concrete path for negative thoughts to roam in your mind. Don’t delve in the past let yourself move forward.

7. Question negative thoughts.

Think why you are having these negative thoughts. Don’t let your vague and immaterial fears drag you down. Little by little try to change your thought process from negative to positive. For example, when you think ,”I am going to have a Hard time adjusting away from home. Will I be alright?” rather you should think,”I am going to try my best to adjust away from home and make the best out of this challenge”. It is all in the way we make our brain think about a situation. When you learn to question your negative thoughts, you would slowing reach their roots and then you could overcome them. It is a time taking process but totally worth it.

6. Redecorate your surroundings.

Our surroundings influence our thinking. That is the reason when your mom says to make your bed in the morning, it is to get rid off the negative vibes. Ever wondered why your mother keeps stressing to keep your room clean? For this same reason only. All the times that she has scolded you of untidiness or your scrambled room, now you know she was only trying to bring positive energy in your life.

Also one must try to determine the objects or person who spread negative energy in your life. List them down and formulate ways to minimize or curtail all communication with the negative vibes. Take smaller steps with a thing at a time. No need to be all instantaneous. A step at a time; a day as you live.

5. Not everything needs to be maximized.

A main reason why we younger generation is the prey of negative thoughts is that we make a mountain of a molehill. And in towards the end every situation somehow points to our bad. for example, you failed a subject. Now this is not the end of the world. Buckle up and go excellent next time. It’s not good to just delve in past meaninglessly. And the trait in us to make a mountain out of every thing means that a small negative thoughts becomes a giant black-hole, ready to eat you alive. To avoid being in this situation, just confront the thought at an initial stage. Thinking how to do it? Simple. Change your thought process.

4. Don’t shut yourself.

It is a common thing we unconsciously do- NOT TALKING TO ANYONE. When we are in trouble or depressed, we just keep shut about it. I warn you- DO NOT DO THIS STUPIDITY. When we don’t talk to anyone about what is going on in our head then we tend to loose focus on the problem and have a one tracked mind. Talk to your friends or family or any person with whom you could share your thought process with. However, according to me the best person to talk to are either of your grandparents. This is because the grandparents have the most amazing outlook on life and they have far vast bundle of experience and have faced similar problem like you some time or the other.

3. Make a positive list and smile.

If you think that nothing is right in your life then stop a minute and think. For example, make your mind free of any thought process, make it a void. Then slowly breathe in and remember the last time you had a smile on your face. Then remember the source of the smile, however short it may have been or on how trivial thing the smile had occurred, doesn’t matter; only the smile does. Now slowly open your eyes and write down the reason and any other thing that relates to any happy moment. Write down things or people or music, anything that makes you happy. How long did the list went? At least a page minimum. This right here is your positive list. So the next time you want to say nothing is right in your life; remember something is right. This list, this is right and positive in your life. So do good and keep on adding in the list. Be grateful and don’t forget to include your good health, parents and friends in your list.

2. Sing, dance and smile.

They say only negative people are bad singers and dancers. Singing is a great stress reliever. One does not need to remember the lyrics or moves. However, what you must remember is to have a good time. When we sing and dance, it in a way expresses our feelings. And that expression of feelings leads to a smiling face. And a smile on a day keeps the negative thoughts away. If you don’t prefer dancing or singing, then fear not, there is another way. Go in front of a mirror and smile, or practice to smile. Take it as an exercise- 10 smile per day. After a stressful day, when you come home and are in your room smile in front of the mirror. See that beautiful face lit up like a Christmas tree.

1. Meditate.

Join a yoga class. It would help you meditate and take your focus away from your problem and keep it on your breathing pattern. Many consider yoga as a relaxing exercise meant to keep the brain at ease. It is very important to stay in the present and the best way to do so is meditate. One must not keep thinking about what could happen rather should keep their focus on the present- now.Whatever it is, it is now. So, bing out your mats and yoga pants. Lets beat negativity.

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