Top 10 Countries that are US Allies

The United States of America has always been on the top of the ‘country chain’. Superpower for a reason, the United States of America has participated in two world wars and has won. For the last century or so, United States has had some great allies who stood beside it in the great wars that USA waged in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq. With the never-ending resources, the USA in the last century has gathered many allies who have made USA the superpower it is now.
The below list catalogues the top 10 countries that are US allies. This list has been created considering several factors like International Politics, Government Stability, Relation in the past etc. Read on, because this list consists of a lot of surprises!


After the World War, Germany has been one of the strongest allies of USA. Despite Germany being the worst enemy in the second world war, today, USA and Germany enjoys great cordial ties. Apart from going against US’s policy of active military use, Germany has been a strong supporter of the USA in the United Nations and the European Union. America has also supported Germany, in the recent Greece Financial Crisis case. Russia’s exclusion from the G-8 Summit has also been supported by Germany, in favor of  the U.S. Various trade deals has been submitted between the two countries. Today Germany is one of the main countries in NATO and works on strengthening the defense systems.



An enemy in World War II, Italy also boasts of a great relationship with U.S, in recent years. With the growing presence of the Italian-American population in America, since the last few decades, the relationship between Italy and U.S have become stronger than ever. A supporter of US in the European union, Italy has also signed numerous treaties, which cuts the tax rates for Italian products in the U.S. In midst of other things, that make these two countries allies of each other, they also share the same financial goal.



Philippines is the only country in Asia, which receive a strong assistance from the U.S. Philippines and U.S share a strategic bond since 1947. 95% of the citizens of Philippines are pro-Americans, and Filipino’s see U.S as an ally, which strengthens the government in issuing laws more smoothly. In addition to this, there are regular joint military training, to improve the response time in hours of need. For U.S, Philippines acts as the only strong strategic point in Asia.



Japan being the most technologically advanced country in the world, U.S need its alliance. After the atomic bombings in Japan, U.S extended their hands to help them in the hours of need. In fact, in the San Francisco Treaty, US backed Japan and helped get rid of the penalty imposed due to World War II. After that, since now, they have enjoyed cordial ties between themselves and have a clear understanding of the military and economic positioning. Japan is the strongest ally of the U.S in Asia.



The commonwealth of Australia and the U.S have been allies since 1941. Sharing colonial experiences, both the countries have supported each other when they were needed. Australia has supported U.S in all the wars. Considered as the second most powerful military ally of U.S after U.K, Australia has signed free trade and the ANZUS treaty with the U.S, which have strengthened their bond. The ANZUS treaty allows the presence of military of both the countries in the Pacific Ocean which helps maintain peace.



Mexico has been a long-time ally of the U.S, maybe one of the oldest. Surprising to many, Mexico and the U.S have been enjoying a great relationship for the past century now. Countless treaties and deals have been signed between them, and the famous of them is the Free Trade treaty, which makes them free of customs taxes in each other’s country. Mexico and U.S share land borders as well as maritime borders. U. S’s main interest in Mexico is for their agriculture and ranching. While Mexico chose not to take part in the Iraq war, they fought as brother’s in arms in Libya.

Though, in recent times, the relationship between the two countries have come to a stagnant position, because of illegal immigration and drug smuggling.

4.South Korea

U.S largely helped South Korea in the Korean war, and now South Korea is one of the closest ally of U.S. In 2009, at a G-20 summit, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, said that South Korea is their closest ally. Because of the technological advancements of South Korea, with the help of U.S, South Korea now holds an important place in Asia and thereby acting as a strong strategic partner of U.S in Asia. Moreover, South Korea being in a volatile and violent place, just south of North Korea, South Korea needs military assistance from the U.S.



One of the most economically powerful nations that have been a U.S ally for decades. These countries share a great relationship, and for that, Israel gets a lot of advantage in the United Nations. Being the biggest beneficiary of U.S, with an amount close to 100 Billion Dollars, Israel has the world largest arsenal strength, and a military power correlating that.

Though Israel has given U.S trouble in the past, their bond is strong. Israel is a violent volcano, and can burst anytime, thereby causing problems for the U.S in the future too.


Canada is the biggest supporter and the biggest ally of the U.S. Their Bromance is an example for the entire world. Boasting of the largest de-militarized border, these two countries share everything with each other. Massive trade revenues to extensive trade, Canada, and U.S is the perfect example of allies. Nothing has stopped Canada, in helping U.S in any matter.


1.United Kingdom

Not a surprise, though! United Kingdom has always been a strong supporter of the U.S, and from a very long time. From the times of World War I, to World War II, they had shared their resources and have fought hand in hand to win the great wars. Considered as the strongest ally, both economically and militarily, the United Kingdom shares a strong relationship in terms of trade and military power. For a long time, UK has been a confidante for U.S and has also helped by providing countless troops and aircraft (Royal Air Force) in the Afghanistan War and the Iraq war. The United Kingdom has been given the first rank in this list, because of its stability factor, and its solid proven alliance to the U.S in the World War I, World War II, Afghanistan War, and the Iraq War.


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