Top 10 Common Relationship Issues

Relationship difficulties aren’t something uncommon. They are faced by each one of us at some point in life and are hard to cope up with at times. They show up in varied shapes and sizes. Always remember that you’re not alone who is going through a depressing and a distraught period so don’t chicken out! Innumerable people are being strong out there and coping up with their hard times and it’s always better to learn from other’s experiences to deal with a worrying situation effectively. It’s a rarity to witness a relationship not crossing the path full of thorns and spikes!

The following are the top ten relationship problems which are faced by all of us:

1. Communication Gap

There may be instances when you are unable to give time to your partner due to various reasons and hence, leading to fights n separations. Communication plays a key role in a relationship. It is always considered sound to talk about your worries and problems with your partner to make them feel important and valued. And in today’s times, people are too much into their mobiles and laptops which prevent them from having face to face conversations for a longer period with their love partner. Also, Don’t interrupt when your loved one is placing his/her view in front of you. Rather analyze their view and come up with a sound reasoning to support your thoughts.

Tip: Make an appointment with each other and keep your electronics aside if you suffer from busy schedules.

2. Trust issues

Lack of trust in a relationship can destroy the beyond life seen together and hence, it’s vital in a relationship to maintain the trust between each other. You may be thinking all the time whether he’s trustworthy, genuine or not. But this small word “trust” is a matter of big deal. Trust between two people may not take place due to one partner who has always felt insecure due to past experiences and ends up generalizing everybody. They are always shielding themselves against hurt by putting forward some barriers in front of them. This problem can be resolved by pushing them to confide in you whenever needed and by supporting their thoughts.

3. Boredom

This is a very common and repeated problem in long-term relationships. Sometimes, relationships become dull and boring due to the following of the same routine. To avoid such typical problems, it is suggested to go out together and try something new it order to bring back the freshness in your relationship. Small efforts can bloom up your relationship like before.

4. Jealousy

This is one of the most common problems of any relationship. It can take place due to various reasons like seeing the success, financial status of your partner etc. It can have very harmful effects on a relationship. To finish this, both partners should have the ability to retain faith in each other at all times and learn to share each other’s success. But, it should also be noted that jealousy in certain areas in a relationship is also considered important.

5. Feeling Imprisoned

Sometimes, you are not able to get your share of space in a relationship which violates your individuality. Make sure both of you get time to do your own things be it spending time with your friends or doing something which interests you. Don’t let your relationship suffocate you and lead you in taking abrupt decisions. Remember, you will always be the master of your actions to be taken or already taken. And like it is said, ” nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

6. Getting Apart

Everybody’s time is crucial and sometimes it gets very hard to handle innumerable things at one time but managing too many things together is called a “creative mind”. Remember, giving time to your relationship is one of the main rules to lead a happy life together. Take out time from your busy schedule and go out for movies or do anything apart from the usual that excites both of you. This will prevent both the partners from drifting away and will keep them content and balanced. An unhappy relationship breaks fast and easily so always follow the rule book to avoid complications.

7. Not Taking Care Of Yourself Anymore

At times, we start ignoring ourselves completely when we get too involved in our relationships. We tend to ponder over the fact that “why take care of minor things when I am already getting attention from the person desired?” This thought should be blown up as soon it pops up. Passing the wind in the bed and not taking care of your looks are signs that you’ve got too comfortable in your relationship. Don’t forget that everybody wants some respect no matter what or how the relationship is. Never stop making small efforts for each other to keep the comfort zone safe.

8. Monetary Issues

Money issues can sometimes break or make a relationship. It is one of the issues which should not be kept hidden from your partner else get ready for a drift away. Always maintain the honesty between each other to preserve the faith and save the integrity of your relationship. It’s always sound to have your own independence but avoid hiding any huge income or expenditure to avoid fights and other problems.

9. Recurring Infidelity

This is a very frequent problem in most of the modern relationships. Sometimes, we tend to take our relationships for granted or get indulged into multiple affairs due to other reasons which can vary from frustration to mental and physical satisfaction. Infidelity damages a relationship to an extent that sometimes it gets too hard to come out of the shock borne. So be careful before taking an irritational step which can lead to unmendable damages.

10. Contrast In beliefs And Thoughts

Everybody holds a different value system and discrete impressions and opinions about things. One should not impose their thinking on others and rather listen to other ideas and analyze why they were said. Never try to violate others individuality. Respect them!

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