Top 10 Chilling Stories Of Modern Day Cannibalism

As Wikipedia says, Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. Gross. As weird and gruesome as it sounds, there have been several instances where people have committed this act, either as means of pleasure, perversion, survival, or as a traditional custom. Here is a list of top ten chilling stories of modern day cannibalism. (Warning: Be prepared and keep a bucket to puke on)


10. Online Cannibal: Armin Meiwes

So this person Armin Meiwes posted an advertisement on a website seeking a ‘well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed’. In complete astonishment, he received a response from someone who would actually go through the entire ‘slaughtering’ and ‘consumption’ part. They met on Christmas, and did the most gruesome deed, but videotaped the entire act.

Thankfully, he is serving a life sentence in a German prison.

Conclusion: Stranger Danger is real.


9. Australia’s Worst Criminals: John Bunting and Robert Wagner

John Bunting and Robert Wagner were already known for several murders under their belt, notably assumed paedophiles and homosexuals, but what makes it worse is in 2005 it was revealed that they ate the flesh of one of their victims, among several others they had stored in barrels. They fried the pan, cooked the meat and ate it.

Both are currently serving life sentence without parole.

Conclusion: No comments.


8. Slovak Cannibal: Matej Curko

So this Matej Curko was deemed to be an ordinary guy with an ordinary family, until he was allegedly responsible for thirty missing Italian women between January 2009 and May 2011. Moving on, he was initially caught because he was attempting to make one Swiss guy commit suicide and cannibalism, he was tricked into meeting an agent, and was shot five times.

He died anyway, but when the police went through his house, they found a huge collection of cut out human body parts. Yikes.

Conclusion: Even ordinary guys can do extraordinary things. Ahem. I meant disgusting to the point of puking everything I ate this morning.


7. Cannibal Poet: Jose Luis Calva

Mr. Calva was initially going to be arrested for the disappearance of his girlfriend, but when the police entered his house, he was eating a human meat dish with lemon. He was dubbed the ‘cannibal poet’ by the Mexican press probably due to the fact that the police found an unfinished novel titled Cannibal Instincts.

Thankfully, he was sentenced to 84 years in prison.

Conclusion: Don’t date guys who are cannibals.


6. The Joker: Vince Weiguang Li

Now this is horrifying because this guy Vince Weiguang Li (let’s just call him Li), killed a guy in broad daylight inside a bus with people around. So Li stabbed the guy repeatedly to the extent that the head came off and displayed the cut-off head to the passengers (remember Ned Stark in season one finale?). And he consumed the flesh of the victim in front of the horrified passengers.

Of course he was caught cause dude, he killed someone in front of people in daylight. And there was a trial to which he plead ‘criminally responsible due to insanity’. He still lives, though; he’s in a high-security mental health facility.

Conclusion: Now isn’t he like a modern day Joker? Wish we had a Batman too.


5. Friendless Nice Guy: Peter Bryan

Initially, this guy killed an Indian origin shopkeeper, but in 2004, was later taken to an open psychiatric ward where he hammered his friend to death. Ouch. He didn’t stop there. He went to fry his friend’s brains in butter. He later commented in regard to the butter brain fry, “it was really nice.”

Thankfully, he will never be released from jail.

Conclusion: No more butter. No more fry. Let’s go vegan.


4. Media Darling: Dorangel Vargas

Despite having an angel in his first name, Mr. Vargas has killed and eaten ten men, and thus dubbed, ‘Hannibal Lecter of the Andes.’ Since Venezuela has very few serial killers, he rose to popularity and became a media darling in his country and in an interview, he actually said that he eats human flesh, and further goes on to explain that one must wash and garnish to avoid disease. He claimed that thighs and calves are his favourite parts. In addition to human meant, he eats dogs, lizards and cats.

Conclusion: I will never be able to look at KFC the same way again.


3. Free Man: Issei Sagawa

This case isn’t as scary as the rest, because all he did was shot a woman in France, where he was studying English Literature and proceeded to eat her for the next two days. He was caught and deported back to Japan.

But what’s scary is that he isn’t in jail. After a year of confinement in a mental institution, he walks freely in the streets of Japan.

Conclusion: I’m never going to Japan.

2. Genetically Cannibals: The Mauerova Family

Let’s take deep breath before we go into this one. This case is not only horrifying, but induces a huge bout of nausea.

Okay, so the Mauerova’s are a cult of cannibals who probably won’t get Family of the Year award, because of what Mommy Mauerova did to her own flesh and blood children. Her son was skinned and eaten by the family.

Conclusion: It’s best not to get into details of what the family did.


The number one chilling case of modern day cannibalism goes to *drum roll please*:

1. Traditional Cannibalism: The Fore of Papua New Guinea

Among the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea, it was customary for the womenfolk to eat the dead at their funerals. They would cook the dead body parts and eat it, because they believed that rather than burying the dead and letting the worms eat the body, it would be better for the people who loved them to eat it. It was an act of their love and grief for the tribe of Fore.

However, this brought upon a sickness called ‘kuru’ which was also called  a ‘laughing death’, because the victims lost all bodily functions and control of emotions as they slowly fell to their deaths.

Though this morbid funeral stopped about fifty years ago, the sickness it caused preceded the traditional act till 2009, bringing the sickness to the new millennial and making it fairly recent.

Conclusion: Not all Traditional acts are safe for the human psyche and body.


Honourable Mention:

Immortality Seeker: Ratu Udre Udre

Ratu Udre Udre, was a common man from Fiji who ate between 872 to 999 human bodies, specifically the head, believing that after consuming a thousand bodies, Udre Udre would be granted immortality.

Conclusion: Some beliefs may just curdle your blood

With a lost appetite and having listed 10 gruesome acts of cold blooded cannibalism, I go and meditate for a better sleep tonight. Thank you.

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