Top 10 Beautiful Life Lessons one can Learn from Nature

Humans have been gifted with an intellectual that makes them capable of learning and understanding lessons that are taught by each and everything around them. Life, they say is a long journey through twisted paths and the best teacher that might encourage you to live it joyfully is the beautiful nature. Every aspect of nature has something  worth learning in store for you, have a look !
10) Inspiration from sun


Nature as beautiful as is it has always inspired human progeny for years and years and continues to inspire now as well. The beautifully rising sun when fills the canvas of sky with amazing  vibrant colours ,all logical reasons of so happening  fade, leaving behind the optimistic you and taking the devil away. The mere coming up of sun and shining bright not only rejuvenates us but also make us ready for the day ahead. We learn that however dark the night was, there will be brightness widespread to engulf all of the past and gift us with our destined present. So if nothing goes well we have the next morning sun always to look forward to!

9)Importance of loved one’s from moon and stars


Nature keeps teaching us a variety of lessons through its various forms. Everyone can look upon to one form or the other and discover its various teachings. Every time a full moon graces the sky with its presence again, we understand the importance of all our loved ones who at some point or the other might have gone away just to come back like the moon comes. The decreasing moon often might feel depressing yet it teaches us to accept the fate and come back anew. A night sky without stars looks curtailed while without a moon is unfinished. But when both of them accompany each other, the view certainly says too many things. You realize that however important you might be, you need someone or the other to complete you.

8)Learn to f ace any difficulty with head high from rivers


When we talk about nature,one cannot forget the gushing rivers. Rivers constantly keep heading towards the sea for its awaited unison. Well aware of the fact that it has a protracted way ahead and the path is intricate, it continues to flow. Human nature has always been evident of choosing the path which has lesser obstacles and has lesser efforts. If we are to take a few lessons from playful rivers then always, the best lesson would be face every difficulty with equal energy and flow with whatever the outcome is towards the main goal of life.

7)Learn to overpower the impossible from mountains


Every human that has taken birth has some purpose of his existence. Our aims are intertwined with these purposes and together there are efforts made to succeed. When you look at the mountains, another majestic creation of god, the first thought that strikes is its strength and determination to aim high. These gigantic structures help you discover that impossible is nothing, if you are strong mentally there is nothing that’s going to cease you from achieving success. So dream high and be determined to achieve it.

6)Think green and live green


There comes a time in everyone’s life when depression numbs the better side of you, makes you empty inside and lifeless outside. Nothing seems colourful and nothing seems fresh. And then you decide to take a stroll and notice the handsome trees gawking at you, the wonderful blooming flowers wanting you to smile, the lush green grass making you feel the tickle on your feet. They all make you feel your own presence again. All these amazing creations make you fall in love with yourself, because when you look at them they don’t remind you of the depressing times, but they just reflect that this is the time of thinking green and living green.

5)Generosity from Nature as whole!


Nature and its various wonders have been exploited and destructed to a large scale nowadays. The number of calamities be it, natural or man-made have elevated over a period of time. The natural assets are either being overused or not taken care of. If the same situation was faced by humans or any other living being, they would have been aggressive and rebelled against it. But nature in return is being generous and patient with all the harm that is being caused to it. Here also it doesn’t fail to teach us that one can be as selfish and get what he wants but the real skill is to be selfless and get happy in getting what one really needs. Nature like humans is not blessed with intellectual still humans fail to understand what is their requirement and what is it that they take in for granted. Nature teaches us to recognize this difference and act accordingly towards progress.

4)Learn to understand the unsaid from seasons


I often wonder what clock god must be using to keep track of an assortment of seasons that he bestows us with. The sunny summer brings us warmth while the wet monsoons brings us the sweet fragrance ,the winter gets us cosy chills while the spring gets us jolly blossoms and the autumn gets us aridity. Each season has its own message for us. The important thing is how we decipher these messages. Thus, all these seasons teach us to understand the silence and do the needful. They say actions explain a lot more than words do, but not all actions are blessed with voice. Understanding the taciturn proves your intelligence. And this skill we can learn from all the seasons.

3)Learn to love yourself from beaches


There is a peak time when our daily schedule seems to be monotonous and we feel the utmost necessity of a break. Somewhere where our mind is at peace, where you and your thoughts alone is what matters and horizon is the limit. One such incredible corner that nature provides is beaches and islands. The cities masked with pollution and veiled by chaos tend to make you unaware of your own identity, your health and mental peace. The mesmerizing view all over, the tickling sand beyond, endlessly stretched aqua marine and the clear skies above seem be special present from god with a virtual card telling you to open when you want to know how important peace is in this life cut that is into pieces. The synchronization between sun and water of splashing colours over each other all day long makes you take in the importance of that one person who you would like yourself to sync in with forever. That faith in that almighty above dwells in your heart at such moments.

2)Strength from butterfly


Strong determination and grit is often the necessity of dreaming and fulfilling those dreams. Failure strikes hard always and we need a strong mindset to regain ourselves to overpower its effects. At such times we can look forward to learn from one small creature – the butterfly. Butterfly is the most fragile mortal existing. It has a long journey of struggles which starts from it coming out of cocoon till turning out into beautiful life filling the world with colours. At every stage it falls in the face of ground, yet every time it rises and tries to shine bright. It teaches us that “within you is the power to rise above any situation or struggle, and transform into the Brightest, Strongest version of you EVER!”.

1)Equality from Nature as whole


They say god could not be everywhere so he made small little packets of his essence and gifted it to us into various forms of nature. One of the best packets he gave us contained his most special element of nature that is ‘love’. Lots has been said and felt about love stories in novels, but we failed to observe the love that nature has for everybody. Human race has here and again loved conditionally where caste, religion, color, money and gender had all been the conditions. Whereas when it comes to nature, it has loved everyone and everything. A tree doesn’t discriminates while giving fruits, rainfall is received by rich as well as poor while the sky shelters Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other religions then why is it that humans have so many differences? Thus the best teaching that we can inculcate in us from nature is equality and loving unconditionally

Finally one can say that nature has lots in store for us, it depends how we take those teachings and implement it.

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