Top 10 Awesome Fun things to do on your Birthday

Birthdays commemorate time passing by in our lives and are special for some people. But there are a lot of people who feel the pressure to make it special even if they don’t want to. But why not? It is the day you were born, the day you started life. You should celebrate this magnanimous event and fill it with things and people that make you remember this day forever. So even if you are among the few people who like their birthdays to pass by without much ado or acknowledgement, there is still so many amazing things you can do to make your day and your existence count.


Here are 10 unique ways to celebrate and brighten up your special day.


10. Get outside


Almost everything fun and life-changing is happening outside and not in front of your telly. When you recall some of your best times in life, how many of those did take place alone in your house? So even if all you want to do is stay indoors in your pajamas and have some icecream and take-away food, make it a point to step outside. You can only go for a walk, or for tea at the nearest café, or stop a while at the roadside show. Or you can take your partner for a long drive, have a picnic or visit the museum or church. You don’t have to show the world how good a time you are having cruising down in your Lamborghini with your hair and champagne flowing in the air, a quite walk by the river all by yourself can also do the trick.


9. Get some ME time


If you are working or have a young family, chances are that most of the time in your day is dedicated to them. It only makes sense to make some time for yourself on your birthday. Take some time off work or parenting (if you can) and take a short holiday. If you can’t get it ON your birthday, at least plan for a retreat soon. Use this time to pamper yourself, do the things you please or have been putting off due to lack of time, like get your hair dyed or read a book. Even if you can’t get away from your life, book some time at the nearest spa to pamper your body and help it relax.


8. Splurge on yourself


I bet you are tired by now of wishing for the perfect birthday present, something that you have wanted all year round, and being disappointed at the end of the day as no one had caught on to your desire. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time you stop depending on other people to make you happy. So go out and buy yourself the gift you have been wanting wholeheartedly. Let it be a present from you to yourself. Who else can know you better? If it is something very extravagant, plan ahead and save up so that you can delight yourself on your birthday. If you have given up something for a long time, like cake or chocolates, and have been good and honest about it then use your birthday to indulge yourself. Cheat treat!


7. Take a picture

birthday pics

Birthdays are not only records of how you are growing up, but also how everyone else around you is. You may not have the same friends or family around between one birthday and the next, so it is important to have records of passing important milestones together. Take a picture of yourself with your friends and family and save it for the album. Years down the line when you look at it, you will feel happy to see that whether you were home or away on studies or on a job, you were always surrounded by people who liked you and loved you.


6. Do what you want


Everyday life is full of compromises and disappointments. You may have to sacrifice an extra hour of sleep or not get the right sauce to go with your chicken on a normal day, but that doesn’t have to be the case on your birthday. Your birthday is YOUR day, the day you can be the king/queen of the world. There is no reason to be anything but happy on your birthday. So do whatever you want and will make you happy. Sleep in late, eat out at your favourite restaurant, buy yourself balloons or wear a funny cap, if that’s your thing. More importantly, surround yourself with people who make you happy. Don’t entertain negative people in your life, at least not that day. So don’t call your friend’s boyfriend who you don’t like to your party and don’t go into that deli with the rude waiter. Your birthday is the perfect time to reinforce in yourself that you have control over who and what you let in in your life.


5. Try a new thing


One of the most fascinating things about spending another year on earth is having more time to learn new things. Make a list of all the new things you have learnt in the last year. It could something motivating like not letting your failures bring you down or something as funky as how to make an icecream float. Every birthday, make it a point to make a goal to try something new. It is never too late until you think it is. So every year is a good time to learn to knit, or go to Disneyland, or get into extreme sports. Do something new, fun and memorable.


4. Take care of yourself


Most of the time, we try to deny ourselves how old we are getting. But the truth is, we are always getting older. And whether you are still young at heart or not, your body is slowly beginning to show signs of the birthdays gone by. So use your new birthday as an opportunity to take stock of your health. Schedule health appointments that you have been putting off because of your busy schedule, make healthy changes to your lifestyle and diet, take up a new exercise regime or a running route, accept your curves and muffin tops or quit your old job that is painfully stressful and find a new one. Take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Show your body that even though it is getting older, you are beginning to love it more.


3. Connect with people

connect with friends

With social media so extravagantly included in our lives, I am pretty sure your facebook wall and twitter feed will be full of birthday wishes, some from friends and family who only remember you this one time every year. Use your birthday as an opportunity to get back with your old connections. Thank everyone who took the time off to wish you personally. Ask them about themselves, initiate a conversation, find out what they are upto. Hunt down the friends who were once a very integral part of your life and connect with them. Write letters to friends and family members, send them postcards to let them know you still remember them. Nothing feels as good as touching lives and showing them how special they are/were. This will make your birthday an even more memorable day for them.


2. Give to charity


I learnt this from a 18 year old who, on her first birthday at college, didn’t choose to go down the eat out – drink – party – clubbing route. Instead she rounded up all the poor and homeless people she could find near her college and home, and treated them all to a square meal in a decent restaurant. That was a really heartening gesture, to share your happiness and fortune with others. You don’t necessarily have to feed the poor, you could volunteer with any charitable group or give money to a cause. The idea is to be thankful for your lot in life and help others through it.


 1. Thank your parents


You are here in this world because of your parents. So on your birthday, send them flowers and a card to let them know how much you appreciate them giving you this life. You are their biggest achievement in life, this small gesture every year will make them happy and fill them with pride over the wonderful person you have become.

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