Top 10 Reasons to be an Atheist

Does God Exist? This question has been stirring the entire population of earth, for the last few decades.
We have been raised in a society, where the belief of god was instilled in us, before we could even walk. But, the existence of god in modern days, has been shrouded in clouds of doubt. The doubt has arisen due to the rising consciousness among people, and the growing literacy rates. With all the atrocities happening all over the world, in the name of god, the questions relating to the existence of god, may provide a healthy society to live in, in the near future. In recent days, many people do not believe in the existence of god, and there are good reasons behind it. If you are a firm believer in god and call for god every time you need something, here are 10 reasons that may cause a transformation in you, and you may end up becoming an Atheist.

10.Whatever Religion Taught us, are wrong

Our society has been indoctrinated with the belief in god, which has been integrated and has become an integral part of us since centuries. We have been raised with the belief’s, that sun and moon rise and set due to religious reasons. Even, the origination of thunder and lightning were mutilated and was said as an action of god. By pondering over the history of the world, we can acknowledge how Religion has replaced natural explanations for supernatural explanation. Through the ages, we have been made to believe stupidities relating to god and religion, by the religious clergies, and we have believed that.
The first strike on the religious concepts, was stroked by Copernicus, a 15th-century mathematician and astronomer, who formulated the modern model of Solar System. Thereby, observing the world more carefully gave rise to different explanations to natural things, and thereby replacing those supernatural beliefs once formulated, with natural scientific explanations.

Think about it, guys? All you have ever seen, ever experienced in your life, is purely physical and can be explained by scientific activities. So, Why God?

9.Why is God quiet after seeing the atrocities in today’s world?

For the sake of argument, let us believe that God exist. For centuries, there has been horrifying things, happening to our world, and is continuing still now. In every religion it has been said, that God has created the world. If god has created the world, why does not he stop the dreadful from happening. Why does not he save us from the horrifying things that has been happening to people all over the world. People pray, in the midst of these horrifying incidents, to catch the attention of god, but god? Nah! He doesn’t care!
Today, Terrorism is on the flow. Atrocities are done in the name of god. Humanity has been destructed in the Islamic States. Where is God? Can’t he punish the perpetrators? No, because he does not exist.

We were said that, Bible and other religious books like Gita, Quran were written by the god themselves on their teachings. But, the more logical thing to believe standing in the midst of the religious turmoil today, is that, those books were actually written by Stone Age or Iron Age fishermen, who was trying to see the world from a different perspective.

8.People do not read the Religious Texts

How many of you have read the Bible, or the Gita or the Quran? Maybe some of you. But, 90% of you haven’t. Those of you who have read the scripts, flipping the page around doesn’t mean that you have read it. Nobody reads the bible anymore. In fact, there are not so many people around, who have actually read the bible. Aside, from being ridiculous, the bible and all the other religious scripts are pretty boring. If you are an atheist, read the bible. If you are not an atheist, read the bible, because that is the best way that you can be an atheist. Because, the bible is filled with hilarious stories, and none of that makes sense. In the (2 Kings 2:23-24) it is written that, God sent 2 wild bears, to maul children’s, just because they called a guy ‘bald’. I mean, what is this? Is this a movie like the Revenant? If god has created this world, then why would he send two wild animals, to kill children? This act is not even acceptable in the real world. That guy should be jailed!
So, God doesn’t exist!

7.We are born Atheists

I was born in 25th December, 1995. When I was born, nobody knew if I was a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian. Just because, my family is Hindu, I also am a Hindu. We are born Atheist but our religion is based on my family, not on the truth. Even, when I was in my cradle, I was taught to worship god by the form of ‘Namaste’, which is again not my choice.
The assignment of Religion in our society depends on three things,

  • Family that I am born in.
  • Era that I live in.

If you are born in U.S, say in the year of 1970, in a Christian family, you are assigned Christianity. A man who was born in the year 1950, in Tibet, will be an avid worshipper of Dalai Lama, because his parents taught him so.

6.We made God a Reality

I love religious textbooks. You know why? Because they are filled with sarcasms. Genesis 1:27 says, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” How ridiculous is this! If God has made mankind in his own image, therefore we are god. Therefore, we do not need to pray god, but instead we need to see him as our own, a human.

When, fire was first invented, Human started praying fire, for the purpose it serves. As the days evolved, mankind invented different basic things, and started praying them, just for the purpose they serve, and therefore God emerged. We made god, in our own image, for self-gratification. Creating a god, out of things which helped them, inspired them to explain the unknown. Like, the transformation from day to night. As ages went by, God became a part of our life, and we shaped gods to meet our needs.

As Frederik Nietzsche said “Is man merely a mistake of God’s? Or God merely a mistake of man?”

