Top 10 Countries that Support Same Sex Marriage

The world is growing faster day by day and we have already transformed it into a global village. People are becoming more modern and accepting modern lifestyles. But amidst all these there’s still a topic that is a little cringe-worthy to accept for some people, that is the same-sex marriage. Not just same-sex marriage there are still countries which haven’t identified the third sex legally.

Same-sex marriages/ partnerships have been dated back the Egyptian era. There were some controversial reports present by the historian John Boswell which stated the same-sex marriages to be prevalent in Roman Empire. The Roman king Nero married two men, first as a bride and second as a groom. But this isn’t clear and can be speculated history.

As far as today’s world is considered, some countries have stepped forward to make a change. These few countries have accepted the sex marriage and made it legal, and have become the stepping stones of the societal change that is coming forward.

Here’s the list of top 10 countries wherein the same-sex marriage is legalized as of 2017:


  1. Australia

The newest of the list, Australia has recently legalised the same-sex marriage. On 7 December 2017, Australia’s lifted its ban on same-sex marriage and legalised it. This was an action taken after a poll conducted from September 2017 to November 2017 which resulted in 61.6% votes supporting same-sex marriage.

  1. Germany

Germany is one of the first countries to legalise the same-sex couples. Though the legalisation of the same-sex marriage came into effect last year in October. There were several failed attempts for legalising the same-sex marriages in past. A bill was passed in June 2017 which supported the same-sex marriage. This bill was signed by the German president Frank Walter Steinmeier on 20 July 2017.

  1. United States of America

The debate about the same-sex marriage has been running in the USA since 1971 when the Supreme Court denied the rights stating it to be unconstitutional. Also in 1996, the political party passed an act stating that the marriage is a union between man and woman solely which directly rejected the same-sex marriage. The same-sex marriages were not legalised until 2004 when Massachusetts became the first U.S state to legalize the same-sex marriage. In 2012 president Barack Obama opposed the earlier laid act which restricted the marriages of same sex.   After several attempts of trying to rule out the act, from 2013 to 2015, finally, in 2015 the court approved the same-sex marriage. Prior to this, the same-sex marriages were legalised in 37 U.S states as of July 2015.

  1. Finland:

Since 2002 same-sex couples were legalised in Finland but the marriage right was still pending. In 2010 the Finland president prepared a bill to amend the same-sex marriage, but in 2013 this bill was rejected by the legal affairs council. A bill was passed in parliament for the signs that support the legalization. The result was 101-90 and was finally passed 12th December 2014. On 20th February 2015 and came into effect on 1 March 2017.


  1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the first country in European Union and the second in Europe to have a prime minister who is in the same-sex marriage.  Prime minister Xavier Bettle married Gauthier Destenay in 2015. This was the result of the constant efforts to make same-sex marriage legal. On 18th June 2014 a bill was passed in the gazetted office on 17th July the bill became the law and on 1 January 2015, it came into effect.


  1. Brazil

In 2011 the Brazil high court ruled the decision of letting same-sex couples in cohabitation and gave them all the rights. In between 2011-2013, many Brazilian couples converted their cohabitations. Until 2012 many Brazilian states approved the legalisation of same-sex marriages. Later in 2013, a poll was conducted across countries which resulted in 14-1 and making it legalized across the country. This result came into effect on 16 may 2013. It was hence stated that 47% of the Brazilian supported the same-sex marriage and 57% of the Brazilians supported the same-sex couples.


  1. France

France is amongst those few countries which had a union civil law since 1999 which allowed the same sex as well opposite-sex couples. In November 2012 a bill was introduced in by French government in national assembly for the legalisation of same-sex marriages. The bill defining the marriage as an agreement between two people was passed on 2nd February 2013 by 249-97 votes. In April 2013 the upper house of French parliament approved the legalisation of same-sex marriage. On 23rd April 2013 the national assembly of France. This law allows anyone living in France, even foreigners provided that at least one of the partners must be having a domicile in France, get married legally. This law was later challenged in France’s constitutional council. On 17th may 2013, the bill was declared to be legal in the country by the constitutional council.

  1. Spain

In 2004, the newly elected government started campaigns for the legalization of same-sex marriages in the country. Majority of Spanish people were the favour of this legalization and a bill was passed in the parliament for same. After several debates, this bill was finally passed and signed by the King Juan Carlos on 1 July 2005. The bill was finally declared as law on 2nd July 2005 making Spain the third country in the world to legalize the same-sex marriages.

  1. Belgium

Initially, Belgium government allowed foreign couples to get married only if their country of origin allowed the partnerships. On 1st June 2003, Belgium became the second country in the world to legalize the same-sex marriage.  The law says that any couple is allowed to marry in the country if one the spouses have lived in Belgium for at least three months.


  1. Netherlands

The revolution towards the upcoming age where couples regardless of their genders could legally marry was initiated by the Netherlands. A commission was appointed in 1995 to look into the matter of legalization of same-sex marriages in the Netherlands. Later, in the year 2000, a bill was passed for the recognition of same-sex marriages. This bill was finally accepted and came into effect on 1st April 2001, making the Netherlands first country to legalize same-sex marriages in the world.


Some more countries where the same-sex marriage is legal (the year of legalization)

Canada- 2005
South Africa – 2006
Norway – 2008
Sweden – 2009
Iceland – 2010
Portugal – 2010
Argentina – 2010
Denmark – 2012
Uruguay – 2013
New Zealand – 2013
United Kingdom (England and Wales) – 2013
Scotland – 2014
Ireland – 2015
Greenland – 2015
Costa Rica – 2015
Columbia – 2016
Malta – 2017

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