Top 10 Easy Scary DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween also known as All Hallow’s Eve or All Saint’s Eve is celebrated on 31st October to remember the dead, including saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed souls.This day marks the end of harvest season and beginning of the winter season. It is believed that this transition of the season bridges this world to the world of dead people. Though this day has now turned into costume and candy celebration but actually about a millennium ago this day was marked by somber pagan ritual. Nowadays this day is marked by costume parties, carving pumpkin into jack-o’ lantern, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted houses, playing scary tricks, watching horror movies.

September is here following with the most awaited festive months of the year. It is time to get ready for all the fun and frolic. But, wait. “What will I wear in this Halloween? I want to steal  the show this time, everybody should behold themselves as I step out of my house, something scary or cute or both? I don’t have much time to prepare something nice neither I want to spend much money on the attire itself”. I am sure that such questions must have started worrying you. What you need to do is to put on your creative shoes and get ready to work out some DIY ideas like this which would be really helping you out to stun everybody and be the show stopper of this HALLOWEEN. So, read the awesome Halloween Costume ideas and be prepared to scare everyone.

10. Become a Vampire bat.


Vampire bats have always been the first choice of the Halloween costume. Here are tips to dress up like it, that to with the help of things already available at your home. Do you have any old umbrella? I bet this would be its best use. Cut it to make your leathery wings similar to a bat. Put on a black skirt and a black full sleeves hooded jacket. Pair it with black stockings and red pair of shoes. Attach a pair of ears on the hood of the jacket; you can make them with the help of felt. WAIT; don’t forget to put on some makeup. Some foundation, with dark, black eyes and dark red lips with few drops of blood dropping down from side of your lips down would make you perfect. You can make blood drops with the help of red edible color.

9. Barbie is here.


When anyone can go for cosmetic surgery to look real life Barbie then you can also become Barbie for a day and celebrate. Put on your girly, pink, frill frock. Pair it with pink heeled shoes. Now the makeup will do the rest of the miracle. Put on pink shade foundation and everything else in pink tone, highlight your eyes and lips. Put on colorful clips and pins and a tiara will give you the complete look and you are done. You can even use ribbons on your hair as per your choice PERFECT.

8. Mummy returns.


Wanna give dirty, filthy look in this Halloween? Then this would be the best idea for you. Put on white clothes and wrap around toilet paper here and there round your body untidily and cover your head and face with it. Put yellow, brown, green and red paint all over the toilet paper to give filthy look. Put on your bathroom slippers, and get ready to scare everybody around you. Give bizarre look to everybody you meet on your way to get the effect of your costume.

7. Silent film stars.


How can we forget Hollywood during Halloween? It is the best way to pay tribute to the passed away. This idea is for those who want to celebrate Halloween with a purpose. The only thing you need to do is to get ready like the silent film star of your choice. Put on a fake moustache or you can allow your natural one to grow. You need to make some text card of your choice. And, make up is a must; remember the makeup of those times?  you just have to do it the same way. You can also mimic the style of those actors and walk and speak in their style.

6. Popcorn Vendor.


This is for all the mums out there who will celebrate this Halloween with their cuties. All you need to do is to dress yourself as a vendor and hang your cutie on suspenders wrapped in a felt decorated like a popcorn cone (you can do this with the help of red color crepe paper and glue) and glue some real popcorns to your cutie’s hat. You are done, mommy, and behold yourself from smacking your dear one 😉 .


5. Become a jellyfish.


This one is for teens who wanna try something new and different. It is a perfect one for nature lover who are worried for the declining sea creatures due to Global warming. It is the easiest one to prepare. All you need to do is to get a clear transparent umbrella and tie hanging material on the periphery of it with all kinds of materials such as the stringers, thin strips of bubble wrap, string, ribbons or fabric. You need to wear a shiny bottom wear, which I am sure you must have one and a white colored top wear. Do wear a pair of spectacles to give a bubbly look.

4. Piñata.


Become a Piñata and steal the show in this Halloween. You need to apply a little effort to this beautiful and attractive attire. You need lots of colorful crepe paper and a pair of scissors to give shape to your idea. Attach all the paper strips to your skirt and spaghetti top in a row. Make two cone caps and attach it to your hair band. Special tip would be to add some shiny paper along with these colored ones. Put some colorful clips on your hair and you are ready to step out.

3. Become a Stone Age man.

stone age

Want to pay tribute to our ancestors? Then this one is for you. This is the simplest of all because you only have to wear some tattered shorts and allow your beard to grow or you can even get fake one. Keep your hair unkempt and apply brown non-toxic paint on your body to get a dirty look. Carry a Fed Ex package to get the look. You can even attract people by your strange uncivilized behaviour and activities.

2. Paper bag. 


Seen the “My Talking Tom’s” funny paper bag hat??? Why don’t you try this for this Halloween? It is a good idea for the Halloween. You only need to prepare a paper bag with holes on your eyes and mouth. Draw pair of spectacles around the eye holes and red color around mouth hole to give a funny look. You can wear a jumpsuit to complete the look. And you can even write “ERROR 404, COSTUME NOT FOUND” on your chest.


1 . Ghost.


This is the perfect idea for you – scary as well as easy. This ghost resembles the one often shown in the cartoon strips and shows.  All you need to do is to get an old, pale bed sheet. Cut hole at the place of your eyes and mouth. Get creative and put some makeup on the sheet to give the bed sheet a face like appearance. Put on blush to get your ghostly cheeks and lip color to get bloody lips. A cute ghost is now ready to scare anybody.

With all these above stated new and latest ideas I am sure you must have got enough plans to make a blast in this Halloween. So, now what are you waiting for? Get ready yourself before its too late.


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