Top 10 Best Scooty for Girls and Women in India 2014

Alright Ladies, here’s to calling all those who believe that two wheelers and women are just not friends, and girls who can challenge any automobile freak guy with her passionate knowledge of two wheelers. So, though I am a stringent believer that NOBODY rocks a Harley Davidson machine better than the woman riding it, yet I put together this list because defying conventions is not entirely wrong but you might not be always comfortable with it too. So Girls, take the ride of 10 most amazing gearless two wheelers in the marketplace, engineered to your needs of aesthetics and specs. And right when you’re done, dig into the past of all promises made by everyone ever and burn a hole in their pockets (or maybe not so much.) So enjoy the frivolous ride, after all, why should boys have all the fun?

10.Mahindra Rodeo RZ


Alright, there is no way you believe that it’s the Rodeo for cowboys, or do you? Well then, be the cow girl and get set to ride this 125 cc, 8.0 PS scooter with 9.0 Nm torque and automatic gearless transition. Mahindra has it in them to make things as sturdy as rock, so if you believe you’ll be clumsy with your scooter, don’t just choose this scooter but try and work on a sturdier you. With 59.00 mileage on petrol, it is a safe option to place your bets on. So girl’s, lets entice the Rodeo.

9. Honda Activa I


Alright Activa lovers, don’t blame me for this not being further up the list. I’d want it as much as you do, but the Honda Activa i has an i without innovation. With the stiff suspension it has, it might just be the scooter of your choice but with the enthusiasm gone lacking, it is a wonderful option for those who want a 109cc scooty and a good torque, air cooled easy to manage two wheeler. You’d never regret buying this, but there’s more for you up this list.

8. Yamaha Alpha


Powered by air cooled 4 stroke 113 cc engine, Yamaha Alpha can sure not be ignored from a compilation such as this. With great response last year for Yamaha Ray, the company is confident of success with this two wheeler meant for the fairer sex. Though the specifications are nothing unheard of but for a brand you can sure rely on Yamaha. With 7.1 PS engine and 8.1 Nm torque the engine is mated with continuous variable transmission option. You know why you should opt for this over others that cost less than Rs 47,700? It has a mileage of 62 kmpl. So let not the rising petrol prices trouble you, choose Yamaha Alpha.

7. Piaggio Vespa 946


Buy me one too, please? Like they say, a Harley Davidson is not a bike, it is a machine. Vespa 946 is no scooter either; it is a piece of art. Why then will you buy it? Maybe to go retro, to reminisce old school scooters or maybe just to add to your collection- if you can afford one, you are most likely to have one. Why? The same reason why people have a Volkswagen Beetle, it ain’t no super car. Built of aluminium monocoque chassis, its powered by a 125 cc, 3 valve petrol engine with a rating of 11.7 Bhp and 10.3 Nm torque. Can we leave the specifications please? They kill my love for this scooter- probably to be seen with those who prefer sparkling water to mineral and import their pizza from Italy. Why? Because you can buy a Ford Ecosport with that money. The company will import finished units and maybe that’s what keeps the price as high as Rs 9 lakhs. But the looks had me still, you too? (Convincing enough to sacrifice the solitaire you were promised as a gift?) I wish it wasn’t almost 9.46 lakhs for 946, I’d surely own one too if that be the case. Well, those who have the money and are sure to get this piece of art, sorry but you got to wait. It’ll be there before 2014 ends.

 6. Suzuki Swish 125


With a 8.5 PS engine and 9.8 Nm of torque, the Suzuki swish has sure deserved every bit of a place on this list. You know what’s awesome about this 125 cc scooter? Its compact and yet offers you a good amount of stability while riding. Sure not the best in the 125cc league but a sure try. Specially since the name is so much like Swiss and don’t we girls like everything Swiss? Alright, please don’t spend 50,000 (yes, all that money) because you are expecting something Swiss, not on my words please?

