Top 10 Differently Abled Prodigies

This world is full of miracles. The nature, the creation of this world, the living beings and the perfect balance of everything is all a miracle. But the most different and most complex miracle is our mind. Beginning from what we do everyday, to what leads us to our path of success, everything is performed by our brain. The complexity of this body part motivates bio technologists and researchers study it and develop a synthetic brain that can match up the capabilities of our brain, but they have always faced failure in cloning our brain. It is because nature has perfected our brain with the course of time. As the time changes, our brain sees an alteration, which if need to be brought in a synthetic brain has to be reprogrammed again and again. Also, the data that can be stored in our brain is equivalent to 2.5 petabytes, that is 2500 terabytes, which is equivalent to 2500000 gigabytes of computer memory, which is 25 with many zeroes. This number is much much higher than memory of any computer system ever made. That is why our brain is such a complex and yet beautiful creation.

The nature created thousands of living species on this Earth. Everyone is equipped with a unique quality, a feature that differentiates it from the rest of the world. In the same manner, there were a few people, who couldn’t have a perfect physique or having some problems, but with proper guidance and use of their brain, they were able to achieve a status of being a prodigy. These extraordinary people had some quality right from their birth, that enabled them to achieve a unique status in the world. Some of these most inspiring people are mentioned here.

10. Jacob Barnett


The person marking the beginning of this list is a person of a meager age of 16 conquering the category of child prodigy. Jacob Barnett turned his weakness into success. He was diagnosed with autism when he was a toddler. He put in all his efforts which ultimately paid off. Due to his exceptional interest in Maths and Science, he was able to get into the Masters program at an age of 11. He never used to forget any concept or mathematical problem. He achieved an IQ higher than that of Albert Einstein, and also aims in proving the famous Theory of Relativity to be wrong. Being one of the youngest researches, he undoubtedly was a gifted prodigy.

09. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

If you wish to achieve something you really want, you surely are going to end up with a path leading to it. Walking on it is your responsibility! Similar was the case with the famous “Blade Runner.” Oscar Pistorius is an African athlete. The fact that he is called Blade Runner is because he doesn’t have legs. Both of his legs were amputated from the knee at a small age of 11 months due to a disease. Being handicapped, he never lost hope and still gave his best to fulfill his aim. He is now a well known athlete, and has been bagging Golds and Silvers in various events at the Olympics, Paralympics and other such occasions.

08. Sudha Chandran


It is a well known name in the Indian industry. She bags various titles by her name, including those of being a Bharatnatyam dancer, an astonishing actor and a motivator. She met with an accident on a trip, which led the amputation of her right leg. But she never lost hope and continued pursuing what she wanted to, and needless to say, success was right at her doorsteps. She earned exceptional name and fame and always acted as a motivator for all those who lost their limbs in such tragic incidents.

07. Ludwig Van Beethoven


Who wouldn’t have heard the exceptional 5th symphony by Beethoven? A mastermind, who composed such symphonies that gave this world, a new face, a new way to live. These symphonies equipped this world with a new era of music. Ludwig Van Beethoven, who was a student of Mozart , is considered to be the greatest composer this world has ever seen, and will ever see. But who would believe that this genius had started losing his ability to listen as the time passed. Still, he never ever gave up, and immersed himself in his work that he composed his greatest work after he lost the ability to listen. Imaging a deaf man giving ears to the world seem to be odd, which is why, this man is a true prodigy! All Hail Beethoven!

06. Christy Brown


A person suffering from cerebral palsy, and couldn’t use his hands to write put in so much efforts that he became a writer, author and painter of its own kind. Imagine writing with your toes. It would surely feel weird, but this man made it possible. Having a suffering from this problem right from the birth, doctors gave up hope on him. But his mother continued to teach him and speak to him as much as she could until one day, she saw him snatching a piece of chalk with his foot and stared writing. As the time passed, he became so renowned that he made many paintings and wrote his autobiography, “My Left Foot.”

05. Nick Vujicic


Imagine yourself without limbs? Would you have been able to reach where you are now. Nick was one such guy who didn’t know the meaning of terms like backing out or giving up. Born without limbs, he had a tough time in the starting years of his lifetime, until he reached an age, where he started having faith in God. It was when he started feeling that the word is full of beauty, you only need to have an apt mind to observe it. With his strong belief in God, he gradually became an Australian Christian evangelist and a motivational speaker who travels miles to inspire people to believe in the existence of God, and motivating about never giving up.

04. John Forbes Nash

2011 Nobel Laureates Beijing Forum - Day One

I bet you have watched “A Beautiful Mind.” The story of the movie was inspired from the famous laureate John Nash. He was an American Mathematician who loved challenges. He is known for his indispensable contribution in Game Theory but at the age of 31, he started showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia. He spent 11 years of his life in hospitals, after which, he was discharged. After this long duration, he finally started showing signs of improvement and started spending most of his time on his research. He finally reached to a point, where his work paid off.

03. Jean Dominique Bauby


A disease can take away so much from you, while at the same time, could give you a lot. It is all about perception. Something similar happened with the famous French Journalist, Jean Dominique Bauby. He suffered from a severe heart attack, after which, he went into coma for a few days. When he woke up, yet another problem was waiting for him. He had got a paralysis of his whole body. All that was in his cotrol was the blinking of his left eye. This is when he became a thinker and devised scripts of novels in his mind. He wrote those novels by blinking his eyes at the correct word when the alphabets were recited to him. Gradually he was able to complete his novel which won many awards. The title of this novel was “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.”

02. Helen Keller


Being a role model of hundreds of people out there, Helen Keller is one of the most famous personality of the era. She was deaf, blind and mute for a long duration of her life. By constant practice, she took care of her speaking, and was able to recite, but still suffered from deafness and blindness. Inspite of these problems, she played an active role in being a social worker and ran various campaigns against Women Suffrage.

01. Stephen Hawking


Known to be the best scientist in the history of mankind, he competes the intellect of people like Albert Einstein, Issac Newton etc. He wrote many books covering the concepts of science to define the evolution of Earth and time travel. Famous for his wheelchair, he has been severely disabled by Motor Neuron System, thus barring him from the ability to walk or move any body part. He suffers from total paralysis. His wheelchair is designed in such a manner that it can read brain signals and can help him traverse the path required and could also help him speak. The investments made on him have not been wasted as he has one of the brightest minds this world has ever seen.

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  • yes’s just our perceptions that make us take the problems in life as the bottlenecks thus blocking d way to achieve our goals and restricting us to live life to fullest or to accept the problems as they are, and moving ahead in life with great determination,spirit and hope thus achieving all what we want in life..

    article is simply MOTIVATING

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