Top 10 Awesome Drinking Games

Do you feel the Monday blues? Never mind, here’s your guide to have endless fun, drinks and hangovers. Just be sure that you might have to miss work the next day, and that shouldn’t get you fired by the employer. Just saying. That said, have the craziest hours drinking with friends or perhaps absolute strangers who might just be your besties for tomorrow after the crazy fun you have. Who knows. Here’s your guide to making those old drinking nights pep up in the best way possible. So the next time it is your drinks night out, try these wonderful drinking games and you’d know what’s fun about downing those sour spirits. So what’s your poison for the night?


10. I Never

Perhaps the most popular drinking game everyone knows about. But the point is, it never gets less fun! You take turns at speaking statements starting “I Never….”. Whoever has done it drinks a sip from their drink. Gets boring after a while? Start talking of embarrassing stuff you know someone in the group has done, and they be the one getting the hangover that night, giving you lots to laugh at.

9. Questions

Now this is your form of truth and dare, just minus the dare. What’s fun is you take turns asking a question to another player and that player answers. The point then is, if he does not want to answer, he needs to take the shot. If he laughs or hesitates before answering. Another shot. Repeating the question, the question asker takes the shot. Asking for recommendations. Same. This game goes best when playing with a group of strangers. By the end of the game, you are drunk and friends. The game just gets better if you’ve got any people who get high on their drinks.

8. Buzz

Now this game you sure have played! Yeah the old school things, just with a twist. You decide on a number, say seven, then everyone starts the count by the turn. Those who get the multiples of seven on them say buzz instead. And if you don’t, you take the drink.

To make it better, you can make the game go like all multiples of seven as well as all numbers ending with seven like 17, 27 and so on need to be buzzed too. So remember your multiplication tables? I bet you don’t, try and see for yourself!

7. Master of the Thumb

This one’s simply is addition with another game. Question, I never or a simple card game. One player is declared the master of the thumb. During the course of the game, he discreetly puts his right thumb on the table. Others take cue and follow. The last one to put his thumb on the table takes the drink and becomes the next master of the thumb. Sounds boring? Pair it up with another game and just see how those suspicious glares follow the master of the thumb.

6. Kings

Alright, I almost despise this but I love it too. Cards are dealt face up to each player one each turn. The person who gets the first king decides the liquor. The second king picks the mixer. The third just pays the bill and well the fourth takes the drink.

What gets fun is that you might choose the worst concoctions possible. Oh yes, the first king takes the honour. But what when you get dealt the fourth king too and need to drink your own concoction. Ewwww… Yeah? No risk no fun. (Tell you a secret? We cheated with the dealing! )

Please don’t get Vodka and Rum get mixed with beer, not that I mind, just your taste buds would. Luck wasn’t on my cousin’s side when he got all the four kings and this was his concoction. Just saying!

5. The Name Game

Think your party just got boring and there’s nothing that would keep the guests waiting? You burnt the dinner and pizza takes another hour to get delivered? Here’s how to break the awkward silence and break the ice. You require nothing, just alcohol and lots of it.

You just begin the game with naming some famous personality, the next person has to name a personality whose first name starts with the initial of the last name of the previous personality. For example you say ‘Joe Jonas’, the next person says ‘John F. Kennedy’ and so on. But if the next person says a name with the first name and the last name starting with the same letter, the round reverses. Where do the drinks come in? Well, those who cannot name the personality instantly need to keep drinking till they cannot come up with a name. And if they mess up.. they drink too. Sounds easy? Play it and you’d know how mind exploding it gets.

4. Hollywood Talkies

Having a sleepover and don’t know how to make it fun? You want to crash in and watch a movie but then that spoils the idea of fun? Well, then play this drinking game and get all your friends to stay as alert as ever during the course of the film. Play the film and decide on a word or an instance. Every time that word or phrase is repeated, you take a shot. And those who miss the chance, well they pause the film and are dared to do an activity to entertain others. And then you continue.

So how about watching a ghost film and deciding on drinking every time the background score gets scary? Drop the idea, you’d probably then be drinking throughout.

3. Power hour

Now this one is more about your alcohol capacity than anything else. You decide on a time frame, say one hour, then every minute of that hour you take a shot. If you need to pee or stop drinking, you need to take 5 shots and call it quits. Not a problem? Try the power hour and you’d know. But the real fun begins after the hour ends. Truly.

No other rules but to drink. And well if you think the hour is too less for you, maybe then it’s time you join the century club?


FUBAR is the boss of all games. Yes, well it brings together elements of Questions, I never and so much more. A simple card game you can play with as many people as you wish, just keep adding decks of cards to make it better. Deal one card a time to each person. The commands to each card need to be followed. No other rules! The commands corresponding to the cards are:

Ace- One Drink down

Two- Take two drinks

Three- Three maybe?

Four- A round of questions (The person who gets a four asks the question)

Five-Five players of your choice take a drink each (or maybe one player takes five drinks- your choice!)

Six- Play a round I Never . The player who is dealt a six speaks the statement.

Seven- Master of the thumb – The player who gets the seven is the master of the thumb.

Eight- Play one round of categories: The player with the eight says a category- say car companies- and the other players name one each- Mercedes, BMW, Audi.. just as many as you know. And well if you can’t come up with one, you take a drink.

Nine- A full round of Bust a Rhyme- You say a word and everyone says a rhyming word on their turn. Can’t think of any? They keep drinking till they cannot come up with a word.

Ten- Social- This just got better, all of you take a drink.

Jack-All the guys take the drink

Queen- The ladies take the honour! They take the drink.

King- Waterfall- Now this gets one. The player who gets the king takes a drink, and everyone does on their turn. It is the first player’s call when to stop drinking, and till he doesn’t the round continues! So god forbid the chances of the regular drinker drawing the king.

1. Flip, Sip or Strip!

So now this one is my personal favourite. Well, just because with this game I choose to be a silent spectator and watch the fun. Or maybe I just layer up enough to not believe my luck. That said, this game is all about your guesses and how they can get you naked!

You flip a coin in the air and while in the air you guess if it is heads or tails. If you are lucky and guess it right, you pass the coin to the next but if you guess wrong, well you either sip or strip. Okay, not to exaggerate, you either take a shot or remove one article from your clothing. The catch is no matter how many layers you wear, you cannot choose to strip more than twice in a row. Similarly, however many drinks you can take, you cannot do that more than twice again. So yeah, flip- sip-strip!

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  • The funnest & funniest drinking game I ever played is Drinkocity. It combines many of the drinking games you’ve played before with lots of unique pop-culture trivia type cards, as well as some really funny individual player rules. Check out the link below to see sample cards.