Top 10 Cute Adorable Ideas to Propose to your Girlfriend

“Marry me, Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone. I love you, and that’s all I really know. I talked to your dad – go pick out a white dress It’s a love story, baby, just say, ‘Yes.'”

Yes! Oh Yes! If Romeo were for real. As much as she’s convinced you through the teens that her guy would talk to her dad, but it isn’t half as good an idea as they’d show in movies. Because there she’d be at the door, clearly asking, “Why does the World know before I do?” and do you have an answer? Oh Boy, you seem stuck.

Since its proposing the girlfriend, it’s a lot of knowledge in there for Mr. Boyfriend. Oh yes, if proposing to be your girlfriend wasn’t tough enough, there’s this entire barrier you need to surpass and propose to become Mr Husband. The legally wedded man and wife. And you ought to be incredibly cute to never be turned down.

P.S. No matter how impeccably adorable you are, she’ll still need the space. RESPECT THAT.

P.P.S. Take your chances only if you’re up for handling elastic moods. I repeat- ELASTIC MOODS.

10. Say it with Coffee


Because they say a lot can happen over coffee, and I am not ready to believe that there’s no coffee angle present in any prosperous relationships. Oh yes, I can entirely place my bets on it. Even if both of you are tea people, or cola people, there has to be that one time when you hung out at Starbucks and managed with flavoured soda. So yeah the coffee kind of lingers. Though this is strictly for coffee-holics. Yeah who’d live without each other but not without coffee. Ask for marriage by froth and cream, make sure she notices though. There’s nothing cuter than the sweet old hints to give. And maybe if she spoils the plan, you’ll have to speak it out, and explain your plan and believe me it’s incredibly cute when Mr. Boyfriend explains the goofed up plans. It will be yes in an instant.

9. The Role play


And if you’ve ever had a mad relationship (or maybe one with even the slightest hint of insanity) you’d have had a certain role play game to it. No? Kidding me Mister? Alright, so then this one is pretty out of the league for you but if ever you role play, maybe as strangers, maybe as tom and jerry or maybe just whoever, it’s super adorable to be at a game and be swept off your feet with a proposal. Oh yes! You’re increasing the fun quotient to your relationship too.

8. Pamper her Mad


Not like I’ll doubt you do already, but yes, it’s never enough. Never ever enough. Pamper her to where she’s frustrated of getting pampered. You know the kind of days when she just can’t figure out what’s wrong and the actions explain nothing. The days when she likes the attention but all at once she’s tired of it already and she wishes to return home and watch that episode of Desperate Housewives. Or maybe your Girl is more a Game of Thrones person. Nevertheless, pamper her mad, quite literally, and when she’s desperate to be home, propose to her. A shock, nevertheless pleasant.

7. Midnight date in sleepwear


midnight date

If you’ve got the kind of liberties to drive her out in the middle of the night, do that. Go for an ice cream date to Ben and Jerry in sweatpants and Hoodies, and in the middle of it all, propose. And maybe if you cannot drive her out, you can gatecrash with a film you can both watch while you cuddle up, make sure it’s not The Conjuring though. Who said the Star Wars? It’s a major criminal offence to watch Star Wars when you ought to propose to your girlfriend. So yeah.. that.

6. Waking up to it


And if you’re her live in boyfriend, or you hang out at each other’s place quite often, there’s nothing more surprising to her than waking up to it. Maybe a mug of coffee and a fortune cookie will do the trick. Leave it on the bedside and watch her react. Just in case you aren’t at liberties, you can leave her a text but only after being assured that she’s asleep and she won’t read it at night. Believe you me sir, there’s nothing that can lift her moods than waking up to a Good Morning text like that. It’s the best thing to happen to any girl, and worst? Well waking up to message of work and more of it. Ask me about it! Never mind!

5. Sing to her or maybe croak

sing to her

Everyone would suggest you to go all out and do it on the Radio, but personally I’d suggest against making it public before you have her mind. Even if she’s up for marriage, the space is well needed for her to get it clear in her head of how her life should shape. Getting people raving about your relationship can be a real turn off. Nevertheless sing to her in private, and even if you think you croak, believe me she won’t mind. Infact the effort would make her fall in love with you all over again. Oh Yes! We love when men sing to us!

4. Atop the Roller Coaster Ride

atop-a- roller-coaster ride

Hangout at an amusement park, let the day go like any other day you hang out on, and maybe then in the middle of a roller coaster ride, just before the ride takes its last speed and fall, say it, shout it out to her. She’ll be shocked and would receive enough shock therapy by the end of the ride too. Or maybe if you’ve got a Disneyland around, please let it be near the castle. Pretty please. (You hear that Mr. Boyfriend?)

3. Have your Dance, say your words


So, as much as you’ve been coy and adorable, there’s still this something ladies have for gentlemen. Be calm in your demeanour, take her out for prom night, or a dance ball or maybe just somewhere very private with nice instrumental music. Let the date take its shape and claim her in the middle of the dance by proposing to her to be the wife. And let body language express how serious you are. Do not hover for an answer, give her the time, chances are by the end of the dance, you’ll be planning your marriage.

2. The Romantic escapade


Plan a romantic escapade, and if you’re in Europe believe me you’ve got more options than all the World combined. Maybe a weekend away, maybe a few hours to the country side, maybe a gondola ride or just maybe going water snorkeling together, whatever your idea of Romance is. But if its the Eiffel where you propose, there’s no chance you’re taking, she’s yours. Which girl says no at the Eiffel Tower? I mean if not there then where, so yeah if Mr. Boyfriend proposes me at Eiffel, or maybe anywhere in Paris (How about the Cartier showroom at Champs Elysees?), I don’t say a No. I just take him to the love lock bridge and get locked for life.

1. The Tiffany promise

Tiffany's -promise

And if you choose to keep it simple and still be cute about it. Say nothing, absolutely nothing, just look at her straight and make her wear a Tiffany’s promise band. And who says no then? If you’ve looked at her like you meant it, she’ll promise marriage to you like she means it. So that’s how you score the Bull’s eye.

That said and done, your relationship is yours, and you know what scores with her. Be sure though it’s never you and the parents telling her of marriage, and you and her telling the parents of it. It’s intruding for her to be proposed in public, maybe downright embarrassing and that’s not where you want her to be. This Love is yours and that’s how it is.

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