Top 10 Awesome Gifts to give your Sister on her Birthday

There are many women in our life who are special to us. But the one that has known you for all our and  her life bears special mention. She has watched you grow into the person you are, has been party to all your mischief, has kept all your secrets from mum, has been as excited as you over your first kiss and has had your back at school and home. And when this special lady of your life has her birthday, it is obvious that you would want to make it a special day for her. So doesn’t matter if you have spend a lot of time away from her in the recent past and can’t think of what to get her or you are having troubles picking a gift for your sibling in her teen years who has clearly outgrown her Barbie dolls but not quite her My Little Pony t-shirt, you are bound to strike gold with the list below and impress and surprise your sister on her birthday.


10. Savings Account


If you are the elder one, it makes sense for you to be the one to look out for the younger girls in your family. No matter how small they are now, it is never too early to impress upon them the need to save money for the future. It could be for their next bike or summer camp or for the college education that lies in the distant future. Don’t just get them a cute piggy bank, give them a bank account instead. Even if they are still a minor, many banks have provisions to allow children to open an account with them. Get your parents in on the plan and with their help, you should be able to give your little sister her very own bank account and a small sum to start her off with. In time, she could deposit the leftovers from her allowances and cash she gets from your relatives in it, and with time, build up enough to act as a buffer fund for her emergencies. She would really appreciate you making her feel so grown up. It would be a great way to teach her how to manage her own finances and save within a budget.


9. Books


Whether your sister is a religious member of the nerdmaster clan or has never touched a book outside her coursework in her life, it is never too late to introduce her to the wonderful world of words. You could look on Pinterest or Goodreads for suggestions on books that would suit your sister’s tastes. OR you could ask her teachers and friends for recommendation. If you are lost, you can always look forward to John Green’s novels making an excellent birthday gift, no matter how old or how bored your sister is. Just remember to add a packet of tissue papers in the package as well.


 8. Gadgets


You can never go wrong by pampering your young ones with the latest gadgets in the market. Do not wrongly assume that your sister will not be interested in techy stuff. She might not be too enthusiastic about the latest phone or iPad trending in the market but she will not be entirely unhappy if you do gift her one. Feel free to make your own assessment of whether she needs to upgrade her phone or music system and gift her accordingly. But before you do that, make sure you ask her which colour she would prefer. Women can be very picky about colour coordinating their gadgets.


7. Favourite Celebrity Memorabilia

celebrity crush

Every girl, since she hits puberty, will be fangirling over some current actor or boy band musician or author or vampire or celebrity of some sorts. If she is crazy over someone, you will receive adequate hints of her infatuation on the walls of her bedroom and on her social media. Use these helpful indications to gift her a box of DVDs starring her onscreen crush, or a signed poster or other memorabilia from her favourite celebrity/show/band. I promise she will be delighted to the moon and back. At other times, this gift can also be used as a get out of jail free card during the times you get on her wrong sides.


6. Themed B’day Party


What’s better than gifting her Harry Potter on DVDs? Bringing Hogwarts home on her birthday! If she is immensely fond of a tv-series or book, use this opportunity to create a themed party around her favourite fantasy world. Let everything from the cake to the decorations to the pop tarts be in character with the theme. You can also invite friends and family to dress up as characters from the show/book. It goes without saying though that you’d have to let her be her favourite character. As the birthday girl, she gets the dibs on that one.


5. Movie Gift Card


This is an apt gift for a sister that has just moved into college. Obviously she loves the movies and the whole popcorn-coke food fiesta that comes with it, but being on a student budget she might not be able to afford it regularly. Most movie theatres give away gift cards  that are valid for a limited amount of time or for a number of shows. These are also a good deal, since they usually provide a discount on ticket or food fare. So get one from the cinema hall or mall that she usually frequents and offer to pay for her cinematic experience for a few weeks.


4. Assorted Gift Basket

gift basket

If your sister is one of those ladies who is hard to buy a gift for or one those who want everything for their birthday, an assorted gift basket might be the right way to go.  Put in some chocolates, some jewellery and hair accessories, a couple of nice smelling perfumes and lotions, little knick knacks such as a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, a phone case, some stationery and a couple of books in a basket, wrap it with a bow and you are good to go.


3. Driving Lessons


If your sister is moving towards the age where she is learning to be independent, you should help her with her progress. Teach her to ride a bike/scooter or drive a car. If you can’t do that yourself, you could at least pay for her lessons. Learning how to drive or ride is a life skill that is very useful to have. It is also one of those things that can be easily put off. So make sure she learns early so that she is a proficient driver by the time she actually has to take to the road.


2. Pictorial Reasons Why You Love Her


If you have spent enough years together, and have memoirs and pictures to show for them, you could go a different route from the traditional photo collage. Print out some of your best memories on a standard 6” x 4” postcard and have them bound in spiral binders. Behind each picture, write down the day, event and your memory about it. Or you could also write down how you felt about her then or even how you feel about her now. Easy way out would be to enlist reasons as to why she is the best sister one could have and why you love her. Write all or any of this on the back of each picture and gift her this memory album. Undoubtedly, it will be one of her most treasured gifts that year.


1. Birthday Email Account

Well, this may take some planning and time. But if you want to plan for an awesome gift for maybe 10 years down the line, you can create an email-id for your sister and over the years, send her letters in it. Every time your sister and you share a special memory or event, or simply when she is annoying you, or when she crosses a milestone in your life that makes you proud of her, write to her about it. You can attach some pictures too if you like. Send her a special note on her birthdays maybe. Keep this a secret until her ‘x’th birthday when you shall give her the password. Let her open it to reveal a treasure of letters that read like a diary from the past, only it will be her life written by you.


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