How to Surprise your Girlfriend? 10 Awesome Tips

You may love your girl from the core of your heart and in the most sincere way possible but expressing it from time to time can keep the magic alive in your relationship and most of all it will make her feel special. And when you do want to do something special for her than what can be better than giving her surprises. Oh, we love surprises, don’t we!

Girls aren’t always looking for huge gifts that their boyfriends would buy for them (at least the right ones don’t) but instead they long for little acts of love and kindness and a few surprise every now and then amaze them and make them happy. Here are 10 brilliant ideas you can use to plan a great surprise for your girlfriend on an occasion or just on a random day!

10. Get her little “somethings”

get her little somethings

Girls love receiving gifts but they don’t need to be very expensive. In fact girls love it when you put in some thought instead of your money to make/get those gifts. Little gifts out of nowhere can surprise her and lighten up her day like nothing else. And you don’t need an occasion for them, just do it whenever you feel like. Like bring her a rose, or an “I LOVE YOU” card or her favorite chocolates.

9. Show up outside her house/office

show up outside her office

Though planned dates are romantic and exciting but it is those unplanned visits that give us maximum joy. Get a bunch of flowers and show up outside her apartment or outside her office just before she is about to come out. Or maybe you can call her up and make some excuse to get her out like “Please I need you to go downstairs for a minute and collect some packet from a friend”. She will come out least expecting that she is going to find you there with a bunch of flowers!

8. Pick her an outfit and plan a fancy date

pick her an outfit and plan a fancy date

Another thing that girls love is when their guy puts in all the effort and plan a proper date for her and isn’t just like “we can go wherever you say or we will do whatever you like”. Girls can be bossy sometimes but at other times they love to watch you take the lead. If you’re living together then after she leaves home pick out an outfit from her closet along with her favorite shoes and accessories and leave a note mentioning a time and a restaurant. In the note tell her that you will be waiting for her and she shall reach the restaurant on time or ask her to be ready at home and you will come and pick her up. The whole idea is to take all the stress (what to wear, where to go, what time to go etcetera) off her shoulders and let her just relax and enjoy. And don’t forget to reserve table beforehand.

7. Leave her lot of notes

leave her lots of notes

Leaving notes all around the place may sound girly but when they have something sweet written in each of them you girl will love reading or finding them all over her place. Write compliments for her or something like “Reasons why I love you” with a different one on each sticky note. Leave these at places in her apartment or in her office where she goes the most. You can leave them at her dresser or at the coffee machine and when she will spot them it would bring joy!

6. Organize a surprise party

organize a surprise party

Surprise parties may sound cliched but the person you are throwing it for loves it anyway. Plan a surprise party for your girlfriend for a special day, her birthday, your anniversary or maybe your first Christmas together. Talk to all her friends and siblings, order her favorite food, and decorate the area, her or your house or a friend’s house. Call her and ask her to be at the place as there is something important that requires her. Now turn off lights and hide. You can stick a lot of balloons on the back side of the main door so when she opens it and the balloons hit the wall behind they pop! And then SURPRISE! Seeing that you have brought all the people who matter to her together she will love you so much more.

5. Prepare a meal for her

preparea meal for her

Your guy friends may mock you for your extraordinary culinary skills but girls find boys who cook, very hot and sexy! Bring those skills to use to surprise your girlfriend and she will totally love it. Prepare a meal with her favourite dishes or the ones which you cook the best. Even if you are no expert in the kitchen then a little help from a family member or a friend can help you pull off this surprise. In fact knowing that you don’t happen to possess any culinary skills yet you made the effort will make her feel all the more special! And remember it’s not just about the food but the way you present it. Set up a table and a couple of chairs on your terrace, place some candles in the center of the table and add some Christmas lights on the terrace walls. Trust me it will amaze her!

4. Put a recorded CD in her car

put a recorded cd in her car

Girls love things with a personal touch. They love to hear your voice in morning that can set her mood right for the whole day. Record a sweet voice note or sing a song for her and place it in her car in the morning. You may want to take help of her family setting up this surprise so that when in the morning she turns on her car, hits the stereo it will be your loving voice filling her with joy.

3. Get two of you registered for a game show or a karaoke

register for gameshow karaoke

A relationship is nurtured when you keep adding fun and playful elements in it. If your girlfriend loves game shows or adventure sports then get you two registered for one, for Wipeout maybe! Or you can also sign you two up for a karaoke night. She will love it!

2. Drive her to “your” place

drive her to your place

By your place I don’t mean where you live but a place where the two of you met for the first time or maybe some other significant place which is special for you two as a couple. Make your girl sit in the car, blindfold her, put on some romantic music and make light conversations while you drive to keep her engaged. When you finally reach there open her blindfold and she will be really surprised. You might want to recreate your first date, do everything you did that day and relive those precious memories.

1. Prepare a flash mob for her

prepare a flash mob

Okay I might have started sounding like an insane person and may be this idea is a bit over the top but man! When actually there will be a group of 7-10 people dancing and performing just for her the expressions on her face will be priceless! Gather your friends and somehow convince them to do so or hire professionals and ask them to do a well choreographed verse in front of her while you two just leave the mall or are having lunch in open. This will be crazy and so awesome!


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