Top 10 Common Causes and Reasons for Teenage Depression

Have you associated depression with the setback midlife crisis causes? Depression is not confined within barriers of age and sex. Infact most common instances of depression often come across in adolescents. Adolescents? Yes them. Teenage is a time of development and if not dealt well with, it can be major time of turbulence. It is as though depression has more lasting implications on younger minds for they might not be receptive to seeking medical help as they’d often find it embarrassing to be “depressed”. Oftentimes it is inevitable for youth to conduct certain actions just to fit in their peer group, but in the process of doing that they often become uncomfortable with the idea of their existence. What is most important is to determine the factors contributing to your depression. Here are the top ten major causes and reasons of teenage depression.

depression causes and reasons

10. Heredity: It’s all in the genes

Genes? Yes them. If it is in your genes to be prone to depression, you will more likely be depressed at the smallest of incidences. Depression however is not just partial setback of moods. Some people have their genetics such built that they are more susceptible to being depressed. So if your parent or some close relative has previously been depressed, you are more likely to tread in too. But keep your guards up and never pass off depression as a mere temporal happening to make sure it does not take its toll on you.

9. Feeling of being neglected

You might have been incredibly independent but there is always a certain dependency that everyone needs to have on others. Even if you have far escalated from the dependence of financial sustenance or domestic shelter from your parents, certain emotional needs from every one you are close to can cause a major setback of being neglected. It is then a major cause of depression to face the loneliness that believes you to be unwanted and uncared for. There is nothing that gains you attention, and within you dwell in the void of depression. A major cause for all teenagers to seek solace in company of outsiders or friends but even that does not help fully recover from the depression created by neglecting nature of family

8. Low self esteem and confidence

You are often prone to being more depressed when you feel bad about yourself, or just when you feel not good enough about yourself. A lack of self confidence and self esteem often results in the feeling of being inferior which is again a major cause of depression in teens. Teens are more people pleasers than adults or children. They like to be appreciated for being them. Even if its a minor incident of having slight pimples on your skin, sooner or later you might be a victim to ever depreciating self confidence. Loss of this self esteem often leads to you being depressed.

7. Feeling of helplessness

The very feeling of having no control over certain circumstances which you know can cause personal harm to you or leave you deeply affected by it is the feeling of being helpless. If you believe you have no control over the functions of your life or no control over your life per say you will be more likely to feel helpless. It is almost as though you are paralysed. The feeling on being helpless may also come with a certain degree of dependence on others. It often leads you to struggle with depression and thereby make you even more helpless.

6. Financial struggles in family

Often times when the teen is pressured on being the breadwinner for the family, or there are financial struggles doing the rounds, they are more likely to feel depressed. Also if the teen does not have to shoulder any financial responsibilities, undergoing financial struggles can still be as toll taking and depressing as the constant family environment will be disturbing. It can be disturbing situation with constant apprehensions of losing your status and standard of living.

5. Separating parents or broken family

It can be very traumatic and toll taking on the teen to be subject to facing domestic turbulences with separating or divorcing parents. They last effects for longer that you’d believe they do. The kids are subject to extreme emotional breakdowns of parents and self with constantly being the subject of attention in separation clauses. It can be very disturbing and upsetting for a teen to see the dissolution of a family unit. They may make efforts for reuniting the family, but deep within the depression causes them to internalize contempt for family and marriage.

4. Romantic Turbulences

Romantic relationships which are facing the rocks can too be a major factor contributing to making you depressed. Also, a major cause of depression in teenage can be unrequited love or romantic interest in someone out of bounds for the person. It can often also be due to holding feelings for a friend who may not harbour the same feelings whatsoever. Romantic relationships are a major platform that builds upon it the confidence and social element of a person and in facing setbacks in those, a person might withdraw and become ultimately depressed.

3. Traumatic events like death of a dear one

The death or sickness of near or dear ones can often be a leading cause of teen depression. Teens often tend to confide or idealize in within the family and though they may not confess, they might be largely moved by just the thought of losing the person. Such incidents may cause a traumatic effect of near once and influence their lives to a large extent. The impact may cause people, specially teen to become anxious and depressed and may often lead to suicidal nature only to reunite with the departed soul. Any behavioural changes may thus be carefully monitored to report even the first sight of depression in those who have been subject to facing emotional or tragic losses.

2. Academic stress and peer pressure

A factor that causes most reported cases of teenage depression and teen suicide in inability to cope up with the competitive world in terms of academics or to face the peer pressure any more. Inability to perform as per self or parental expectations often lead teens to believe that they are not competitive enough or simply good for nothing. They withdraw instead of trying and thereby cause a major setback to themselves in terms of academic excellence or achievements. Expectations are mostly a cause of depression caused by peer pressure and academic stress.

1. Inability to accept body form and sexuality

The most important but least discussed factor that causes teen depression is that they are not comfortable with how they look or what they feel. Often times obese kids are found to harbour more elements of a depressing nature than those who fit the societal bills for being trendy and smart. Similarly, teens can often be largely hesitant of discussing their sexual orientation with family causing homosexual youth to feel largely alienated and thereby making them depressed. Also the fact that they do not accept their own sexuality as they prefer being of the opposite sex largely because of personal preferences or family expectations is a major cause of rising depressing among teens.

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