The Causes of Forehead Acne and 10 Simple Remedies to Prevent

So do you see the zit? No, not there, a little higher, a little to the left or is it right, or maybe just centre. Yeah look, that ugly spot that keeps haunting you like a nightmare, at the top of the bridge of your nose, centre of your forehead. Yeah that. Now multiply with a million more of them maybe. And you thought cheek acne sorted was victory over nature? Sorry to get you disappointed but have you experienced forehead acne yet? No? Maybe then you won’t understand the pain of those who ought to get their bangs cut with a front fringe to hide those awful spots. Too bad? I know. Maybe that is why I need to point to you the causes of your forehead acne and remedies to prevent those from happening.



Forehead acne is not just another cosmetic problem. It has deeper lying causes including

– Clogged Pores

– Dandruff in hair

-Oily Scalp

-Digestive Problems

-Hormonal issues and medication

-Hair Products

-Excessive Stress

– Exfoliating overly

– Caps and Helmets

-Hormonal changes and genetic factors

Causes recalled, the more important is the remedy to keep the acne at bay. Yes, you need to first make sure that you emit all the causes from your daily routine and next concentrate on taking preventive measure. Here are 10 remedies to prevent forehead acne and reduce any previous traces too.

10.  CTM- As important as brushing your teeth

Perhaps more, imagine not brushing your teeth for a day resulting in mouth ulcers? The thought is horrendous now, isn’t it? So cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be your holy grail daily routine. A monthly steam routine too will keep your skin pores unclogged and healthy to avoid any traces of acne. Make sure however that you do not use an oil based moisturizer specially on your forehead.

9. Keep Clear of Dandruff- Use an anti dandruff shampoo

Dandruff is a major reason for the acne trigger on your forehead. The dead skin flakes that fall on your forehead might cause acne due to infection or clogging of pores. So treat your dandruff right and also make sure that you use a good anti dandruff shampoo which does not have chemical ingredients you might be allergic to. Isn’t that doubly benefitting you? You stay clear of forehead acne and you say goodbye to dandruff too.

8. Well Balanced Diet

Digestive tract problems are often the reason for the worst of forehead acne triggers. Avoid too many spices in your food if you have acne prone skin. Spices that heat your body like chilli are especially harmful and must be avoided mostly in summer months. Try maintaining a well balanced diet which does not comprise of too many fats, and most fats you consume should be good fats like nuts etc than from junk food. Drinking enough and more water is a sure shot trick to minimize chances of forehead acne as it helps keep your digestive tract clear. Fruits and leafy green vegetables are a must add in your diet too since they offer enough fibre for clear bowel movements which again reduce chances of acne. A good diet is often said to be the secret to radiant and glowing skin, now you know why?

7. Exercise regularly

It might sound more of a fitness program than remedies to keep forehead acne at bay but skin health too is a major part of your fitness. You must involve a vigorous exercise program for atleast half an hour daily for clearer skin. How? When you perspire, your clogged pores get unclogged and also sweating is a form of detox. You are mostly detoxifying your skin in the process of also losing some extra pounds. Clear pores means a clearer forehead- no questions asked. So are you ready for the biking regimen yet?

6. Avoid Chemical Exfoliating agents

Most people with acne prone skin tend to have very sensitive skin too. So what does sensitive skin imply? Obviously that it is not too accommodating for experimental products you wish to try on it ever too often. Exfoliating is good for your skin as it helps unleash fresh skin by removing dead cells, however on the other hand, exfoliating too much can cause you to breakout due to the excessive tension and irritation you feel on your skin. Happens all the more with chemical exfoliating agents as your skin might be excessively sensitive to those chemicals. A better option is to make your own sugar and banana scrub to exfoliate.

5. Maintain proper hygiene: Keep helmets and caps clean

Personal hygiene has to be maintained to keep almost all the health problems at bay. Most skin problems are often a result of bad sanitation conditions or bacteria infestation. And do we all not know that bacteria breeds in moist atmosphere. Often after wearing helmets and caps on hot summery days we return and leave them unattended and sweaty. They become a breeding ground for bacteria. You must thus use a clean cotton cloth under the helmet or make sure that your helmet and cap are sanitized before using them again.

4. Avoid hair styling agents and front fringes

As much as you love those front bangs for hiding those embarrassing acne spots you have on your forehead, a bigger truth is still that they are a major cause of those acne too. Front bangs may irritate the sensitive skin on your forehead and cause the acne. Moreover the hair styling agents you use have a plethora of chemicals and they through your hair come in contact with your skin, thus triggering the acne. So the front bangs are not your saviour after all.

3. Use medicated face products that are formulated for acne prone skin

When you know you have acne prone skin, why not do something about it. Use products specially formulated and dermatologically recommended for acne prone skin. Use face wash, cleanser, toner and moisturiser all of the same range to keep you safe from forehead acne. Steer clear of oil based products. Cetaphil and sebamed are two brands you won’t go wrong with. Also try keeping your scalp clean and keep its oil content in check. Right products now can help avoid treatment products later.

2. Keep Hormonal Imbalance and medications in check

Hormonal changes, stress and medications make up a huge part of the causes of your forehead acne. Medicines like birth control pills specially trigger forehead acne. Make sure you get a proper hormonal checkup done in case the acne sustains and also keep any imbalance under check. Take proper medication for the hormones going haywire and consult with your dermatologist if the medication seems to make you break out.

1. Meditate, relax, breathe deep and repeat.

Repeatedly said, stress is a major cause of forehead acne. Stress causes hormone imbalances, excessive cortisol, binge eating, cravings for fat and need for medication which are all directly or indirectly linked with being a cause of forehead acne. So keep yourself de-stressed. Try Yoga and meditation to keep stress under control and deep breath and count till 10 every time anger seems to take over. A relaxed mind means a relaxed skin and not just free of acne but also wrinkles.

So have you taken your measures yet? Yet forehead acne be gone to never return.


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