Pisces Sun Sign: Top 10 Characteristics & Personality Traits

If you’re like me and unlike other don’t believe that most horoscopes are horror-scopes (though some inevitably are), or maybe if you are a nerd only for Linda Goodman and you’ll every page of the book you’re probably obsessed with your sun sign and what it has to say about you. If your birthdate falls between February 19th and March 20th, I pity the internet for how much you’ve exploited it to discover who you are, or who your sun sign wants you to be. Please don’t give me that look; you know there can be pages written about your inquisitiveness. Oh wait! You didn’t? Well then my dear Pisces friend, here how you are. Alright about your breaking myths and barriers but read coherently and you’ll discover that you have elements of each one of these traits in your basic personality. You don’t? Ask your parents to stop lying about your birth date like it’s the most compulsive secret to keep.

10. Spin The Yarn: Imagination


Need Help with imagining something out of the world? Get in contact with a Piscean. Chances are they’ll not only imagine an entire far-fetched world around the idea but will also start believing in it. The imagination would be one of its kind, maybe even building a house in space (that’s whacky though). All in all, Pisceans are blessed with abundant creativity and imagination and they dwell in their creativity. So the yarn spins quite impressively, doesn’t it?

9. Feel the compassion: Kind and gentle


Pisceans are affectionate like its second skin to them, and compassionate like the third. They’d hardly ever be shrewd or can express their disagreement clearly, and this habit is often misunderstood as a pompous held up personality too. But Pisceans by birth are kind and caring. They’d give your arms to make sure you are comfortable. They are obsessive to the idea of courtesy and are hence favourite among people. However, being less sociable they are sure not the most important people at a gathering

8. Feel the Air: Over Sensitive


Pisceans are caring, compassionate and affectionate and are hence expecting too, for maybe a meagre half of what they give. And when they don’t receive it, heaven help them overcome their inherent insecurities. They are over-sensitive to the extent of analysing every word a person said and then they spin a yarn of what the person feels of them. Where lays the problem? The problem is this that since they do not express their disagreement honestly, they expect others to do so too. In their process of working out who feels what, they often end up hurting themselves by portraying their own image in negative night. Oh yes Heaven help them, that’s what I said.

7. Let me Sleep: Lazy and Laid back


Pisceans spin the yarn quickly and well, they have in them to make you believe in their world of imagination and creativity, but you know the flip side? Pisceans are more often than not extremely lazy and laid back. They’ll never make an effort to turn their imagination to reality. They are hardly interested in changes and evolutions. Why else don’t we wish for all Pisceans to be scientists (the inventions would have been mind boggling)? Alright, so the Pisceans can be the thinkers, and the others the believers, implementers and action takers because Pisceans will hardly ever want to be any of those.

6. Not me, Please? : Pessimistic Over-thinkers


Pisceans might be blessed with unparalleled imagining skills but know what oversensitivity does to people? It makes their brain and heart and every other organ work over time. They’d think what isn’t and keep playing the ‘If only’ game in their minds. They are pessimistic and would always believe everything’s going to go wrong and when it’s with them in negative light, they’ll believe it like it’s the ultimate truth. Some sadistic pleasure in there? Well, that only a Piscean can answer. You might just want to keep your plans under wraps till explored and implemented. Or if you need to be discouraged with how it will work, talk to a Piscean.

5. Yes, though I love it- you can have it: Selflessness


The affectionate side to Pisceans borders onto Selflessness. Selflessness ain’t bad, but being selfless to the point of being mocked at and criticized for it? I won’t advocate any of that feeling of selflessness. Most Pisceans happen to take actions in their selflessness which later lead them to be branded at selfish. So much for selflessness? Pisceans will give their arms for those they love, so be sure to be in their favoured lists, don’t ask for their arms though- You have your own.

4. Oh Wait! There’s a Problem- I need to run: Escapist


Misunderstandings all around? Never rely on a Piscean to get them sorted. A Piscean will never ever face any problem or admit to anything anyone said. Pisceans mostly play diplomats in such situations and they want to topple out of those. Pisceans are inherently Escapists because they hold a belief that confrontations will end up putting them on the hate list of many, and of how affectionately demanding they are, they will never let that happen. They’d escape not just explanations and confrontations but also other impending problems will they doom on them like there’s no tomorrow. Too much of running around, I assume Pisceans are never overweight.

3. Oh no, it’s pricking me mad but I’m good: Adjusting and adaptable

Time to Adapt

Pisceans are just as comfortable in a manger as in a castle. They will adapt to most companies and people. Pisceans are mostly adjusting and adaptable. They won’t have long demands to keep up with. They are materialistically self-dependent and will rely on you for their basic needs of love and care. You take care of that and Pisceans will be easy people to live with even in inadaptable conditions. Who doesn’t want a friend as adjusting as that?

2. Heaven Help my poor little soul: Self-Pitying

self pity

Alright so, Pisceans might live with you for days at no end in a manger where adjusting is tough but they’ll always be self- pitying about the entire situation. Pisceans are over thinkers and oversensitive over thinkers keep feeling bad for themselves every now and then. What is worse is they’ll be very expressive about it too. And that can get frustrating (Don’t shove that towel down their throat to keep them quiet, they’ll pity themselves for that too. The best way out is to listen to all their laments or maybe just pretend that you’re listening even if you have earplugs on. They won’t really require you to talk, they only be convincing themselves that ‘Yeah its bad, but I’ll manage.’ Wonder how? Me too. How can you convince yourself like that. Like really? But that’s a Piscean. Remember the times they pitied you too.

1. The Three ‘In’s: Intuitive, Indecisive and Introverts


Pisceans have a strong gut feeling. (Beware: Your Piscean friend might know of your future- take warnings seriously). Pisceans have a very strong intuition of events and in general of life and a sneak peek into what you don’t need to know ain’t always good. It has their brain run overtime and makes them highly unpredictable and indecisive. One moment they’d decide on it, and the other they’ll back out. Pisceans are born victors and they’re mighty scared of rejection and any gut feeling of being disappointed, they’d be the first to run. This indecisiveness without reasoning is often mystical and leads people to believe that their Piscean friends are starting to part ways after all. But it’s just them, Pisceans are born introverts and they’d never tell you they had an intuition about something. They’ll believe they’d be mocked at and be branded insane. It is just a Piscean to be unpredictable, indecisive, Intuitional and Introvert. Too many in’s there, wish there were outs too- maybe only an outlet to vent their inner emotions.

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