Top 10 Awesome Everyday things about Japan that will Amaze You

You’ve heard of Japan at times so many, you’ve heard of trains that run on air and the earthquake prevention that’s most amazing and yet there’s more you just won’t know. You might have confused yourself with the Chinese or Japanese or it’s all the same hypocrisy but post these everyday things that you get to know of Japan, you might never ever do that again. Oh yes Tokyo might be an expensive city to live in, and Japan might seem to you like the world of 2050 but come closer and there’s a lot you’d love to know of the country and some things might just inspire you to visit the country for a vacation sometime soon. Oh yes despite the Volcanoes and the Earthquakes, you won’t mind taking the risk.

10. How our fruits look: Square Watermelon


Like they say you can have genetically modified grain, and plants that you’ve decided how they grow, Japanese farmers take it to the next level with square shaped watermelons. Yeah those that you’ve seen the picture of at so many instances but refused to believe they were for real. Why square you ask? The Japanese farmers then are much more intelligent for they like the square watermelons as they are easy to store, easy to use and they sell it for way more money than the round ones. Space efficiency as well as cost efficiency…if that is not business, tell me what is?

9. Faster than the speed of Light… Oh yes it’s the Internet


You might call it super fast internet connection or name it pure good luck, but the Japanese credit it to the Hikari Fiber and that’s how you get the super high speed internet. But then the fibre isn’t inherently called Hikari fiber, Hikari infact is the name of a bullet train service. I am sure you can now reason for the name given. Can you not? They connect fiber optic cables to the main line and lo and behold, you get your internet working…oh wait…Is it running?

8. Dine clean: Wet Towels with every meal


When in Japan, do as the Japanese do. And you’ll ask what then is it? The Japanese prefer to eat clean (the food plus the manners) and hence they’d provide for wet or sanitizing towels before every meal most restaurants from fast food to fine dines. Also, they like to keep their systems clean too. The meals are either preceded or followed by cups of green tea. You would now know why the Japanese never age. Explains how Japan has so many above the age of 100. And I have never seen a Japanese with saggy skin. Get the reason?

7. Something for Everyone :Vending Machines


Alright, so you’ve heard of all those vending machines vending anything and everything but that’s not what I meant. Japan, as famous as it is for the vending machines it has, can easily be labelled as the country where there’s no place ever without a vending machine and those that vend anything from soft drinks to chips to chocolates to Beer. Oh yes! Drinking or smoking anywhere in Japan is hardly ever an issue. And what’s better is that the vending machines are never too expensive as in the prices are only marked up by 10-40% as compared to the supermarkets. And they are mostly reasonable compared to convenience stores. What more? You sure have heard of the chilling vending machines but ever heard of those that keep products heated and fresh? You get those in Japan.

6. To use in the Shower: Waterproof phones


Now Japan is a step ahead at everything and its not really shocking that 90% of all mobile phones in Japan are waterproof. Unbelievable now? Visit Japan and see for yourself. Why? Because most of the youth prefer to continue using their phones in the shower. Oh My God… Go to Japan, that selfie in the rain would then be no issue. If you know what I mean.

5. Capsules beyond medicines- Capsule Hotels


They were believed to be earthquake proofed places, but I’d rather call them sleeping cells or capsule hotels that maximise the use of land and minimize wastage of space. They provide for cheap accommodation (mostly, except if you choose to visit designer capsule hotels) and the guests are mostly kept comfortable in a cozy space of their own. That said, choose carefully for very old capsule hotels might reek of cigarettes for smoking is allowed even in such small places. You might want to visit 9 hours in Kyoto to see a better example of the capsule hotels. Oh yes! They got Love hotels too.

4. Like Starbucks wasn’t enough.. Kit Kat Chocolatory


So they call it a chocolatory but it’s almost like a Kit Kat cafe. Kit Kat in Japan is almost like a cult status for its popularity is mostly owed to the sound of the word Kit Kat since it duplicates the ‘kitto katsu’ which means ‘you will surely win’. Japan has Kit Kat boutiques and cafes that provide you with wafer chocolates of flavours like purple potato, cinnamon cookie, Bean cake, Wasabi and European cheese. The more popular ones are the Green Tea and Special chilli. Come to think of it, do you not wish for green tea chocolates everywhere around? That said, you know how Nestle is growing every day?

3. To rest and work: Sleep at work


Now Now Now…there’s good news for the workaholics and more for the not so workaholics. Didn’t get me? Japan allows you to sleep while at work… not the sleep like there’s no tomorrow sleep but a small 15 minute nap will never get Boss angry or you penalized in any manner whatsoever. The Japanese believe that it’s a sign of having worked very hard that you require sleep at work. Now here’s the catch, this does not happen in jobs involving client meetings or something like driving etc. Actually, you might now have a reason to choose an Office job.

2. Cats and Dogs.. and Cafes Ofcourse


Now Japanese knew that a time would come when people would worse than robots for the robot are only emotionless but people harbour negative emotions too. And for that they cafes where you can spend time with puppies or kittens and refresh your minds from the ever stressful day. Those balls of fur substitute for all the friends you never had. Heard of cafes that unique?

1. Celebrate life: Festivals everywhere


Talk of festivals, talk of Japan. Same thing. Japan has an entire host of local festivals and community festivals for every shrine celebrates its own. Festivals in Japans are locally called Matsuri and the Kanamara Matsuri is a famous event and perhaps the only in the world that celebrates the male phallic and male fertility. Other common local festivals Sapporo snow festival, Nango Summer Jazz Festival and the ones that are most popular… oh yes the Cherry Blossom festivals (there’s an entire host of those). So those who were wondering how are festivals an everyday thing.. You’d now know how Japan has an host of everyday festivals and all cultural and carnivalesque.

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