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Top 10 Eye Cosmetic Brands in the World


Women are the most beautiful and elegant creation of God. During the antiquated times, cosmetics used were completely natural. A cosmetic product¬†disguises flaws, improves appearance, adds definition to facial features and most importantly boosts confidence. Talking of the facial features, I would like to mention that ‘eyes’ play a very important role in adding definition to your...

Top 10 Lipstick Brands in the World


Be it an 18-year old girl or a 40-year old woman, everyone uses a ‘Lipstick’. It is as common as having a cup of tea or coffee! With a wide range of lip care products in the market, we often land up in a dilemma when we have to choose the right lipstick brand for us. Just like our skin, our lips need that ‘extra care’ too. Lipsticks nourish the lips well and keep them...