Top 10 Best High School Graduation Gift Ideas that you can give

So high school is over and you have still not planned on what to gift to your kid as a graduation gift. Worst still, it might just be the last time you are meeting the people you have spent the last so many years with and you are unsure of what do you gift them so that the thing is always a memorandum of your friendship? Well then, here are certain gift ideas which the person concerned is sure going to love. Not too sure of what among these would be the best choice? Feel like it is you in their place, step in their shoes and you would not take too long to figure out exactly what will make for the best choice of gift to give for graduating high school.


10. Photo Memories: A Digital Photo Frame

A favourite high school graduation gift has often been a photo frame or a photo memory book. With technology constantly evolving, most photographs today are never printed and live in some random storage device. A digital photo frame can make the choicest of gifts if only you make a perfect photo slide show and store it already. You might choose from a digital display on external memory or one with inbuilt memory, just be sure that it gives the person the option to personalize the display if he so wishes. Pictures are memories and with a digital photo frame you would keep them alive forever.

9. Musical accessories: Headsets or earphones

Most right out of the high school teens have an extreme fondness for music. What better would you gift them than those stereo headsets which block the noise and provide a surreal voice quality? Better still for parents as you would be cutting down a lot of what you term as noise pollution in your homes. A mid budget would provide for a headset that will do its job well and will be much loved. If however your budget is not a constraint, no out of the high school kid is ever going to not love an iPod. Well, an IPod is an IPod.

8. Reader’s delight: A self help book

Now this gift might not be appreciated by everyone as such, but for those who’d like it, there’d never be an end to liking it. Books make for best gifts and books can never be weighed in money. You might gift them a book either about their future career stream or a simple inspirational self help book. If however you know the person too well you just have to know which book does the trick for them. You might as well want to gift a book which has memories of you people together. Parents often believe kids won’t remember, but gift them an unabridged version of the stories you’ve narrated to them so often, and see them remember every word you ever said about it.

7. Pave their future: Counselling or resume making services

With times evolving to no extent, there are services for everything that was once supposed to be managed by oneself. Chances are that the person would be planning for higher studies once out of high school. How do you help with that? Gift them a service with career counselling services or resume making services. You might just gift them a session card for SAT preparation classes or services where they help you write your statement of purpose and college essays better. They might not really appreciate your gift that instant, but believe me there is nothing which helps them in the long term as much as this will.

6. Investments, stocks and shares

With the high school now over, the person is most likely to move away from home for higher studies and what comes in as most important being away from home is to take care of your finances. Finance management is necessary and is often the first step of setting into a more mature lifestyle. It is thus advisable to gift certain stocks, mutual funds, shares or investments which they might use in their future and also learn to manage as their stock portfolio. Studies say that 83% of those who receive or inherit forms of investment are more likely to invest their own money in the future.

5. Pay their bills: Cash

Believe me or not, there is nothing that teenagers today would love as a gift more than cash (Unless ofcourse the gift goes beyond their aspirations). The reason is largely that everyone has in mind certain things which they plan to purchase and you only help them do that with cash. Another way can be to help them adjust better with no financial crunch in their new place (in case they are moving out) by choosing to pay one of their bills for a year. A good option can be their phone bills, electricity bills, accommodation fees or simply for a magazine subscription that they are most likely to make.

4. A gift card from their favourite store

It is often the troublesome thing to point out as to what exactly are they going to like. It is most hard to pinpoint someone’s exact choice, so you know what you ought to do? Simply gift them a gift card from a store where you know they are sure to make purchases from. (If it is Abercrombie and Fitch… I wish I just graduated high school). So gift them a gift card of your budget and they’d do the shopping as per their choice. Happiness at both ends.

3. Help them commute: A bike or a car

So, while this comes mostly with burning a hole in your pockets, most American parents do plan on gifting their kids with cars or vans once they graduate from the high school. Bikes are common gifts from friends and relatives too. This gift is sure to make them happy and also be the most memorable one as such. They are more likely to involve more travelling in their routine and there is no more you can help them than provide them with an alternative to the public transport.

2. A New Phone with a prepaid plan

Most teenagers today are always low on their phone credit. And trust me, high school usage has made their phones fit enough to be trashed. A well thought gift may be a high end smart phone with a prepaid plan such that it accommodates their requirements. I phone somehow happens to be the most popular option with high school graduates so if you’re gifting them an IPhone, you will sure be remembered by the first selfie they click with you. Other popular and well appreciated gifts are laptops, tablets and cameras.

1. Away on a trip: A vacation package

Chances are that the person has really worked hard through high school and would be required to work harder with the higher studies. A short relaxation trip is well deserved and what better than gifting that. No teen ever will say no to a vacation, so you are basically giving out a gift where memories are to be made. It might be a weekend trip to a nearby state or a longer trip to another country or continent. Send them off on a European Holiday and they’ll remember the graduation gift for life. (Mom… are you reading?.. Just Saying).

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