Top 10 Best Fun Hobbies for Men

All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy, they say. And how right they are! Everyone must have hobbies to distract themselves from the monotony of daily life. Hobbies are some things we like to do in our free time, activities which help us relax, and so everyone must have a hobby or two. Here is a list of the top ten hobbies that men can choose if they want to take a break from daily routine.


10. Reading

Reading as a hobby, I feel, is severely underestimated. After a hard day at work, nothing is better than lying down and relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea. Books open up worlds within worlds so that one feels like he has travelled to the ends of the earth (and sometimes beyond) without actually moving from the comfort of one’s favourite stuffed chair. According to what genre you prefer, there is an almost unlimited variety of books that you can choose from. Moreover, reading is also a way of gaining knowledge. It helps one increase one’s horizons and viewpoints, making it a great hobby to pick up not just exclusively for men but also for women.


9. Fishing

Now this one is a quintessentially masculine hobby, as propagated by Hollywood movies and western literature. Fishing is seen as a way to relax and unwind after a long day. Men who fish are zealous, almost competitive about this hobby, with competitions about who will catch the biggest, best fish. The idea of sitting on a harbour deck or on a boat with the breeze blowing does seem tempting. The idea of being amidst nature, away from the concrete jungles that are cities nowadays, makes fishing a popular hobby amongst men. It is also not an expensive hobby to take up, fishing gear for beginners and amateurs being reasonably priced. So be it alone or with friends and family, fishing is a good hobby to take up if you are not squeamish about dead and dying creatures.


8. Cooking

I may get many raised eyebrows on this one but hey! Why not? Why should we associate cooking and kitchens with women only and propagate gender stereotypes? Women belong to the kitchen, men belong to the kitchen, everyone belongs to the kitchen! Kitchen is where the food is! Cooking as a hobby (and not as a chore) can be extremely relaxing. It will also take some burden off your wife’s shoulders if she is the only one who cooks for the family. You will also feel a sense of accomplishment when you realize that you can whip up tasty delicacies in the kitchen or bake a cake for your daughter’s birthday. It is a great way to relax while listening to music and chopping vegetables for the stew.


7. Musical Instruments

One constant complaint amongst men who don’t play any musical instruments is that drummers or guitarists or pianists always seem to attract the best girls. Well, why not change that? Pick up the dusty old guitar you used to strum in college. Rediscover the magic of rhythms and chords and making music. Or begin from scratch if you have never played at all. There’s no time like the present to start learning. Think of an instrument that you have always admired and wanted to learn and make time for some lessons. Listening to music is relaxing, and making music is addictive and great. After a few initial hiccups and investments, you will find yourself reaching for your guitar or violin or drum kit every time you want to de-stress. And of course, it will have the added advantage of attracting girls.


6. Learn a Language

Learn a foreign language. If you have a linguistic bent of mind, put it to use by learning a new language. Language classes are easily available online and in every neighbourhood. Foreign embassies also conduct classes of their native language. Think of a place you would like to visit in the future and learn the language they speak there. Or think of any language that has always fascinated you (for me it was French) and try to learn it. Who knows, your cute foreigner accent might just be attractive to girls when you visit the country in question.


5. Carpentry

This one, besides being a great stress buster, is also a very useful hobby to pick up. Chances are that the burden of fixing broken window panes and constructing shelves for the kitchen will fall on you. Your wife will probably look upon you to mend the broken bed or sofa and go around the house for odd repair jobs. For this reason, consider choosing carpentry as a hobby. It will also give you the freedom to hack away at a piece of wood to release stress. Besides being useful for small repair jobs, you can also construct things like clocks, birdhouses or tree houses for your kids or even furniture for the house if you are skilled at carpentry. You can look around for woodworking and carpentry classes around your neighbourhood if you want to take up this hobby and train yourself.


4. Martial Arts

Sure, this can be a strenuous and energy consuming hobby to pick up in the beginning, very different from the relaxing things that you imagined yourself doing. But the benefits are tremendous. You will feel, as time progresses, that you have more energy because of this hobby. You will also feel fitter and physically better. The benefits of picking up a hobby that allows you to move and work are varied and vast. After sitting at a desk job all day, it is good to work those muscles a bit. Martial arts are a form of self defense. You should learn them not only as a hobby but also as a way of protecting yourself and your loved ones against assault of any kind. It will also help in increasing discipline and focus in your life. Self defence classes are easily available everywhere, so don’t lose time in registering yourself.


3. Collecting

It is fun and it is additive. Whether you collect butterflies or post stamps, old coins or rare photographs, you will find yourself growing very proud of your collection very soon. Collecting things is a hobby that’s very common. Most of us have picked up odd coins and feathers and beautiful stones from the ground in our childhood. Serious collectors, however, tend to be very zealous about this hobby of theirs. Depending upon what you collect, it may or may not be an expensive hobby to pick up, but is will definitely be a fun one. So think of something you would like to have a collection of, it can be something as simple as pretty leaves or as exotic as sands from different nations, and get collecting!


2. Beer brewing and tasting

I do not mean to promote alcoholism but it is a manly hobby to pick up. Not to mention the fact that it sounds super fun. Beer brewing as a beginner’s hobby is easy and inexpensive. You can offer your own home-brewed beer to your guests and use them as gifts for friends. Think of how good it will feel to chill in front of the tv after a hard day at work with a bottle of beer you brewed yourself. You can even experiment with different kinds and flavours of beer after you gain some experience.


1. Sports

If there is one thing that traditionally screams testosterone and masculinity, it is sports. Picking up a sport like basketball, volleyball, cricket, football, hockey, badminton etc is not only a great way to let out stress but also good for overall health and well being. Like martial arts, sports provide a way to include some physical activity in a lifestyle which usually leaves a man chained to his desk. Moreover, sports also help in increasing focus in life. Set a couple of hours aside each morning when you can train and play. If you enjoy cheering your favourite team on in front of the idiot box, why not try taking on the field. Whether you play seriously or just hit a shuttlecock around with friends, you will find that taking up sports as a hobby will bring many positive changes to your life.


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