5. TVS Scooty Zest 110


Though it takes only the name to spell thunders in the domain of two wheelers for women, TVS makes sure that they do not disappoint the fairer sex with any move they back. Though the 109cc engine is retained, the lighter frame has the women almost drooling over this super lightweight for 8PS scooters at 97 kg two wheeler for women. Men with weight trained bodies…Jealous much? TVS sure knows how to woo the ladies. Give them a diamond (as much as they’ll love literal ones, these are metaphoric ones here) at the cost of rhinestones and let the maintenance be economical too, in this case the mileage be well the worth. The low seat height at 760mm is an added bonus. Priced at 42,300 (ex showroom- Delhi) the Scooty Zest 110 is stylish, easy to handle and runs an all-time discounted rate too. So hurry now to get your Zest to zoom the roads in style.

4. TVS Jupiter


Pretty please TVS, stop occupying all the places on my list. Will you? TVS Jupiter presents larger wheels and I bet that does lots for the stability of your ride. Though targeted for men as they claim it is, I believe that is a plain promotion method for better sales. Plus for all those girls with bike frenzy, this is the closest you can get to the aesthetics of a motor cycle on a lightweight gearless two wheeler. With a 110 cc single cylinder engine running at 8.0 Bhp and 8 Nm torque, the specs are no extraordinary but the cost plays the balancing factor at just Rs. 49,000. Jupiter made it to the list for those beauties who’d rather ride a motor cycle, but they just do not want to go into the segment of heavy weight two wheelers. If you have that kind of bike-frenzy, the only reason why you shouldn’t take it is that it won’t take you around Jupiter.

3. Honda Activa 125


The easiest option you’d ever have. Honda Activa 125 offers not only a 125 cc engine and a suspension you’d feel safe with, but its also a safe bet if you’re one of those whose apprehensive of new drives. Activa has been the conventional choice for ages, and it continues to be one. The risk though would be having to share it with your brother because unlike your pink scooty pep+, the Activa ain’t too girly. Agree girls? Similar to Activa 110 in design and aesthetics, Activa 125 has in it a 8.7 PS engine and 10.12 Nm of torque. What’s more? Priced at Rs. 59,000 it is not burning a hole in your pocket (or anyone you’ve blackmailed into gifting one) and still be a pretty popular choice to make. With a mileage of about 55 kmpl in city, there is little more you can ask for. Of course besides getting yourself a Royal Enfield and boast with all that swag. They say new is diamond, but old remains gold. What’s better than blending the diamond into the gold. Get active with Activa 125. You now know why Honda ought to be your choice?

2. Yamaha Ray Z


Yamaha never fails to impress, be it with the drumming of their instruments (the musicians would know) or the buzz they create with their two wheelers. Yamaha Ray Z is a one of its kind option for all you ladies out there. In fact, it was first called a lady’s scooter (Too much of a sexist remark? I think so too) With its 113cc engine with maximum power 7.10 PS and maximum torque 7.10 Nm, the scooter is no heaven sent messiah, but it is nevertheless one option you’d be happy making. With a mileage of 53.00, it is sure to not disappoint. So ladies, brace yourselves and take onto the Ray Z to catch the first rays of sunlight, in the lap of nature, with no petrol running out.

1. Suzuki Let’s


Now this has to be the clear winner- no debates pending. It has no super-powers you might be expecting but this happens to be the only lightweight gearless scooter which lets you take on that speedy ride. Who said two-wheelers for girls don’t need speed? It genuinely goes up to 90 kmph, You’d be even more taken at the price. At INR 43,430 this is a steal. 8.7 PS scooter at 98 kg and we are still not done. This 110 cc heart stealer with automatic transmission and 9.0 Nm torque is equipped with efficient drum type brakes and it still looks drop dead gorgeous. It’s fun, it’s quirky and it’s girly while not being a setback in terms of specifications. So, for all you girls out there LET’S take this ride.

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  • Mahindra Gusto is the best two wheeler for ladies. It has good features and the seat adjuster feature is good for women who face difficulty in riding scooters because of height.

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  • i feel gusto is much better than other scooters in the segment. The
    adjustable seats is he best feature on this scooter. A proud owner of
    Gusto for 10 months!