Top 10 Characteristics of People with Hazel Eyes

They say your zodiac says a lot about you, agreed, but aren’t the eyes a window to your inner self. Oh well, I know that eyes have expressions that speak volumes but they’ve got colour that leaks out important information too. Do you know that often people where coloured lenses to add a certain element to their personality? Why else would most demi gods have been believed to have blue eyes and chiselled face? Black eyes are intense, blue romantic, brown reflective, green wild and hazel? Let’s find out. If it’s a balance of all and more I’d rather opt for hazel coloured lenses to maybe impart the teeny weeny bit of all those virtues, traits or characteristics.

So the next time you’ve broken up and are in the quest for a lasting relationship, do not forget to analyse the personality by the colour of their eye. Saves the trouble, oh well ain’t I a genius to give all that advice for free? Well I am, you’d tend to agree after you try to find the following traits in a hazel eyed person you know.

But first, let you take a selfie? Not really, you should in god’s name know your eye colour already but first you might just have to know that hazel is the greenish brownish grayish tone which we’d give millions for but just can’t get the perfect colour in any lenses whatsoever.

10. They’d take the hint: Approachable


So probably these are one of the more affable people you’d come across specially if you’ve been struggling your way all your life into exploring the mystical and distanced self of black eyed friends, you’re in for some fun in friendship. However approachable they might be, please don’t just approach them with roses and balloons for Valentines, you’d probably blame my list for consequences so just take the warning because I won’t take the blame.

9. You take the trip; they the Thunder


You do not have to play advocate to any soft drinks in the least because they just don’t pay me out of the billions in their advertising budget for promoting their drink with the most wonderful people. But for hazel eyed people, they’re risk taking, adventurous and often frightful for the careful ones for they’d leave no stone unturned to make fun of wherever they are and they’d take the most breathtaking activities without giving their breath away. So you’d rather be careful before promising them a trip to places that can counteract on your comparatively careful sensibilities. Then again don’t say I didn’t warn. I have written and published proof that I did.

8. Don’t dare assume: Unpredictable


Because if you are going to assume, you’ll be pretty amused at how they’d do exactly the opposite and let all your speculations drive you mad. They are the most unpredictable people ever. No wonder all those pretty actresses with hazel eyes have signed movies you wish you had never wasted money on. So yes, it is best to keep waiting till they react than speculate their reactions and let all your predictions prove that your astrology skills are not worth a penny.

7. Let them be laid back, they’ll still lead


Alright I know that eye colour pigment has absolutely no role to play with your luck but it just so happens that hazel eyed people just happen to be lazy and laid back all the time and yet meet their deadlines and annoy the hell out of you, especially if they are competitors or colleagues. Damn, you’d be damned. So yes, they’d be laid back and get lucky while you seat it out working and still don’t manage. Alright now don’t give credit to their luck, they are probably just better time managers than you are. Management skills eh?

6. If things go wrong, they’re the ones to get to


They’ll be mischievous like little kids. They’d remind you of the tiny monster you called Shin Chan and then you’d be the little victim. So the next time things go wrong, your chocolates go missing and your parents or boss are cross, get them a good lesson. But they’ll be good at escaping too. So be aware of the super mischievous and naughty people who’d pull off pranks with most serious of people and get away with it. So pranks are what you get there, learn to pull of pranks too.

5. Sensuality overloaded


So, now I get my answer to why the demi-god have shape shifted from blue eyed greek gods to hazel eyed desirable men equally tough and yet sensitive. They’ll be sensual and yet not overpowering. They’d not be Christian Grey figures neither the submissive Bella for Edward. Balanced personality with being sensual, attractive and a personality that you’d kill for, quite literally since they’d attract lots of eyeballs and get they linger on them for too long too.

4. There’s something burning: It’s there head


Hot headed, short tempered and people who’d heat up like sand but cool down like water. They’ve got stubbornness for revenge. They’ll forgive but not forget and if they would, they’d neer let go of the fact that they have forgiven and forgotten. So be careful before pissing them off because they’d be a tough nut to crack just in case they get upset. You don’t want to spend all your saving or investing all your emotions in wooing them back and then get them upset again. You know what I mean. Don’t you?

3. Descendants of Narcissus; Elegant nevertheless


So they’d be slightly obsessed of how they look but you won’t mind because they’d always be people you’d look forward to be seen with because they’ll never ever be looking less than presentable in public. They are conscious of their public image and would hence put up an image where no one ever can at least not be appreciative of their dressing sense or how they look. They’d however also be careful indulgers and won’t spend a fortune on looking good. That’s not being thrifty, just penny considerate.

2. Under pressure? They might just explode


So these people are restless under pressure more than boiling water is in a closed vessel. They’d be imploding with a lot of facts in their minds and they’d probably be saturated to the point of exploding like there is no tomorrow. So if in case they’re under pressure and you’re around them, know that they the territory you are in is probably like Nagasaki and Hiroshima back at the time of world war. But that said, if they once learn to manage their restlessness, they’d probably be better in pompous acts than most others under pressure.

1. Fast as a Cheetah: That is their mind


They’re fast in their thoughts, they might be bodily laid back but then their mind is active 24*7. I’d call it 25*7 because my hazel eyed friends tend to think doubly much in the hour before they sleep. But you know what disappoints me? It’s the fact that Asian, African and Middle eastern origin people are often not seen with Hazel eyes. But their black eyed mystical self does not quite disappoint. That said- if you can handle the unpredictability, pranks, temper, narcissism then you’re in for a joy ride for all.

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    • Well, i have hazel eyes and this is basically a description of me so meh meet a hazel eyed person and you would think this article is 100% true.

      • The reason you think that it is 100% true is called the Barnum effect, also called the Forer effect, is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people. asking for a quantitative evidence is not unreasonable nor is questioning things.. do not be so vain and easy to fuck with.

  • Whoever wrote this article needs to get a basic understanding of English grammar. Writing “there” instead of “their” is something only a child or an idiot would do. Surely the internet is filled with enough crap already, does anyone really need this unsubstantiated diatribe?

    • If the author wrote in her language which obviously you don’t speak, you will never understand this article, and not just this one…. Unfortunately, just a little child or an idiot doesn’t speak foreign languages…

  • What a bunch of dolts, this describes people of all eye colors.. Wtf do you really think you are that special? Grow up!

  • Like OMG totes describes everyone of ALL eye colors.. Aren’t we all sooper special?

  • Okay im not hazel-eyed myself (wish i were) but i know of someone who is and the description is like 100% true..i dont know where you got all this info but yeah.. keep up the good job, i enjoyed reading your article:)