The 12 Best Yoga DVD’s of All Time

We’ve all tried to follow the Yoga routine we found on Youtube and have been super confident about getting the body to be ‘America’s Next Top Model’ maybe! I even thought of joining those Yoga camps that take you for a 3-day exotic vacation as you workout on the beach! However, Yoga isn’t as much about your physicality as it is about your well being – inside and out.

Too lazy to hit the gym or simply too tired of trainers making you overdo your cardio? Had too many dreadful experiences with workout routines? Well, what when you can practice your Yoga with the best of Yoga Instructors from around the World from the comfort of your Bedroom? Simply choose from these Yoga DVDs and take my word on it, it will prove to be your investment of a lifetime with the wonders it does to your mind and body.

  1. Yoga for the Warrior

With intensive Yoga routines, Yoga for the Warrior by Bob Harper, offers a routine of Yoga workout that helps you break a sweat. For those looking to achieve weight loss, the routines are well designed and incredibly powerful. Some tougher exercises that are incorporated in the video are extremely helpful in improving your heart functions as well as your metabolism.

  1. Namaste Yoga : First Season – The Complete Series

With 13 classes, Kate Potter, the master Yoga Teacher guides you with yoga classes filmed amid the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. More than being an exercise routine, Namaste Yoga is an experience that will calm your mind, inspire your soul as well as strengthen your body.

  1. Yoga Sweat

Headed by Julie Schoen, Yoga sweat is a yoga workout DVD that was designed specially for beginners. A 80 minute video, it has two powerful workouts with warm-up and cool-down sessions. The workout yoga routines are fun yet powerful enough to enhance weight loss. Following the Yoga sweat workout routine, not only will you burn calories, but you will also increase body flexibility, and tone your body overall while having fun with playful yoga workouts.

  1. Shiva Rea Daily Energy Flow Yoga

Previous users of this yoga DVD program say that the program provides them strength, enables them to restore their energy levels, and encourages the users to balance their day with easy yoga practices.

Shiva Rea, a global prana vinyasa teacher, an activist and innovator in the Yoga world, is the instructor of this Yoga Program. Her passion for Yoga techniques brings innovation to her yoga routines.

You can do miracles with your mental fitness and health if you practice this yoga routine regularly like an essential need. This Yoga practice has scope for lots of transformation and versatility helping the users acquire tranquility, balance and composure in their lives.

  1. Power Yoga – Total Body Workout

A professional baller dancer, Rodney Yee, having later studied Iyengar Yoga, has designed this yoga program that teaches the user to build stamina and strength with the stretching and yoga poses.

Through this DVD, his program aims to make the user enjoy their life with fitness and health. Rodney guides his users through various challenging yoga poses and sequences.

In his program, he supports creation of detoxifying heat in your body, which he believes will help in building external and internal strength. To video offers continuous yoga practice for 75 minutes without any divisions into sections.

  1. Body Wisdom : Yoga for Everybody

A revolution is do at home Yoga videos, this yoga DVD provides for over 35 yoga routines, instructed by J.J. Gortmley, that focus not just on physical well being but also intellectual quotient of an individual.

It not just helps with getting in shape and increasing strength but also in relieving your body of all stress. It works alike for both beginners and advance level students making them experience Yoga as a healing art and the serenity of Yoga.

  1. Elements of Yoga: Air and Water Flow

This yoga DVD covers all important aspects of performing and practicing Yoga and was awarded the best Fitness Workout DVD in 2014. While the DVD comes at a hefty price it incorporates a fitness routine, which is only 20 minutes long, thus making it incredibly convenient to practice. It focuses on overall well being of the user, physically and mentally, thus providing for a routine that helps maintain good health.

  1. Body Wisdom – Yoga for Beginner

One of the most insightful and intelligent teach for Yoga beginners, this DVD excites and encourages the user to carry a healthy and balanced journey of life. It helps you explore the benefits of Yoga and makes your mind and body experience freshness and peace after the routine.

The routine also focuses on building strength and increasing body flexibility. The video also spoils for choices with eight routines to choose from.

A renowned yoga instructor, Barbara Benagh guides you through the routines onto the road of fitness and health. This DVD is filmed along a beautiful beach in Antigua, enhancing the tranquility of the Yoga experience.

  1. Jessica Smith Gentle Yoga For Balance

With calming yoga practices, this DVD pack offers a routine that is easy to learn. Not just for beginners, this program when followed regularly helps improve flexibility, mobility, and balance of their body.

You can choose from any of the four yoga sessions, and create your customized menu to work out as per the requirement of your schedule and body. You may follow any one session, or all four at once

This DVD routine can be followed even if you have never practiced yoga before as you need to have no prior yoga experience. Not only are their easy to learn stretches but also certain chair modifications to ease the program.

  1. Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners

Another yoga program instructed by Rodney Yee, a ballet dancer and yoga instructor who has travelled globally to teach Yoga and ballet dance.

With two full-length yoga workouts for beginners, through this DVD he demonstrates in detail all the basic poses of Yoga, encouraging the users to start their day in a refreshing manner.

Filmed in Hawaii, this program provides the user with an extensive spark and energy. Also, the Yoga Instructor helps beginners overcome common mistakes users tend to make while learning Yoga.

  1. The Biggest Loser: The Work-out

With exercise routines adapted from the hit show, The Biggest loser, this Yoga DVD might be your perfect workout partner. If you are look to shed pounds, this DVD offers an 8-week program including three levels of workouts designed specifically to maximize your weight loss. The first level focuses on core strength, the second level deal with abs and backbends and the third level focuses majorly on standard gym workouts.

As the workouts are designed specifically to lose weight, they’d definitely make you sweat. The routines are packed with 5 minute warm-up and cool down sessions to ensure maximum benefit of the workout routine.

  1. Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

You’re sure to look at Jillian Michaels and envy how she’s maintained the body all along. A winning trainer on NBC, in her Yoga DVD, she introduces a unique Yoga workout. The versatility of the yoga program is unparalleled.

The ‘Yoga Meltdown’ DVD combines effortlessly dynamic training techniques and hard-core yoga power poses by Jillian Michaels. Standing to its name, you are likely to notice rapid meltdown in your weight when following the Yoga routine. The DVD offers two 30-minute workout sessions incorporated with both warm up and cool down sessions. Level one of the workout routine focuses on yoga sequences that encourage burning of hard calories while the second level helps you learn twists and balance poses that help accelerate the weight loss.

This Christmas, be your own Santa and gift yourself a Yoga Routine !

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