Top 20 Reasons why Education Is Important

If one were to think about the education system that is present all over the world today, one would immediately come up with numerous reasons as to how and why is it deteriorating and what all problems engulf it. That just says a lot about the importance of education that people realise, despite spatio-temporal differences. The obviousness of this situation often leads to an inquisitiveness amongst the people to decode the very importance of education. Here we are trying to do the same. Have a look.

1. Awareness of Rights

aware of rights

Education tells you not only about your responsibilities as a citizen but also enlightens you about the rights you can enjoy from the state. Whether they are consumer rights or rights against exploitation from your employer, being aware about what is due to you can help in raising your voice whenever you notice something wrong around you.

2. Morals and Ethics

morals and ethics

As humans, we are certainly different from other species. Education helps us to realise that basic difference by inculcating in us some moral values. We get to know the importance of living an ethical life. It keeps under check our excesses and those sorts of behavioral patterns which are detrimental for our as well as society’s progress. In a way, it can be said that it prevents us from becoming animals.

3. Learn to Socialise


Man is a social animal. This is one adage that has been taught and heard all over. It only makes sense if you do justice to it. Education brings you into a system where you need to interact with people and have conversations with each other. It helps you to gel up with people and live amicably. You get nice friends, you make enemies, you basically grow. And that is good.

4. Leadership Qualities

leadership qualities

There is no such thing as a ‘born leader’. Leadership qualities are developed as one grows. Be it the various activities at school or the numerous lessons about world leaders, they all contribute towards an individual’s personality by motivating them and encouraging them. The knowledge one gains through education can be out to immense use when it comes to leading revolutions or even something as basic as an office team.

5. Knowledge


The basic thing that you get from education is knowledge. You get to know about various things ranging from mathematics to history, literature to political science. The worldly knowledge you gain from education plays a great role in your future life and helps you to understand the happenings in a much more cohesive manner.

6. Makes You Creative


Education is not only about mugging up facts, learning to read and write. That is literacy. Education goes beyond that as it includes an overall development of an individual. It makes you think out of the box. The creative wheels of your mind are set into motion which surely gives one an edge over the others.

7. Improves Confidence

improves confidence

If you are aware of your world and have acquired knowledge about your surroundings, you automatically gain confidence. A good education ensures that one not only hones one’s skills but also acquires a level of confidence to utilise those skills to their optimum capacity.

8. Don’t Get Fooled

dont get fooled

In a world where greed of men is increasing every day, you can be cheated easily as people generally take advantage of those who are illiterate or aren’t well educated. Being educated about places, people, culture or even numbers (mathematics) can help you keep such people at bay.

9. Broadens Your Horizon

broaden your horizons

If there is one thing which holds the master key to spoiling one’s life, it’s stagnancy. Be it stagnancy of thoughts or actions, it makes a person less productive and even lazy. But, education makes sure that a person gets to know about various other points of view and broadens one’s horizons. It helps one in getting out of one’s comfort zone as that is where the magic lies.

10. Be Up-to-date With Technology

be up to date with technology

The rate at which technology is advancing day by day is absolutely magnanimous. Just a few years back, we did not know what Facebook and Twitter were. Today, we can’t do without them. Not just that, but the Mars Mission, the digitalisation of newspapers and magazines, everything has been able to come into existence only due to high technology. If educated, you can understand such new innovations completely and use them to your advantage and enhance your personality. Even better, you can even come up with some innovation of yours, too!

11. Your Way Of Giving Back To The World

your way of giving back to the world

No matter how much you crib and curse the world for its shortcomings and unjust attributes, you cannot turn a blind eye towards what all it has given you. The society, the institutions, the environment, all have come together in a harmonious relationship only to make you a better person. Through education, you can contribute to the society by being a good human resource to your country, and humanity, as a whole.

12. Crisis Management


An educated person is usually good at evaluating anything in its pros and cons. Such a quality helps him in dealing with crisis as he can take decisions not just for himself but for others as well. Studying management equips us to not panic in times of trouble and handle things rationally.

13. Being Independent

being independent

Education helps you become independent, financially and emotionally. It helps you to take decisions about your life without relying on an external advice or use it to your best in case you are provided with one. That’s precisely why your parents let you stay by yourself only when you finish your education.

14. Save The Environment

Climate change is one of the most burning issues that grapple everybody. The people who usually tend to harm the climate are the ones who do not realise the repercussions of their actions. There is a certain sense of callousness in their behaviour which stems from ignorance about the issue. Education, herein, becomes a tool of awareness accompanied with knowledge regarding the need to save the planet.

15. Prevents Us From Becoming Criminals


Education tells us the difference between good and bad. It makes us aware of our as well as others’ rights. It makes one sensitive about issues. All these combine together and prevent a person from consciously indulging in illegal and criminal activities. It keeps one’s conscience in check and helps a person understand the concept of  a civilised society very well.

16. Makes you a Good Citizen


Talking about rights, civilised society and ethics, one cannot not talk about education’s role in making good citizens out of people. An educated citizen not only abides by the law of the land but also contributes towards the growth of the country, socially, politically, and/or economically.

17. Learn New Languages

learn new languages

There are many people who tend to be bilingual. However, with education, you get the opportunity to even transgress the bilinguality  and move towards more and more language systems. More the number of languages you know, more would be your knowledge about the world. You do not jut learn a language alone; you learn about the place to which that language belongs. It is not sid just like that language is a carrier of cultures.

18. Makes You A Great Catch


It is oft said that an educated person is one in whose company you do not get bored very easily. Ever wondered about the logic behind it? It is simple as vanilla! An educated person knows a lot. They know about Picasso, Shakespeare, Einstein, Darwin and Babbage alike. Now, if you know all of these, aren’t you going to come out as a great catch in the dating world? Who doesn’t like an intelligent and well aware person, after all? Looks like we don’t have just super serious benefits of education.

19. Be A Rational Being

be rational being

Irrationality can prove to be the dead end of not just your career but also your relationships and major life decisions. Irrationality is like a parasite which feeds off your intellect, goodness and confidence. In order to battle that, education comes into picture like that old grandparent figure who always tell you how to weigh the situation based on logic and reason. It guides one to choose a path based on well-thought out decisions, thereby, gradually eradicating the irrational impulses from a person.

20. Because It Is Important


The very basic concept of education is to make it so obvious and necessary that there should not arise any need for discussing its importance through articles such as this one. Education is needed to make people aware of the importance of education. It sure sounds too cryptic and cyclical. But, that is precisely because that is the scenario. Education is important because it is. Plain and simple.

Kavya Vidyarthi (Editor Opinion) Education is almost the foundation on which human future depends. Imagine a scenario wherein we’ve to reverse back to savage early man days, and that with all the innovation and technology we’ve claimed today. Much a bestial situation at hand. We’d be uncivilized and unaccommodating for our fellow humans. Is that a World we’d rather be in? That’s the World it would be without laying enough emphasis on how education moulds us to conceal our flaws and enhance our strengths. So Is Education Important?

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