Top 10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year

“I don’t quite understand what it means when they say, A new year’s coming on New Year’s Day”

So with the feeling of the New Year being right across the corner (Yes, let’s blame Christmas for making it so early), there’ve been plans and more of them. Resolutions and even more of them. So you might have wanted to dance to bring on new beginnings, who wouldn’t? Like they say if it happens on New Year, it’s happening every day of the year (So yeah! If you got an option try scheduling those salaries for New Year and get disappointed in the fact that it won’t happen every day. Is it time already? Oh yes it is, to leave your home city and explore how they celebrate New Year elsewhere. Here’s where you must go for you’d never return disappointed. (Oh! I meant you’d return quite mesmerized actually )

10. Hong Kong, China


So the Chinese have it differently, and that we sure know. They begin with their celebrations early with a Symphony of Lights show illuminating 45 buildings and Hong Kong’s skyline (it happens regularly too at 8 p.m.). So you might want to hire a boat for the best view possible but on dry land there is the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. There’s the best Pyrotechnic shows waiting for you, a sensory light and sound with an eight minute firework show over Victoria Harbour. Then there’s a times Square countdown and a replica ball drop so you know if you can’t go where, GO WHERE ! Yeah now that hint is secret Santa’s gift for you.

9. Berlin, Germany


So the German Capital hasn’t stopped celebrating its freedom since the wall fell in 1989, and its going to party through this new year as well and many more to come. On Silvester (as New Year’s eve is called in Germany), Over a million people crowd the “Party Mile” extending from Brandenburg Gate and there’s music Stages and mull wine flowing while stalls serve specialities like currywurst. There’s fireworks at midnight and then you might head to gargantuan clubs the city is famous for. And if it’s in you to sweat more, join the free four kilometre new year’s Run from Brandenburg Gate to the Berliner Dom (and back!). So when in Germany, do like the Germans do.

8. Las Vegas, Nevada


Let’s not argue of New Year for this sin city has the best celebrations of every event or even no event. So there are a mind boggling number of concerts, club parties and shows but what pulls the crowd more are the casino bashes and new year jackpots. There’s Downtown Countdown at the Fremont Street and witness a gala of fireworks from seven rooftops along the strip. Need a tip? Book a dinner table on the roof top dining options on high rise buildings (There’s a whole lot available.) or maybe just gamble for luck all night the Venetian New Year Jackpots in its Casino.

7. Niagara Falls, Canada


So, the best celebrations in Canada are over the post powerful waterfalls in North America. Don’t believe me? Would you when I tell they set off over 2000 pounds of fireworks from the Victoria Park with international musical acts and a lot more fun. The Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights too runs through the season . If that’s not enough, you’d have 120 lighting displays (or more) equipped with over 3 million lights. And then there’s the ice skating rink overlooking the Horseshow Falls. The music? Guess the intensity of the falls and treble that with the crowd you got. So who minds a new year at Niagara? I don’t.

6. The Bahamas


You know what’s funny? Everything is. Go to Bahamas for New Year and experience the most wild celebrations ever. No, there ain’t no paws clawing you (or maybe there are, your wish!), but the serenity transforms into a carnivalesque atmosphere. While if you’ve stayed in hotels like The Atlantis, the Grand Lucayan or Stella Maris, you’ll be pretty much enjoying their in-house parties mostly with who happen to be your fellow in house guests while if you choose to step out, you experience an entire world. There’s Junkanoo Street Parade that leads you along with the locals to huge informal street gathering and beach gatherings where there’s fireworks and there’s a New Year awaiting. It’s like those carnivals gone wilder and no inhibitions to be kept. So plan your visit the soonest.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


So if it’s wilderness you’re looking for, you head to Brazil, and if it is more you desire- there’s Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana Beach hosts the world’s largest, wildest and the most licentious New Year’s Eve Party you’d imagine in the wildest of dreams. Two million (or more) people cram into two miles (and a half more) of sand. Its known as Reveillon and blends religions, traditional and superstitious beliefs of the Brazilians. They dress in white for good luck and offer loads of flowers to the goddess of the seas. There’s everything illegal and there’s everything legal. Its time to pack your bags and head to the most carnivalesque festivities of new Year.

4. London, United Kingdom


They say if you want to witness Christmas, let that happen in London (though I’d prefer Vienna for the ethnicity it retains or Salzburg for its culture) but for New Year, let at least one pass at London. The entire of London is aglow and there’s a three hour extravaganza along River Thames with tens of thousands of performers and 25 times its crowd. There’s a fireworks show at the London Eye and the countdown leading to Big Ben’s chiming. There’s Thames dinner cruise or you might just want to watch from the Westminster bridge. So you know why the Britannia has it unique? So if you’re in London this New Year, take me in too?

3. New York City, USA


So while my best is in Paris (for everything ever, you know that kind of fetish), but I still wish to witness the New Year from Times Square (oh yes! I do). There’s no rivalling the mad countdown at Times Square and the ball drop (which is a humungous 12000 pounds of a crystal ball descending atop One Times Square). Magnificient, yeah? More like scary too in case it drops. Nevertheless there ain’t no skyline like New York, and there ain’t no New Year enthusiasm like their’s. A weighty event infact! So Let me head to NYC!

2. Edinburgh, Scotland


So while most rank Edinburgh higher up the list (literally!), I choose it to be higher up in hierarchy. Why? Witness a New Year in this land of castles and you’ll never question my intention. They’ve got the most magnificent welcoming of the new year. There’s a torch light parade you just can’t miss. There are concerts and massive street party on Prince’s street and they sing the song “Auld Land Syne” by Scotsman Robert Burns with growing torch lights bringing in hopes of the new day. There’s first footing and on new year that is on the first day of it, you might want to watch an army of brave brave souls splash into freezing water as a part of the annual Queensferry Loony Dook charity event. So you know where the streets are lit up but they don’t waste electricity? But the experience is sure electric.

1. Sydney, Australia


So this comes in first (contrary to most lists we’ve been through every year) because when it’s new Year you should be the first to welcome it. And Sydney gets its New Year before anyone else does. And don’t lie when I ask you have you never watched on television the Sydney welcoming of new year? The skyline illuminated with fireworks and you being a part of one of the largest parties with over 1 million people around. Yes, that’s how many attend the waterfront show each year and they won’t mind one more. The celebrations last through the day and into the night with air and water show featuring scaring aerial acrobatics and a fire tug water display. And then it gives way to my favourite part with a Harbour of Light Parade (oh yes its with a flotilla of over 50 vessels. Huge No? And there’s fireworks at 9 and again at 12. So celebrate the new year first with this major city and let it be your best memory. And get booked a room in Sebel Pier One hotel and you’ll practically be sleeping over the water on Sydney Harbour.

So, that said, have a safe and Happy Happy Happy New Year, and do like the locals do, and have the time of your lives. Happy 2015.

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