Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands In The World

So have you got your green tea yet? You have seen millions and billions of fitness and beauty gurus raving about how their daily cup or maybe cups of green tea did the miracle for them. Originated as a health tonic from China, it has largely become the not so secret health hack every one has resorted to atleast once in their lifetime, or tried to at the least. China you hear? Yes, China I say. Don’t we all envy how most chinese women have such smooth and clear skin and such petite well toned bodies? No, I won’t credit all of that to the Green Tea, but a portion at least. So are you going to get the green tea yet? Maybe you’d then want to know of the ten best green tea brands in the World.

Green Tea Brands

10. Organic India

So you Indians are shocked to see this name up here? Don’t be. Organic India has carved for itself a special market in the green tea section. Their tulsi green tea is much raved about but for my taste it is slightly too strong. But their sweet rose will have you in a jiffy. It smells like you’ve scented the room and the taste is just about perfect- vegetal and a little sweet- I’d call it floral. It serves great as a aroma therapy tea too.

9. The Tea Spot

This delicate soother is popularly known as meditative mind tea too. The packaging is bright and the organic blend is that of full green tea leaves mixed with white ones too. They have delicate rose buds and jasmine flavour brewing and they are sure to please your taste buds. It is known for it’s anti depression effects, thanks to the soothing aroma of jasmine.

8. TeaVana

This brand of tea maker gets you closer to the rum drink, in the name maybe. There blackberry mojito green tea is liked by one and all. Why the name Mojito? Because it is minty. It has aroma with notes of hibiscus flowers and raspberries while your taste buds will delight in apple and plum. So love the green tea which is not a bad option for summer too?

7. The du Hammam

So like your dishes turkish? Go experimental with your green tea too. A top seller, this is a turkish green tea flavoured with orange bloosoms, rose petals, berries and dates. It is originally chinese green tea flavoured in turkish elements. A top seller as Le Palais des These, it can be purchased loose or in muslin sachets.

6. Steven Smith

So you’ve surely heard of this teamaker before, the Steven Smith Teamer’s No. 39 is a green tea is will sure love. The packaging might be too formal and uninviting but the spring harvested Mao Fend full leaf green tea brought from China will sure have you addicted with just the right amount of spearmint and myrtle. So have your green tea fresh and minty.

5. Shangri La

So were you hunting for a slightly chinese sounding name too?(Owing to the origin) You may have all loved wonder hotel properties by the name, but this brand is a tea brand and great at that. Have you tried your fruity green teas? You must try the Tropical Orange green tea by Shangri La. It will tantalize your taste buds as well as your tongue. And what better? There tea gardens are Rainforest Alliance members so you can be assured of the quality.

4. Numi

This brand’s organic gunpowder green tea has many fans out there. You too? Me too! What do your understand by the gunpowder green tea? Well they are high quality green tea leaved which are steamed and rolled into tight pellets that explode with flavour as soon as brewed in hot water. The smaller the pellets, the better the tea. It has a subtle vegetal flavour loved by you and me.

3. Teavivre

Teavivre is a premium name when you talk of organic tea. Talk of Teavivre and you can’t not name their premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea. Brought from chinese provinces like Zhejian. it is a top selling tea and China and served even to important diplomats including presidents of states. The leaves are flattened and dried but the taste is sweet and rich with orchid undertones and slightly vegetal flavour. It won’t get bitter but just better.

2. Hamey and Sons

So you like your green tea flavoured? Hamey and Son offers you thai green sea – perhaps the taste of Siam. You choose if you’d like a splendid, mellow and blended green tea or just lightly spiked with vanilla, coconut and lemongrass. Nevertheless, it is an experience you won’t regret. By the way – their jasmine tea is pretty wonderful too.

1. Mariage Freres

Have you heard the name yet? This French Tea house, established in Paris in 1854. It is the resort of purists for it brings to you only pure green tea leaves without the grassiness. These leaves are cultivated on the slopes of Mount Fuji. The tea has a single note of green tea in its taste and is enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants. It is only very lightly caffeinated. So you can buy it loose or in 2.5 gram muslin sachets. A must grab for everyone who is looking for the unadulterated taste.

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