5.Origin of Religion

Somebody invented Religion, right? What was going on in his head, when he invented religion out of nothing? Maybe he looked at the sky and thought “The mad who made the sky, is much more powerful than I am,”, and Religion originated from there. God made the world, it is one of the basic proposition of every religion. But, then, we know the Big Bang Theory. Now, don’t tell me, you don’t believe in the Big Bang Theory.
When I was a child, I used to justify some of the things which I didn’t know as “An act of God”. But, when I started reading books and became more educated (not so much), I started realizing the actual answers of those unanswered questions. Science provides you evidence, and Religion provides you with proposition from a book, which has been written thousands of years’ ago. Give it a thought!

4.Human do not need God

Ever since the evolution of Science, from the mid-15th century, Religion has been waging a war against Science and is losing every time they war. Human Understanding has enhanced, over the last few centuries, and therefore God has further moved apart from our neurons.
Human Beings inability to answer questions about the universe led to the evolution of God. Today, Human Beings ability to answer questions, with the help of science, is slowly leading to the abolition of god.
We don’t need god. Today, we know how the universe was created. The Big Bang. So, what was God’s role? We know, that it all started with a small inflation, and for 13 billion years it has expanded, to form what we know today as the universe. Was God sitting there, and watching the evolution? There have been no supernatural activities involved in the Big Bang, and therefore God has no role in it!


Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?

Epicurus (c. 341 – c. 270 BC)

This question was asked by Epicurus centuries ago and is yet to be answered by the religious clergies. In every religion, God has promised his sons (Us, the humans), that he will take care of us, and will provide us justice. Justice does not mean, the horrible death and suffering around the globe.
Many religious fanatics, who profusely believe in god, say that “God has given us free will. If we do evil with free will, then it is ours, and not god’s”. This comment is as much idiotic as it can get.

  • We are supposedly God’s Children. He should protect us in everything. My father, will not leave me in the jungle, just because I wanted to go to a jungle.
  • A little girl is roaming in his neighborhood. She was molested, raped. Is it her free will?

Today, millions of children are starving and is suffering from different diseases. Is it their free will?

We cannot define evil, by just saying, that Humans are free-willed, and therefore God has no responsibility for us.
A more logical explanation is, God doesn’t exist, and you have been believing in nothing.

2.Hell and Heaven

Really? When I die, it will depend on my life mark sheet, that if I will get to heaven or hell. How does it matter? I will be dead then.
The concept of Heaven and Hell is one of the most troubling concepts of every religion. Hell stroke great fear, centuries back, in the heart of ill-doers. Today, Nah! Today, we are more literate, and we do not believe in life after death.
In Hinduism, back in 16th century and 17th century, there was a concept of ‘Sati’. Sati means, that a widow has to die in her husband’s pyre. How ridiculous is that? Why would living women die, just because her husband died? Hindu Religious clergies, said that a woman who do not undergo Sati, will go to hell. In Christianity, a woman whose virginity is lost, before marrying, is considered to go to hell. Does it matter? Because she has already lost her virginity, how does it matter now?
If we do not believe in god, that makes us not believing in either of heaven or hell, and therefore, no after life. So, all you god-lovers out there, Live your Life, because eternity is a long time!

1.Evidence of Gods

Reality check. Have you seen god? I haven’t seen too! Therefore, on which basis do you believe in god? Most of the believers in god believe in the words of the religious clergies. There is no valid evidence of any gods. If there were an evidence, then we would all be belonging to the same religion, and there was no need of millions of gods, and millions of religions. A supposed evidence means, we can smell him, touch him and hear him too. Anything we cannot perceive with our 6 senses, cannot be taken as an evidence. If we cannot perceive something through our senses, then that is not eligible to be believed on!

In fact, we are all more or less agnostics. There is no valid proof of deities, and hence god, and thus, I don’t believe in god. We are agnostics, and thus should also be Atheists. The religion you belong in is nothing. The primitive religion of all us Humans is Humanity!

A person who serves humanity serves God
-Swami Vivekananda

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  • i never dared to post these things in a public platform , may be because i am too scared to face criticism from a society.. because the country where you and i live.. people usually think of our beliefs as “arrey yeh toh PK and OH MY GOD dekh k aya hain.. cool ban raha hai”
    i hope your points don’t go in that direction

    • People will obviously find these type of articles offensive, but that doesn’t mean I will not work towards the betterment of my society. I think, its high time, people should start realizing the important things about religion and god!

  • Sayan Banerjee, your article brings so many thoughts to mind but the clear general thing is that, you are not truly educated. You may be clever but you are definitely not wise – and if you go to argue that the two mean the same thing, your automatically proving my point.
    Your arguments are very poor, this i mean in terms of, you have argued things totally out of their context – its like trying to use big words that you don’t fully understand.
    Personally, I am a true believer and so i do debates with plenty of atheists, but yours by far, are the most shallowest arguments i have ever come across – i would dare to say, your atheism stems from a bad experience which you probably blame our creator for and the best way to express your hurt is rebellion.
    I will pray for you – and if you want to give this another shot, here’s some advise, check out christian apologetics – from there you might begin to understand more and better and form better arguments against Christianity(if you will still be adamant on being an atheist that is)
    God bless you Sayan.