Top 10 Best Christmas & New Year Gifts you can give your Loved ones

“….Good tidings to you, and all of your kin. Good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year.” With words resonating the chilly festive streets there’s little you can do but be excited for the festive season that’s dawning slowly and steadily. The Santa Claus and the “Ho! Ho! Ho!” will soon be an affair of every nook and corner. Hearts bask in delight at Christmas Bazaars (lucky those who live in Austria, they have the best Christmas Bazaars). So it’s a time to share and care, a time to gift happiness. To be joyful and merry and celebrate as the last year passes and new beginnings dawn. While the year goes there are memories many, those you should treasure but start afresh with loved ones by gifting them joy, love and all they love. Here’s what are the choicest of gifts for your loved ones this Christmas and New Year

10. The Angels Sing: Song Albums

song album

So it’s a time to celebrate and there’s no celebration without music (or is it)? So how about gifting your favourite people their favourite melodies. Add the personal touch by not just purchasing the albums but personalizing a song disk burnt to their choices. A personalized playlist isn’t going to cost you more than nickels and dimes but the intention would not trade for diamonds and gold. Get me? I’d give my arms for someone who does that kind of a task for me (Lazy that I am). But remember to make sure you give all the right playlists to the right people. Country lovers won’t be too happy receiving Rock or Punk. And it’s always a good idea to record a message at your end at the beginning of the disk. That effort of yours is sure to win hearts.

9. Together we dwell: Promise cards and togetherness


So, while gifts are mostly gifts (What am I even saying?), oh I meant presents wrapped in pretty papers and ribbons, but the best gifts are those that are given in time and promises. Material demands remain immaterial (too many juxtapositions), but it’s the intentions that matter. One of the best gifts ever to gift to your loved ones is to call them over for a get together, spend some time, and talk out your hearts, clear grudges of the last year and welcome new beginnings together, with a promise to be there forever. Let the promise tie you through thick and thin and let the get together mean coming together of your hearts. It is always recommendable to make your guests leave with a personalized gift of Christmas muffin and a handwritten promise card.

8. Goodies on his sleigh: Personal care hampers


Christmas Love? Winter Love? Food Love? You know where does all that love show? Besides of course the bulges on your tummy, it shows on the skin. Most brands of skin care run best discounts around Christmas season with handpicked hampers to present to your loves ones, because you care. They make for good gifts as there’s no fuss of sizing involved, although you should know of fragrances and essence your loved ones would love. Personal care hampers are something everyone needs and Christmas markets are almost always full of them. From Victoria’s secret to Bath and body works, you can even catch a good bargain at marks and spencer, LUSH or The Body Shop. If you want to splurge, no one’s minding the Estee Lauders and Diors’.

7. Joy to the World: Gift Vouchers


Santa Claus is coming to town…and am I excited? Very much. So since there’s so much to choose from, and so little time, and to top it all no knowledge of who likes what and who doesn’t have what, its best to go for gift vouchers. Purchase gift vouchers to your choice for all your loved ones and most stores have pretty Christmas-y ones too, so ask for those. With New Year up, there’s a lot people are going to need and more that they need to spend on. Ain’t it a good idea to help them with those expenses? It is. And so I’d say, go for a good store, maybe departmental or multi brand so as to not limit their budget to a space they won’t like spending that much on. It should be for a place where everyone can buy something at least.

6. Over the Fields we go: A snow-sport evening


Dashing through the snow, on a one horse open sleigh? Yeah, like that. If it’s the younger lot or the adventurous ones that you love a lot and need to gift to, I’d say gift them an evening with a snow sport resort or so. They’ll have their share of white Christmas and snowy New Year while you wouldn’t have to warm your pockets too much for it. They’ll love what they get, you’ll love the smile you get. Win-Win for both, and trust me, there’s nothing better for Christmas than riding that sleigh and getting to feel like Santa Clause maybe for a very small time, maybe nevertheless.

5. Go down in history: A photo memoir


A picture speaks volumes louder than words so your loved ones are going to love this to bits. Go for a Christmas themed photo album or a New Year celebration themed collage. You might even take to digital photo films to present to them, but I’d say pictures are best gifted preserved and in hard copy. Yeah you have honed your back-up skills and all that, but aren’t priceless moments best displayed than saved on that desktop? Yeah…Photo memoirs it is.

4. Last supper divine, Wine and dine:

wine and dine

It is wintery and snowy and your loved ones love to feast on turkey and wine? Gift to them a wine hamper with dinner vouchers for New Year eve. Make sure that the restaurant holds Christmas and New Year feasts along with great music and great fun. Wines are often best gifts to gift and if the person likes it, maybe you can present them with a visit to a vineyard. Suggesting much, it is your call.

3. Joy for every age: Gadgets to love


So you know what gives joy to this age? Yeah it is no more Christmas holly or candies, it’s more like Santa rush and Candy Crush. So you know which lollipop to gift this New Year? Yeah, you guessed it. It is Android. So maybe that’s burning a hole in your pocket (though recent gadgets do not heat up that bad), but happiness is going to be that xbox they’ve eyed in the longest time ever. And yeah, there’s a gadget for everyone.

2. Silent night, Holy night: A wintery getaway


In the hustle and bustle of Parisian Christmas, many a authors have produced great works. In the bazaars of London, Charles Dickens had Christmas carols to tell, but with New Year fast approaching, we do seek solace in the heart of nature to welcome the year more peacefully. For that gift your loved ones with a wintery getaway- weekends or a vacation, to bounce back to the old ways of the world and restart with new beginnings and new stories to tell.

1. Brightest and Best: Candles, Bible and Christmas Pie


What I meant when I said Material is Immaterial is this. You might spent euros and pounds and dollars, but Christmas and New Year Gifts are best gifted and received when they’re made of handmade candles, homemade pies and the Holy Bible. That’s like gifting a part of your happiness and Christmas to those you love. Holy bible is the gifting of good times, of the saviour and of eternity. So light that candle of love, sweeten the ties with the Christmas pie and let the holiness look over you as you ready yourselves for new beginnings.

And to say it all, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

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